Google could soon launch Switch To Android app to tempt iPhone users

Android migration could get a whole lot easier

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Google could be set to launch a new app that makes it much easier to migrate from iPhone to Android, including quick copying over of your apps and date. 

Switching from one of the best Android phones to another Android phone is tough enough, never mind switching from one of the best iPhone devices to an Android handset. Google appears to have noticed this and could soon release an app that automates the process, aptly called 'Switch to Android.'

Until now, users would typically seek to upload their contacts, photos, SMS and any other bits of data to Google Drive before then copying over the contents to their new handset. There’s no doubt that it works well enough, but it’s a rather laborious process.

First spotted by 9to5Google, references to a ‘Switch to Android’ app have been identified in the latest version of the official Data Restore Tool for Android. If the info holds to be accurate, this will be available on Apple’s App Store sometime soon.

Complaints levied against Android often stem from the difficulty in performing seemingly simple tasks like transferring your phone’s data. This new app should hopefully provide a workaround for those frustrated with the Android UI and maybe halt some of the defectors who have contributed to Apple iPhone 12 sales dominating the phone market

‘Switch to Android’ app

Although a quick search for the 'Switch to Android' app in the App Store currently yields nothing, 9to5Google believes that Google is still tinkering with the app, adding that "Google may or may not ever ship these features, and our interpretation of what they are may be imperfect." As such, the info should be taken with a pinch of salt. 

It's still unclear how the app could function, but potentially you'd see your Android device automatically download the Android equivalent of iOS apps from the Google Play Store — though that does leave a question mark over your apps' data, as well as the issue of transferring paid apps and the need to purchase them again.

Either way, it does appear as though defectors to the iPhone may soon have an easier road ahead if they wish to switch back to Android. There's long been a 'Move to iOS' tool available to download, so it certainly feels long overdue for an Android equivalent.

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