Amazon 'Back to School' lets you save money on school supplies

Get ready for next semester with Amazon

Back to school
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While school is still a while away, midsummer always rolls by quickly, signaling the impending return to school for kids across the world. Amazon knows this and wants to help you prepare. As such, it has put together some blistering discounts for its 'Back to School' sales. 

Heading back to school doesn't always need to break the bank, with great savings to be found on a range of school supplies ahead of the new semester thanks to Amazon's new promotion. 

Amazon is always one step ahead of other retailers when it comes to back-to-school sales. This year is no different with discounts to be had on tech, dorm kit, school clothes and much more. Despite school shopping typically being quite stressful, Amazon's new promotion arrives to help the process along where it's able to do so.

With that thought in tow, the retailer has dedicated a shiny new landing page for all its back-to-school deals, including filters for grades, years and the type of back-to-school item you're after. Using these, you can easily pour through the many deals Amazon has and find out what's in stock before it disappears. 

Beat the high street school rush

Whatever you're after, it's likely Amazon has you covered: lunchboxes, notebooks, crayons, pencils, backpacks and more for kids of all ages, as well as a bunch of tantalizing deals on kids' tech, personal electronics, clothes and other essentials for teachers. 

To sweeten the deal even more, Amazon is also offering $10 off select products when you spend $100, which makes your money stretch a bit further in the pre-semester rush. We're particularly fond of this robust Bentgo Children's Lunch Box, which has had $15 slashed off its retail price, amongst some other hefty discounts off children's tech ahead of the new school year.

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