Philips Series 9000 Hair Clippers review

How well does Philips’ top-of-the-range lug lowerer stack up? Find out in T3's Philips Series 9000 review

Philips Series 9000 Hair Clippers review
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T3 Verdict

Despite the steep learning curve involved, Philips' Series 9000 Hair Clippers are a feature-rich and well-designed set of hair clippers that offer effortless cutting performance, great battery life and an innovative twist on conventional clippers.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Good precision

  • +

    Great variety of lengths

  • +

    Strong, titanium blades

  • +

    Exceptional battery life

  • +

    Fast charging

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not cheap

  • -

    Touch-sensitive adjustment can be fiddly

  • -

    Flexible attachments can be tricky to master

  • -

    No charging cradle

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Philips makes just about everything you can think of in the world of personal care tech. Whichever kind of grooming or beauty electronics you’re after, chances are that Philips has one you can buy. That’s certainly the case for hair clippers. While they’re not what the Dutch brand is most recognised for, it comes as no surprise that the company stocks a plentiful range of products for lowering your lugs – and a pretty decent one at that. 

The company’s highest-ranking model is the Series 9000 Hair Clippers, which have earned a place in our best hair clippers guide. Boasting digital touch controls, motorised combs, titanium self-sharpening blades, and 400-length settings for the ultimate precision cut – these hair clippers are packed with some ingenious features, especially when compared to what else is on the market.

But how do they stack up when it comes to getting your mop chopped? Let’s find out. 

Philips Series 9000 Hair Clippers: Price And Availability

Philips Series 9000 Hair Clippers were first released in 2019 and are still available to buy now. When launched, they had an RRP of £90 but that’s come down a little since then. For example, they can be picked up on online retailers like Amazon at the moment for around £75. 

In the box, Philips’ hair clippers come with a 3-pin UK charging cable and three hair comb attachments: 1 x 1-7mm, 1 x 7-24mm, and 1 x 24-42mm. 

Philips Series 9000 Hair Clippers: Design

The Series 9000 Hair Clippers boasts a pretty slick design. Ergonomically, these clippers have been well thought through and they sit in the hand nicely. A bit more weight would have been nice, but they do look premium.

Upon closer inspection of the materials used, the plastic accents do feel a little cheap but nothing that bothers us too much. We do like the addition of a fancy digital touch dial that raises and lowers the gradient with the swipe of the thumb. Be warned, though – operating this does take some getting used to and it can feel a little too sensitive at first.

Overall, we’re big fans of the design of the Series 9000 Hair Clippers. The only real downside is that there’s no charging cradle, which is pretty disappointing for a premium pair of clippers with an £80 RRP.

Philips Series 9000 Hair Clippers: Performance

In our experience using Philips Series 9000 Hair Clippers, we found they cut our hair precisely and with ease. The titanium blades are exceedingly sharp and clip hair with zero effort – even super thick hair.

What’s most impressive about Philips’ clippers, though, is the range of cutting lengths available. You can adjust the length from 1mm right up to 42mm in increments of 0.1mm, meaning you have over 400 different lockable lengths to choose from. This has to be the best cutting range on the market and is delivered via just three combs meaning there’s no hassle changing over many various attachments.

We did find that there’s quite a big learning curve involved when using these clippers, however, and new users must be really cautious when trimming to ensure cuts are even. For example, the comb attachments are quite flexible and if you push too hard against your head when clipping, the combs flex and can change the cutting length. 

The operation does take some getting used to, so if you don’t take it easy and go in all guns blazing, you might find that you end up cutting a much shorter length than you originally intended and have to change your entire haircut to match the mistake (we may or may not be speaking from experience here). While this could be seen as a major issue, it’s more a matter of getting used to how these clippers function and feel in the hand.

As for battery life performance, it’s nothing short of excellent. These clippers provide two full hours of cordless use between charges and take only an hour to charge once they’re plugged in to rejuice, which proves very handy if you’re using them to trim several people’s hair in one sitting. They also function while the charging cord is plugged in. 

Philips Series 9000 Hair Clippers: Verdict

Philips Series 9000 Hair Clippers are a great all-round set of clippers brimming with features that you won’t find in most conventional offerings. While operation does take some getting used to, the self-sharpening titanium blades breeze their way through even the thickest of hair, battery life is impressive and an ergonomic design means they’re comfortable to hold for long hair-cutting sessions. Hard to fault; just go easy with you’re a hair clipper newbie.

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