Wahl Rapid Clip vs Philips Series 9000: which is the best hair clipper?

A battle of the industry’s best grooming gadgets to find out which a cut above

Wahl Rapid Clip vs Philips Series 9000
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For the past year, those who aren’t lucky enough to live with a hairdresser have been left to their own devices when it comes to taming their locks. As a result, clipper sales have gone through the roof and even now, people are investing in decent hair-cutting gadgets as they patiently await for the hairdressers and barber shops to reopen their doors. 

Over this time, we’ve had the chance to test out two of the industry’s best hair clippers: the Wahl Rapid Clip and the Philips Series 9000. If there’s one thing our reviews have shown, it’s that both devices are more than adequate in the clipper department. 

So, if you’re not quite sure which is the best hair clipper and need some help making up your mind before splashing the cash, then read on as we’ve pitted the two grooming gadgets in a head-to-head battle to help you decide.

Wahl Rapid Clip vs Philips Series 9000

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Wahl Rapid Clip Vs Philips Series 9000: Design 

Both Wahl’s Rapid Clip and Philip’s series 9000 devices boast an attractive design, so deciding which is the most appealing comes down to personal preference. While the Rapid Clip touts a more classic aesthetic - something you’re likely to see at old school barber shops - the Series 9000 is more slick and modern looking thanks to its fancy digital touch dial that raises and lowers the gradient with the swipe of the thumb. We do think the Wahl clippers will make you look more of a pro while using them, however.

Ergonomically, both clippers score top notch. Tahls is perhaps a little heavier than your standard clipper set, though, but still light enough to use for longer periods. Philips’ offering sits nicely in the hand, too, but is more lightweight. While this is better for using over long periods, it does make them feel a little cheap.

Winner: Draw. Design is subjective, so whichever groomer you go for is a matter of personal preference.

Wahl Rapid Clip vs Philips Series 9000

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Wahl Rapid Clip Vs Philips Series 9000: Performance 

In our experience, both clippers are able to cut hair proficiently. 

Philips’ Series 9000’s titanium blades are exceedingly sharp and buzz through your locks with zero effort – even super thick hair. The Wahl Rapid Clip, on the other hand, is packed with stainless steel precision ground blades alongside an adjustable taper lever. It cuts effortlessly and like the Series 9000, isn’t phased by thicker hair.

When comparing the precision of the two devices, the Wahl just takes the biscuit; we just cannot fault it. The close-cutting blades feed the hair in one swipe.

So what about cutting lengths? Wahl’s gadget comes with 10 combs for a wider variety of cutting lengths, and you can even do fades with the bundled taper combs. Philips’ device is the most impressive when it comes to the range of cutting lengths available, however. The clippers boast an adjustable cutting length from 1mm right up to 42mm in increments of 0.1mm, meaning you have over 400 to choose from. That’s way more than you’ll ever need, though.

When it comes to battery power, both Wahl’s Rapid Clip and Philips’ Series 9000 provide two full hours of cordless use between charges.

Winner: Wahl Rapid Clip. The almost perfect precision wins this gadget the gold medal for performance. 

Wahl Rapid Clip vs Philips Series 9000

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Wahl Rapid Clip Vs Philips Series 9000: Price And Availability

The Wahl Rapid Clip was released in August 2020 and is still available to buy now with an RRP of £49.99. A quick google, though, and you’re likely to pick them up from some online retailer for a few pounds cheaper.

In the box you’ll get the cordless clipper, 10 comb attachments (from 0.5-8mm), one right and left ear taper comb (0.7-25mm), a pair of scissors, a barber comb and a styling comb, blade oil, cleaning brush, 3-pin UK charger and a decent quality travel bag to store it all in.

The Philips Series 9000 Hair Clippers launched in 2019 and are also still available to buy now. They had an RRP of £90 at launch but since then have come down a little - you can pick them up from online retailers like Amazon at the moment for £75. 

In the box, Philips’ clippers don’t come bundled with the same amount of goodies as Wahl’s. You’ll find a 3-pin UK charging cable and three hair comb attachments: 1 x 1-7mm, 1 x 7-24mm, and 1 x 24-42mm.

Winner: Wahl Rapid Clip. Costing £25 less for a very similar performance, Wahl just had to win this one. 

Wahl Rapid Clip vs Philips Series 9000

(Image credit: Philips)

Wahl Super Taper Vs Philips Series 9000: Verdict 

While Philips has the flashy gadgetry thanks to its touch-sensitive controls, Wahl’s Rapid Clip is a clear winner in the performance steaks, and wins our hearts with its classic design, ease of use and much cheaper RRP. 

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