The best women's hiking boots 2018

The latest all-weather hiking boots for women, whether you’re walking up snowy mountains, tackling the Great Wall of China or celebrating the start of autumn with a hike through your local forest

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Skimping on hiking boots is a false economy. The right pair will protect the base of your feet from impact-related injuries, reduce the risk of twisted ankles and will keep your feet cool and comfortable all day long. The following models tick all the boxes, are ideal for all seasons and (call us fickle) look pretty cool, too. 

That said, saving money on hiking boots in the sales is good economy, and with Black Friday 2018 taking place on 23 November, you might be able to bag some bargain boots. The prices in the guide below are checked daily, so if any of the boots in the list get discounted in the Black Friday sales, the best prices will be shown on this page. Happy shopping (and walking)!

How to choose the best women's hiking boots for you

Let's start with material matters. Durable and long-lasting, leather feels undeniably luxe, but is generally harder to break in, and therein lies the rub — literally.

Not so long ago, leather boots were generally more durable, while boots made with synthetic materials were lighter. Advances in technology mean there's now less difference between these boots, although models made with manmade materials are often harder to clean, and leather boots are generally less breathable. Leather boots will often last longer and tend to offer better protection from the elements. Speaking of which, when it comes to the inside, Gore-Tex or ngx® waterproof liners are brilliant at keeping feet dry.

Finally, the fit. For any long walk you’ll want a boot which fits snugly but which still allows plenty of wiggle room. It's also important to consider any postural issues, or the need for special measures such as extra ankle support. 

Prefer shoes over boots? Consider checking out our guide to the best women's walking shoes instead. 

Our pick of the best hiking boots for women to buy today

Salomon X Radiant MID GTX W


The perfect boot for tough hikes in all weather conditions

Best For: tough, long hikes on uneven trails
Upper Material: mesh and PU-coated leather
Sole Type: Contragrip
Waterproof Technology: Gore-Tex
Height: mid boot cut
Weight: 700g
Reasons to buy
+Durable+Fantastic grip 
Reasons to avoid

There's nothing this boot can't handle, thanks to PU-coated leather, an extra-aggressive sole pattern and the addition of a reinforced protective toe cap. Although these boots aren't the cheapest pair on the market, the perks you're paying for are well worth the cash - we're particularly fond of the Gore-Tex inner bootie and the extra reinforcement in key areas. A stylishly rugged boot well worth the extra spend. 

Berghaus Women's Expeditor Ridge 2.0


A rugged, long-lasting boot which provides fantastic grip on uneven surfaces

Best For: long walks in any weather
Upper Material: leather and synthetic
Sole Type: OPTI-STUD®
Waterproof Technology: AQ® waterproof lining
Height: mid boot cut
Weight: 840g
Reasons to buy
+AQ waterproof lining+OrthoLite footbed ensures comfortable feet, all day long
Reasons to avoid
- Less breathable than some boots made with synthetic materials

These excellent all-rounders are packed with features designed to keep you hiking all day, including shock absorbing EVA mid soles and Berghaus's extra-grippy OPTI-STUD technology. And you can rest assured that these boots will go the distance - the hard-wearing leather is made in a tannery certified by the Leather Working Group (which assesses the performance capabilities of leather products) and the upper has a scuff-resistant coating. These boots will also keep your feet effortlessly pong-free, thanks to the use of breathable mesh panels in key areas. 

Merrell Women's MOAB FST 2


A stunning, durable boot which will last for years

Best For: fresh-smelling feet
Upper Material: nubuck leather and mesh
Sole Type: Vibram MegaGrip
Waterproof Technology: Gore-Tex
Height: mid boot cut
Weight: 736g
Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid
- Probably not the most suitable boots for wider feet

Turn your favourite hiking trail into a catwalk with these beauties, the latest offerings from Merrell. An upper made from both nubuck leather and mesh creates the perfect balance between durability and style, while the air-cushioned sole allows you to hike the toughest of trails for hours on end without suffering unwanted aches and pains. A fantastic year-round option which proves that the toughest of boots don't have to weigh a tonne - or cost the earth. 

Scarpa Peak Gore-tex Boot

4. Scarpa Peak Gore-tex Boot

A true hiking boot for all adventurous women: weatherproof, and supportive, to boot

Best For: 3 Peaks Challenge
Upper Material: Condura & Suede
Sole Type: Biometric Trek
Waterproof Technology: Gore-tex
Height: High boot cut
Weight: 606g
Reasons to buy
+High ankle support+Durable material
Reasons to avoid
-Narrow foot-Expensive

For serious walking, you’re going to want some serious support. That’s where the Scarpa Peak Gore-tex Boot comes in. This boot has been praised for its durability, standing up to even inclement weather, and, hitting a little higher than most boots, it's great for secure and supported ankles. 

Although pricey, this boot is a great investment for all year round, and comes in an appealing teal shade that’s at once feminine and understated. 

Keen Terradora Waterproof Boot

5. Keen Terradora Waterproof Boot

The very definition of waterproof, this is the shoe for showery days

Best For: Wet weather
Upper Material: Textile
Sole Type: Non-marking rubber
Waterproof Technology: Keen Dry
Height: Low boot cut
Weight: 726g
Reasons to buy
+Extremely waterproof+Girly colours
Reasons to avoid
-Come up big 

This stylish women’s hiking boot is beyond good-looking — it’s also the best boot for wet weather. Owners of the Keen Terradora Waterproof Boot have been known to wax lyrical about just how waterproof it is, so there’s no need to fret at an unexpected stream (unless it means you’re really, really lost). 

