There's a fitness band I hope Amazon brings back – but I wont hold my breath

Amazon is launching new products this week, and I really hope it revives this product

Amazon Halo View
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With the Amazon launch event set to take place later this week, many are beginning to speculate about the products which will be on offer. Leaks have been remarkably quiet so far, though a fairly comprehensive suite of new devices are expected based on previous events.

We have heard some rumours about new Amazon Fire TV sticks. We'd also expect some kind of update to the Amazon Echo line, though details are too sparse to speculate on exactly how they might change.

Plus, if history is anything to go on, we'll likely see an oddity or two. Need I remind you of the Robot Astro, which was designed to follow you about the house?

But there is one Amazon product I'd love to see make a return more than any other. The Amazon Halo might not be familiar to everyone, but it was unquestionably one of my favourite products made by the brand.

While the Amazon Halo View acted more like a Fitbit, with a wrist-mounted display, the regular Halo was a simple smartband – similar to the Whoop. And that's a fantastic product category to occupy.

See, for me, the Whoop is pretty much the perfect health tracking device. I wear a lot of rings and watches, making it hard to accessorise a smartwatch or a smart ring without looking like... well, a bit of a wally.

But a band that just looks like a bracelet could work well. The Whoop is quite pricey, though. The Amazon Halo was a much more affordable way to get into that, without losing too much functionality.

Sadly, it never made it to the UK. Then, back in April, the decision was made to discontinue the product altogether. There wasn't much of an explanation for that, either.

So I'm not holding my breath. While I'd love to see it make an emphatic comeback, I can't see them doing so in the space of the same calendar year. But hey, Amazon, if you're reading this... please do.

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