Amazon's Kindle Scribe Prime Day Deal just got even more attractive

Amazon's biggest e-reader is a great tablet, and new features have just been added today to make it even better

Amazon Kindle Scribe review: woman drawing on Kindle Scribe ereader
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I really like my Kindle Scribe: Amazon's biggest and most powerful e-book reader is a really useful work tool, because you can use it to sign forms, annotate documents and scribble ideas into its notebooks. It's currently 20% off in the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, and Amazon has just given you more reasons to buy one before the price goes back up tomorrow.

As of today, you can now view your annotations, handwritten notes and other Scribe-specific scribbles in the iOS Kindle app. The feature will be coming to the Android app in early 2024. And more new features are incoming.

What new features is the Kindle Scribe getting?

In addition to sharing your scribbles with the Kindle app, your Scribe will shortly get some new features to make its Notebooks more useful. Notebooks are where you can store your notes and other documents, and Amazon is adding multi-select and bulk actions to make the Notebooks feature more useful.

One example of that is something I'd use a lot: you'll be able to select as many pages as you like in one of your notebooks and then perform a batch action on them, such as deleting them, exporting them or sending them to yourself or one of your contacts. If like me you do a lot of editing of really big projects with other people that's a very useful addition. Amazon doesn't say when the feature will be added, however; just that it's "coming soon".

If you haven't checked out the Kindle Scribe before, it's definitely worth considering while Amazon's deal is on: instead of the usual £329 it's currently £264. That's not a huge amount of cash for a comparatively huge e-reader: it's got a 10.2-inch 300ppi display that I find much more comfortable for books, magazines and graphic novels than any of the other Kindle devices, and of course it's got the ability to write on that screen as well as read on it. It's not the only Kindle in my home but it's the one I find myself reaching for whenever I need to get stuff done or work while I'm travelling. 

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