10 minutes, a pair of dumbbells and a full-body workout to get fit and build muscle

Do this quick home workout in the morning, on your lunch break or in the evening – minimum equipment required

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You don’t have to spend hours at a gym to reap the health benefits of exercise. Fitness experts agree that just 10 minutes of exercise a day can improve oxygen intake, reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, and lower cholesterol levels. It can also help lift our mood, get quality sleep and generally improve the quality of our lives. 

Getting over the mental barrier of needing a full hour of working out is a good starting point. When we have that mindset and can’t find the time to do a workout, we risk doing nothing and reaching for the remote control instead. But almost anyone can find an extra 10 minutes in their day to exercise.  

And you don’t need fancy expensive equipment either. A simple pair of inexpensive dumbbells (or adjustable dumbbells) can help activate several different muscles, improve flexibility, stimulate muscle growth and promote stability and coordination for muscles and joints, to name a few. 

Bullyjuice’s 10-Minute Dumbbell Full Body Workout: Exercises

US Airforce Airman Darryl Williams Jr, more commonly known as BullyJuice on YouTube, has several videos that anyone can do– just choose the right weight for you! His workout motivation alone will spur you on. This 10-minute full-body is excellent when you want a snappy workout that gets you the results.

Below you'll find the exercises you need to get familiar with. The list might seem long but remember, this is a 10-minute workout, and you'll only be performing each exercise for 30 seconds. You'll be performing the exercises with no breaks; you just have to power through this one.

This workout is perfect for losing belly fat and burning calories, given the fast pace. 

  • Overhead dumbbell presses with squats - 30 seconds  
  • Alternate arm bicep curls with squat - 30 seconds 
  • Straight leg deadlift - 30 seconds  
  • Alternate arm under grip front raise - 30 seconds 
  • Single dumbbell two-hand grip front raise - 30 seconds 
  • Dumbbell hold walking on tiptoes - 30 seconds 
  • Dumbbell hold side steps - 30 seconds 
  • Rest (30 seconds) 
  • Double shoulder shrugs with single squat - 30 seconds  
  • Single-arm row (right) - 30 seconds 
  • Single-arm row (left) - 30 seconds 
  • Overhead single triceps drop (right) 30 seconds 
  • Overhead single triceps drop (left) 30 seconds 
  • Kneeling rotator cuff shoulder overhead press – 30 seconds  
  • Overhead dumbbell back squats - 30 seconds 
  • Single dumbbell front hold squats – 30 seconds 
  • Rest (30 seconds)  
  • Lying down single dumbbell hip thrusts (20 seconds) 
  • Lying down double dumbbells hip thrusts (10 seconds) 
  • Single dumbbell sit up with overhead press (30 seconds) 
  • Dumbbell chest press and fly (30 seconds) 

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