How to cancel your Spotify subscription and move from Spotify Premium to Spotify Free

It isn't always obvious how to cancel Spotify, especially if you got it as part of a bundle.

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Want to know how to cancel Spotify? I'm here to help. I recently killed off my Premium plan, partly because I prefer Apple Music, but mainly because the double whammy of it paying artists a pittance and giving big sums to awful podcasters made me want to leave. 

Whether you're leaving in protest or just because you'd rather use a different service, you can cancel Spotify easily and instantly – but how you do it depends on where you got it from.

How to cancel Spotify if you signed up online

This is the easiest way to cancel Spotify. Log in on and look for the section that says Your Plan. Now, click on the Change Plan button. 

You should now see a section that says Cancel Spotify and a link saying Cancel Premium. Click on that and your Spotify subscription will stop at the end of the current billing period (as Spotify is billed monthly).

How to cancel Spotify if you signed up in iTunes

If you bought your Spotify subscription in the iOS app, you'll need to cancel it from your device or associated Mac. 

]To do this on your iPhone, go into Settings > Your Name > Subscriptions, scroll down until you see Spotify and then tap on it. You should now see the Cancel Subscription link. 

On your Mac, the process is much the same but you need to do it in the App Store app instead: click on Your Name, scroll down to Manage and then click on the Manage link (next to Subscriptions). Scroll down to Spotify, click on Edit and then click on Cancel Subscription

As with cancelling online, your subscription will continue to the end of the billing period.

How to cancel Spotify when it came in a bundle

Many of us got Spotify in a bundle from our phone or internet provider, so to cancel that means you need to use a different part of your Spotify Account page. Look for the link that says Payment; it should have a contact link to the provider, such as your phone company.

Can I still access my playlists when I cancel Spotify?

Yes. Your playlists and saved music remain in your account when you revert to Spotify Free, although you lose the paid-for features such as high quality and ad-free streaming. If you wish you can cancel Spotify Free too you'll need to fill out this form and send it to Spotify.

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