Adidas launch Tycane Pro mountain-focussed sunglasses

New look and improved features for new alpine and expedition eyewear from Adidas

New look and improved features for new alpine and expedition eyewear from Adidas

Adidas have launched the Adidas Tycane Pro Outdoor sunglasses, a variant of the existing Tycane range specifically aimed at mountain environments.

The wraparound SPX framed glasses have removable lenses, which range from a light contrast tint for overcast days in the valley through to cat 4 'Space Lenses' for alpine and high mountain ascents. There are polarised and non-polarised options.

Several of the design elements have been lifted from Adidas' successful forerunner models Elevation ClimaCools and Terrex Pros, such as removable arms with rotational adjustment, a robust hard case and a foam insert that molds to the face to prevent light entering round the sides of the frame. Coupled with a slimline headstrap it's a go-anywhere package.

New additions are nose pads that can be clicked into three positions to suit a range of nasal configurations, while the lenses have been given a hydrophobic treatment to help prevent steaming up.

The Adidas Tycane Pro Outdoor come with hefty celebrity endorsement, in the shape of Kenton Cool, who described the new frames as his “go to” glasses for Himalayan ascents, while Thomas Huber lauded the “unprecedented field of view” while testing them in Patagonia.

The Adidas Tycane Pro Outdoor sunglasses are available in two sizes, five colours and will retail at £175.00.

Mark Mayne

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