This viral TikTok workout is the perfect beginner arm exercise for quick gains

Try this no-equipment home workout to be more like Chris Hemsworth in Thor and less Christian Bale in The Machinist

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Who doesn't want big arms? Sure, not everyone dreams of beating Chris Hemsworth in the battle of arm circumferences, but those who do will find this quick home workout useful. This TikTok beginner arms workout uses four exercises only and should only require a coffee table or sofa to perform – no dumbbells or barbells required!

Bodyweight exercises offer an inexpensive alternative to equipment-based workouts and can be performed anywhere, particularly useful if you are travelling or beginner exercises. Push-ups, in particular, can increase your functional strength as almost every major muscle group is engaged during this. Here is how to do push-ups, in case you need a refresher.


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There are more benefits of doing push-ups than increased arm size. You also gain cardiovascular benefits, as research has found (links to Harvard) a positive correlation between the number of push-ups and reducing the risk of heart disease. Are you ready to work out? Complete 4 sets of the following:

  • Oil riggers (10 repetitions)
  • Cobra push-ups (10 repetitions)
  • Up downs (10 repetitions)
  • Dips (10 repetitions) 

Mastered the above workout and fancy more? We’ve created an introductory guide and list of the best push-up variations. For those at a more advanced stage, we have a daunting push-up version that will push your biceps to the limit: here's how to do the biceps push-up

Want to add an extra challenge to your bodyweight exercises? We recommend looking at one of the best pull-up bars we’ve examined this year. A pull-up bar is an inexpensive, space-convenient apparatus that could enable you to try a variety of bodyweight exercises that will work your biceps, deltoids and back.

For those who have the requisite space and are fiercely serious about home workouts, then purchasing one of the best multi-gym systems we’ve tested will offer a myriad number of workouts that may mean you never need to get a gym membership. You'll find the best multi-gym deals available now below.

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