The adaptable soft mesh material is ideal if you don’t have time to devote to breaking in, and looks the part no matter which shade you choose. A great investment, but not the best for very small feet. 

Berghaus Women’s Expeditor AQ Ridge

6. Berghaus Women’s Expeditor AQ Ridge

The ultimate adventure boot

Best For: Duke of Edinburgh Award/Adventure
Upper Material: Leather & Synthetic
Sole Type: OPTI-STUD
Waterproof Technology: AQ Waterproof
Height: Mid boot cut
Weight: 880g
Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid
-Quite narrow-Lack of colour

With the glowing recommendation of being on the Duke of Edinburgh Award-approved kit list, the Berghaus Women’s Expeditor AQ Ridge is a strong and sturdy boot that can take a beating out on the track. 

The OPTI-STUD soles keep you light on your feet while providing enough grip for apprehending obstacles, and the full-grain leather gives them lasting power. AQ Waterproof technology comes highly-rated as a cheaper alternative to Gore-tex, making them great value for money at under £100. 

Merrel Moab Mid Gore-Tex Women’s Hiking Boots

7. Merrell Moab Mid Gore-Tex Women’s Hiking Boots

The lighter boot for everyday walking

Best For: Everyday use
Upper Material: Dura leather & mesh
Sole Type: Vibram
Waterproof Technology: Gore-tex
Height: Low boot cut
Weight: 822g
Reasons to buy
+Cheap +Sturdy soles
Reasons to avoid
-Small sizing-No colour choice

The Merrell Moab Mid Gore-tex boots are a great alternative to leather for those who find it hard to move in. The easy-on low ankle style and thick Vibram soles make these are the best women’s hiking boots for everyday walking, helped considerably by waterproof Gore-tex technology and clever soles that don’t pick up stones. 

And, you won’t have to break these shoes in, so you're good to go as soon as they're out of the box. It has been noted that these boots come up small, so opt for half a size bigger, but if your feet are too petite for Keen’s Terradora boots, consider these instead.

 Lowa Renegade Gore-tex Mid Boot

8. Lowa Renegade Gore-tex Mid Boot

The sturdy and durable boot that will stand the test of time

Best For: Adventurers
Upper Material: Nubuck Leather
Sole Type: Vibram
Waterproof Technology: Gore-tex
Height: Mid boot cut
Weight: 1110g
Reasons to buy
+Keep feet dry +Long-lasting soles
Reasons to avoid
-Narrow fit-Need breaking in

Durable, comfortable, and reliable, it’s unsurprising that Lowa’s walking boots are some of Europe’s best-sellers. 

Their trusty Vibram soles wear extremely well, so you’ll be sure to get years of walking out of them, and the interiors have been praised for their comfort, resulting in dry feet even after a long day’s walk. These have a narrower fit, good news for walkers with smaller feet, but may still require some breaking in thanks to their nubuck construction. 

Karrimor Ladies Hot Rock Waterproof

9. Karrimor Ladies Hot Rock Waterproof

Trust Karrimor’s waterproof walkers for a budget boot without the blisters

Best For: Budget buy
Upper Material: Leather/textile
Sole Type: DynaGrip
Waterproof Technology: Weathertite Extreme
Height: Mid boot cut
Weight: n/a
Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid
-Not long lasting 

You may be thinking that buying boots on a budget is a one-way ticket to painful blisters — but we don’t mind telling you that you’d be wrong. The Karrimor Ladies Hot Rock Waterproof boots have been praised for their balance of comfort and durability, especially at their budget price. 

They have thick soles for exploring rough terrain, and a soft outer for easy movement with no rubbing. If you’re after years of faithful service, this isn’t the one. But for semi-regular walking, it’s a winner. 

The North Face Women’s Terra Hiking Boots

10. The North Face Women’s Terra Hiking Boots

The ultra-hard-wearing boot for rugged terrain, ideal for hiking at high altitude

Best For: Rough terrain
Upper Material: Synthetic
Sole Type: UltraATAC
Waterproof Technology: Gore-tex
Height: Mid boot cut
Weight: n/a
Reasons to buy
+Affordable+Attractive colour
Reasons to avoid
-Not for bad ankles 

With solid toe coverage and contoured soles, these North Face hiking boots are guaranteed to keep you comfy, buoyant, and warm all the way along the trail, even if it’s particularly rocky. 

They have a slightly lower ankle than many other boots, allowing for more movement on inclines, but still provide admirable support. These might be some of the toughest on the market, but their cheerful magenta accents keep them looking sweet. 

Hi Gear Snowden Waterproof Boots

11. Hi Gear Snowden Waterproof Boots

An expensive-looking leather hiking boot without the hefty price tag

Best For: Dog walking
Upper Material: Leather
Sole Type: Rubber
Waterproof Technology: Standard waterproof lining
Height: Mid boot cut
Weight: n/a
Reasons to buy
+Cheap+Junior matching boots
Reasons to avoid
-No Gore-tex technology 

If you’re looking for an everyday boot for everyday use, one that looks the part but won’t break the bank, you’ve found it. Presenting Hi Gear’s Snowden Waterproof Boots: these are almost identical to the boots Kate Middleton wore on her trip to Borneo, but half the price — a royally good bargain, if you ask us. 

Made from full-grain leather in classic brown, they have an unbeatable heritage look, and while they don’t have Gore-tex technology, they are fully waterproof. For the price, they certainly do a good job.