2 workouts to grow big chest muscles in under 10 minutes with no equipment

Try these pecs workouts for a good pump before you head down to the beach

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It's beach body season, finally! But don't let the body you worked hard on last year by not getting a good pump before you head down to the seaside – these three chest workouts will un-flatten your pecs and pump up your arms and shoulders in under 10 minutes so you can look as good as you're supposed to without your shirt on.

What's a pump, you might ask? Pump is when your muscles swell up due to blood rushing into them which makes them look bigger. This is the sort-of look bodybuilders have after a workout – and you can look the same by activating the muscles right before you take your top off.

Quick workouts such as the ones below will get you pumped in no time; better still, they use no equipment so you can do them in your hotel room or right down on the beach, which will make you look good for more than one reason. After all, people who exercise are generally more appealing than those who don't, so if you work out on the beach, you'll show everyone you're a workout-type of person.

10-min chest workout (no equipment) by velikaans

This is an excellent workout to get your pecs pumping! Velikaans' workout uses 6-rep sets – after six repetitions, you take a 15-second break before you move on to the next exercise/set.

As the uploader says, "You can do it every day or 3 days a week. Just 10 minutes a day is enough. DO NOT BE AVERAGE! - BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!" Sounds encouraging if you ask me!

Here is the breakdown of the workout:

  • Diamond Push-Up 6x3
  • Lateral Push-Up 6x3
  • Prowler Push-Up 6x3
  • Archer Push-Up 6x3
  • Decline Push-Up 6x3
  • Explosive Negative Push-Up 6x3

10-minute follow-along home chest pump workout by Abnormal Beings

It should come as no surprise that the second workout also incorporates many different versions of push-ups – it's the best bodyweight workout to get an upper-body pump without any home gym equipment.

The reason why this video was chosen is because Abnormal Beings explains all the exercises carefully and offers a less demanding option when available. Can't do standard push-ups? It'll be easier if you drop down your knees. You can always train your core and start doing full push-ups when your abdominal area is strong enough.

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