Amazon Prime Day Samsung Galaxy S10 deal: almost half price!

The Samsung Galaxy S10 just got the mother of all price drops for Prime Day, saving you £450

Samsung Galaxy S10 Prime Day
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Samsung's Galaxy S10 packs all of the smartphone essentials you need into a sleek and stylish form factor, and with Prime Day's deal, you can pick it up at incredible price. 

Boasting a 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED display with HDR10+ support, it's great for binge-watching Netflix on the go, or catching up on your YouTube content, and as you'd expect with a Samsung smartphone, it's no slouch in the camera department. 

The Galaxy S10 features a triple lens camera setup capable of 0.5x wide-angle shots and 2x optical zoom, and produces shots that are well balanced, and rich in colour and contrast.

You can pick up the Galaxy S10 now for 41% off at Amazon if you're a Prime member. Check out the deal below: 

Samsung Galaxy S10 SIM-free | Was: £799 | Now: £469
We dubbed the Galaxy S10 "a stunning all-round package" in our review, and love the balance it strikes between must-have features for smartphones. It offers Samsung's usual level of quality, but at an unbelievably low price, rivalling a number of brand new budget phones on the market, while outshining them in the specs department. If you want a solid phone with premium performance, at  a budget price, we recommend you snap up the S10 while it's enjoying this huge 41% discount.View Deal

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Shabana Arif
Shabana Arif

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