3 TikTok-approved Christmas tree decorating hacks that actually work

Upgrade your Christmas tree with these viral TikTok lighting and decoration hacks

Close up of gold lights and baubles on a Christmas tree
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The Christmas tree is the centre of attention during the festive season. Typically up in your house for at least a month (if not more if you’re a November decorator), having the most beautifully decorated Christmas tree makes your home look pretty, luxurious and festive.

But aside from the baubles, tinsel and unique ornaments, the lights are what tie the whole look together… but they’re not the most fun and stress-free thing to put on the tree. Even if you’re using the best smart lighting on your tree, lights on a long cord have a bad habit of knotting and tangling. And even after you’ve spent a while detangling everything, you still have to weave it between branches and pine needles which can be an annoying and painful task.

To find solutions to these problems, I took to TikTok to find Christmas tree decorating hacks, and these three tricks are actually worth your time.

1. Wrap lights around the Christmas tree trunk

To get your tree to look super sparkly and bright, TikTok user kellyfitzsimons_ _ has a clever hack that gives your tree a magical festive glow. Rather than looping your lights around the tree and leaving them to rest on the branches, you should instead focus on the trunk.

In the video, Kelly unfurls three sets of warm white cluster lights that have 2,000 LED lights along the cord. Starting at the bottom of the tree, Kelly positions the lights against the trunk and makes her way up the tree so the entire trunk is covered. After this, she does the zig-zag method, where you wrap the lights around each brand from left to right and right to left. Once the lights are turned on, this hack gives the tree a shimmering glow that illuminates the entire length and branch of the tree.


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2. Use Christmas net lights

For people who don’t have very much patience with Christmas lights (holds up hand guiltily), another TikTok user called athomewithshannon has the ultimate lazy light hack. Using outdoor net lights, she wraps the nets around the tree and hangs it over the branches. Depending on the size, you probably need two nets to cover your entire tree. Not only does this decorating tip save you time but it also makes the lights look more evenly dispersed, plus you don’t have to worry about any tangling issues.


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3. Hang your ornaments further up the branch

Stepping away from the lights, TikTok user nialynn.w has a simple trick that makes your baubles and ornaments look more professional and dazzling. Instead of hanging your baubles from the end of the branches where you can see the hook or strings, Nia suggests attaching your ornaments further up the tree branch. This hides the plastic hangings or ribbon strings from sight and gives a “stuffed ornament look” which makes your tree appear fuller and more abundant.


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