1-Up! You can now buy Super Mario bath bombs (not Bomb-Ombs) and I really want them all

Lets-a go! It's Mario bathtime, with Lush selling a special range of Super Mario Bros Movie bath products

Lush and Super Mario Bros Movie
(Image credit: Lush / Universal / Nintendo)

To quote everyone's favourite plumber: "It's Mario time!". Or should that be Mario bathtime? 

Not only is The Super Mario Bros. Movie due to arrive in cinemas – it's out in the UK on 5 April – but a collaboration with Lush means you'll also be able to get your hands on Mario-themed bath-bombs (not Bomb-Ombs, mind). 

Yes, really. Lush, the cosmetics company that's well-known for its soaps, smellies and other bathroom-based treats, has got a whole range of Super Mario Bros. Movie products that you can go out and buy. 

Lush products from Super Mario Bros Movie collab

(Image credit: Lush / Universal / Nintendo)

My favourite of the lot, and one the Nintendo-loving geek in me already wants to purchase, is the Question Block. A classic in the Mario games, Lush has been playful with this one because when it fizzes and melts away in your bathwater it'll reveal a power-up soap inside. 1-Up!

There are six to choose from, each with its own unique fragrance: two Mushroom options (red or blue), two flower options (red or blue), a gold star, or gold coin. I think the star looks the most classic, and given each Question Block costs £14 a pop, I'll only be bagging the one as a special treat at that price.

But that's not all: Lush will also be selling Mario or Luigic shower gels (£8 for 100g, £16 for 250g, £26 for 500g), Gold Coin soap (£4.50 each), Princess Peach or Bowser shower jelly (£6 for 100g, £12 for 240g), and Princess Peach body spray (£30 each). All products will be available from today, Friday 24 March, so you can clean up ahead of going to see the movie at the cinema.

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