5 cancelled Netflix original shows that I'm still not over

I'll never forgive Netflix for Glow

Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Jackie Tohn, Ellen Wong, Gayle Rankin, Sydelle Noel, Marianna Palka
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It seems as if Netflix cancels a new show every week, often when it was just about to get good or even in the prime of its life. I get that maintaining so many series is quite the task and not all of them can get the happy ending we all desire but still, Netflix can be quite brutal.

Just look at the number of Netflix cancellations in 2022 alone and you'll be amazed by how many have faced the chopped. So many good shows with so much potential and with Netflix likely owning the license to all of these, a renewal on another network is out of the question. 

What's the point in investing subscribers investing their hard-earned free time in these beloved series, only to rip them away? That's why this article is more of a plea to Netflix to consider bringing back some of its best original shows that were cancelled far too early. Also take a look at the best new films to stream on Netflix and the best new films to stream on Disney Plus.

Archive 81 – one season 

Mamoudou Athie as Dan Turner in episode 108 of Archive 81. Cr

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One of the most recent cancellations didn't even make it to a second season. Archive 81 was an intriguing sci-fi supernatural horror series that had some great originality and style to it. Executive produced by James Wan, it follows Dan Turner as he is tasked with restoring video footage from graduate student Melody Pendras' documentary project about a mysterious apartment building that burned down. At only eight episodes, it used its time well alongside setting up quite the cliffhanger that we'll never see the outcome from. A huge letdown to say the least. 

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj – six seasons

Hasan Minaj in Patriot Act

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If you've not had the chance to watch Patriot Act, do yourself a favour and remedy that right away. The US comedy talk show where comedian Hasan Minhaj dives deep into critical issues (both political and non-political) affecting our world is one of the best-produced shows ever to hit Netflix. 

Why? Because it balances the serious subject matter in a relatable and simple manner that never feels too overwhelming. Sprinkle in some comedy, modern sensibilities and hard-hitting interviews that are not afraid to ask the tough questions and Patriot Act was a triumph in every sense of the word. No wonder it won an Emmy.  

Altered Carbon – two seasons  

Anthony Mackie in Altered Carbon

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Set in the year 2384, Altered Carbon is based on the novel of the same name and takes place in the futuristic megalopolis known as Bay City. Starring Joel Kinnaman (season one) and Anthony Mackie (season two) as ex-military turned investigator Takeshi Kovacs, the interesting premise of one consciousness being able to transfer between different bodies was insanely cool, something that could have kept the show fresh for years to come. Just think of how they use regeneration in Doctor Who

Not only this, but the visual Cyberpunk-like style for Altered Carbon was spectacular, harkening back to the days of Blade Runner. It also sports some slick action sequences that made it stand apart from all of Netflix's other offerings.  

Space Force – two seasons  

John Malkovich as Dr. Adrian Mallory, Steve Carell as General Mark Naird in episode 201 of Space Force. Cr. Diyah Pera/Netflix © 2021

(Image credit: Diyah Pera / Netflix)

A Steve Carell-led comedy show from The Office creator Greg Daniels. How could that go wrong? Well, it did, though it still deserved better. While season one of Space Force was undoubtedly flat, season two started to build on the incredible comedy talents of its supporting cast, such as John Malkovich, Tawny Newsome and Ben Schwartz. It just needed more time. Anyone that has seen The Office (US) will be aware of just how out of place the first season is and even season two isn't the best of the bunch. A couple more seasons and this could have been another classic.  

GLOW – three seasons 

Alison Brie, Ellen Wong

(Image credit: Erica Parise / Netflix)

This one stings. Glow was and still is fantastic. Inspired by the 1980's real-life series, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, GLOW was as funny as it was heartfelt. The story and pacing were sublime, upping the ante whenever needed, while also giving us down-to-earth characters that were also just plain weird at points – and I loved it for that. Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin stormed every screen as Ruth "Zoya the Destroya" Wilder and Debbie "Liberty Belle" Eagen making for an amazing duo act. If any series deserves to be brought back by Netflix, GLOW would be top of the list.  

There you have it. Five Netflix series that deserve to be brought back from the dead. I'm not asking for much. Just let some shows get to the finish line more.

It doesn't look like that will change anytime soon with another Netflix series confirmed to be ending featuring stars of Top Gun: Maverick and Hamilton, although this cancellation was not directly down to the streaming platform, for once.  

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