Amazon has excellent deals to help you get in shape this year

If your New Years resolution is to get fit, Amazon has some great deals to check out

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One of the most common New Year resolutions is to get in shape (or get back in shape if your like some people), but there's a few challenges that come along with this promise. Not only do you need to eat right and take the proper supplements, workout gear and equipment can get quite expensive.

But there are ways you can get your fitness journey kickstarted on a budget, and Amazon is one place to check out to do so. With a bevvy of New Years deals on everything from workout equipment to supplements, it's a great place to get started on that New Years resolution of getting in shape.

While there's always more to getting back into the workout routine, some of these New Years deals are a good start. They're also at excellent prices, with discounts of up to 50% off in some cases. So if you're New Years resolution is to lose weight and get in shape, then some of Amazon's deals below may be of use to you!

Amazon New Years Workout Deals

Supplements & Protein Powders

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One of the biggest things about working out is making sure you're body is properly fed, and in some cases you'll need supplements to make that happen.

Whether it be a protein powder for your after workout shake, or daily vitamins and supplements that you may be missing out on, these are key to not only keeping your New Years resolution but being successful at it, too.

Amazon has some great deals on Nutricost supplements right now, which includes a mix of offers on supplements including B3, Vitamin C, psyllium husk, and much more. All of which are essential to not just living a happy and healthy lifestyle, but also boost your body's natural defenses and functions to their most efficient levels.

If you're after vegan options, there's also deals on Vega supplements as well. These include a mix of protein powders, all-in-one shake mixes, and simple wellness drinks.

Waist Bands & Trimmers

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Of course, a workout isn't a workout if you don't sweat. And while working out hard enough should get you where you need to be, it doesn't hurt to have a little help in this area.

Sweat bands and waist trimmers are a great accessories to use during workouts, increasing just how much you sweat and in turn how much you can burn during a single workout.

There's a great selection of Sweet Sweat waist trimmers on sale, and the discounts can run upwards of $30 off in some cases. There's also some great supplements and accessories available, too.

Home Gym Equipment

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If you're someone who prefers working out at home, then there are some essential pieces of workout equipment you'll need to maximize your training.

The pricier NordicTrack options are on sale, including their latest studio cycles and treadmills. However, these can run a pretty penny even when on sale. If NordicTrack is a bit too expensive for your tastes, don't worry. Amazon also has some budget-friendly brands on sale as well.

Whether it be an exercise bike, rowing machine or recumbent bike, both Fitness Reality and Exerpeutic have pieces on sale at extremely affordable prices. Mileage may vary on these, however, but if you're just starting out and don't want to break the bank on a home gym, these options are perfect and will get you moving in no time.

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