Amazon Mayday on Kindle unveiled offering instant live tech support

24hour tech service launched with 15sec response goal

Amazon's Mayday service for Kindle Fire HDX tablets will offer live video support in which you can see the tech advisor but they can't see you

Amazon has unveiled the Mayday button, a live tech support service which will launch on the new Amazon Kindle Fire HDX tablets.

The support service will operate 365 days a year 24 hours a day with Amazon promising to connect you within an impressive 15secs of pressing the button.

The Mayday button will be part of the software built into Amazon's new Kindle Fire HDX tablets, once pressed it will connect you to a live tech advisor via a one-way video chat in which you can see them but they can't see you.

The advisor will then - once permission has been given - be able to remotely control your device helping to show you new features and get started or in helping you solve a technical issue.

Amazon has been keen to stress that privacy won't be an issue here, as part of this guarantee when talking to an advisor they will automatically shut down their ability to see your Kindle if you need to enter a password or any sensitive information.

As part of promising a 15secs of less response time Amazon has confirmed that Mayday tech advisors will be based in the country you live in, so in the UK customers will be speaking to advisors based in the UK however during peak times this may shift over to the US to ease the strain.

Mayday will be available on launch when Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX tablets arrive in the UK in December.

Thomas Tamblyn

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