This Timex x Finisterre watch collab is the ideal Christmas gift for stylish surfers

The Tide Watch combines cool styling with outdoor-friendly features, including a tide tracker

Surfer wearing Timex x Finisterre Tide Watch
(Image credit: Finisterre )

One of our favourite outdoor brands, Finisterre, has partnered up with American watchmaker Timex to bring us a cool-yet-functional watch just in time for Christmas. The Timex x Finisterre Tide Watch combines bold styling (complete with life ring-orange accents), rugged build quality and surf-specific features, making it perfect for surfers or indeed anyone who likes to spend their spare time in, on or beside the sea. 

It's not as feature-heavy as the hi-tech entries in our best outdoor watch guide, but what it does include is a host of useful features; chief amongst which is a tide tracking function. Finisterre has swapped the second hand for a blue hand that shows at a glance how close to low or high tide it is. 

Behind that scratch-resistant mineral glass watch face, you'll also find a date window with magnifier, and hands and hour markers that are designed to shine brightly in low-light conditions. The robust, solid stainless steel body is water resistant to 200m down. 

Timex x Finisterre Tide Watch close up

(Image credit: Finisterre )

Finisterre is the brand behind some of the best waterproof jackets we've tested. This is its first watch, and as you'd expect from a brand with strong eco principles, it's been designed with sustainability in mind. The two-tone strap is made from an innovative yarn created by #tide, fashioned entirely from upcycled plastics that would have otherwise ended up in the ocean.

The Timex x Finisterre Tide Watch is available to buy now from Finisterre for £195/$264, and comes in a limited edition run of 400 pieces. Each watch arrives in custom packaging, with a design based around the Cornish coastline from which the Finisterre hails.

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