Using the Citroen C3's connected camera for Instagram

Not only is Citroen's ConnectedCam perfect for recording accidents, it's pretty decent Instagram tool as well

We recently had Citroen's new C3 in for review, and were fascinated by one feature in particular - the ConnectedCam.

The ConnectedCam is a fully integrated HD camera that sits neatly behind your rear view mirror. It films the road ahead, and can be used in accidents to prove you're innocent (hopefully).

If the camera does sense a collision it'll automatically begin recording. The video can run for up to 1.5 minutes, 30 seconds before the incident and 60 after

It can also connect to your smartphone, allowing immediate sharing of images and video on social networks. We decided to see if it could take any Instagram-worthy shots. 

These are the best we could manage:

The ConnectedCam features a wide angle 120° lens, and can record Full HD video or snap 2-megapixel images. Obviously, resolution is lacking, it would have been nicer to see sharper images.

It's also seems to struggle with taking images while moving (although, admittedly, it was quite dark), and it tends to overexpose images.

I do really like the colours it captures, however.

So, of course the new Citroen won't replace your iPhone as your primary Instragam tool, but it is a fun way of sharing images you might have missed. It's much safer (and, err, legal) than trying to get your smartphone out and take a picture while driving.

The camera features 16GB of internal memory, and also records GPS data. The pictures are accessed using Citroen's ConnectedCam app, available on iOS and Android.

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