All I want for Valentine's Day are... these knurled rings from Rogue

Nothing says 'I love you' better than a set of 316L stainless steel rings with a hand-crafted centre knurl patterned after Rogues' power bars

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I hate Valentine's Day like the next person; it's a tacky, horrible day when you can't go out for a drink or a meal, even if you want to. Not to mention the onslaught of horrendous Valentine's Day gifts in supermarkets – they really are the worst. However, it's not impossible to make this otherwise revolting 'holiday' memorable, especially if your significant other is into home gyms and fitness.

Enter Rogue's knurled ring set. This delightful piece of zinc jewellery is a "unique collaboration between all of Rogue's manufacturing departments". It is made from 316L stainless steel with a hand-crafted centre knurl patterned after Rogue's power bars. The rings are presented in a laser-cut ring box with your choice of Rogue "R" or the Deuce logo, along with a red Cordura insert.

What even is knurling? Knurling is a pattern of straight, angled or crossed lines rolled into the material, usually barbells, dumbbells and other home weights. The criss-cross pattern of the knurling helps you keep the weights in your hands more securely, which is essential when working out with heavier weights. Check out T3's best dumbbells and best barbell guides for more info on this topic.


So sexy.

(Image credit: Rogue)

The knurling featured on the Rogue rinds isn't on the inside – it's for aesthetic purposes only on this occasion. After the machining department adds the precision knurling, the ring is tumbled to remove any sharp points or edges and finally polished to give it the stainless steel shine—no need to be afraid of the sharp knurling grating away your finger over time.

Each ring is first machined to the desired diameter (standard 4 - 13.5 sizes available), with band width options of 5.46 mm and 9.53 mm. The thickness of the ring varies between 2.9 mm and 2.3 mm (men/women). If you actually like your partner and want to give them something meaningful this Valentine's Day, head over to Rogue US or Rogue EU to find more info on how to order the Rogue Knurled Rings today. Prices from $75/€108.

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