Amazon blows away the price of the Vornado 660 Air Circulator, with AU$60 off right now

More than a fan, less than an air-con. The perfect in-between is now on sale

vornado 660 air circulator
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With summer hitting late and loud this year, it might have been possible to get by without a fan for the first half of the sweaty season, but those days are well and truly over. Helping you through the second half of summer and well into spring is the Vornado Air Circulator 660 – it’s the perfect solution to the heat we’re all struggling through. It’s one of our favourite fans, easily coming in second place in T3’s best fans list, and it currently has a cool 23% off on Amazon

While AU$199 can seem a bit steep for ‘just a fan’, the Vornado Air Circulator 660 is so much more. Appearances can be deceptive, as it‘s packaged in a fan shaped body, but by utilising the unique Vornado design this special fan allows for air to be circulated throughout the room – instead of stale and hot air being pushed right at your face. This allows you to save money and energy cooling your room, and provides a more comfortable cooling experience

Vornado 660 Large Air Circulator |  AU$199 on Amazon

Vornado 660 Large Air Circulator | AU$259 AU$199 on Amazon (save AU$60)

The largest model of Vornado is the perfect tool to help keep you cool. Vornado claims this powerful four-speed fan will lower room temperatures by 2.5°C. It isn’t the quietest fan we’ve ever tested, though, being hard to ignore on all but the lowest settings – but that’s a small price to pay for staying cool, we reckon. Sweetening the deal is a cool AU$60 off on Amazon! This discount could end at any time, so if this sounds like something you need in your hot and sweaty life, grab one at this nice price now. 

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