The Windows 10 Creators Update is downloading to your PC - here's what's in it

The new update gives you a number of new features - here's what's in store

The new Windows 10 update, named the 'Creators Update', has many new features so designed, says Microsoft to "evoke your inner creativity". Whatever that means. 


Easier communication with 'your' people

MyPeople is a comprehensive re-work of the old People app that gives you faster ways to connect and share with the people who matter most from tha Windows 10 Taskbar.

3D is big in Windows 10 Creators Update

Despite many other industries having turned their back on it, 3D is a big theme within the Creators Update. There's a new 3D version of Paint (called Paint 3D) that enables you to scan objects on your phone with Live 3D Capture and import them directly onto your Windows 10 PC.

You can then 3D print objects, for example. Or create personal emojis (we're kinda hoping that catches on).

Remix 3D is a place for creators to discover, publish & share 3D content and a preview version of it is available for sign-up now.

You're also going to be able to edit PowerPoint slides in 3D, too.

You can also interact with the objects you create in Hololens and at last October's Windows 10 press event we were shown how this could work by bringing the object created on stage into the Hololens AR environment. Microsoft then took this object back into the virtual world as it showcased VR headsets from partners including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Acer.

Game Mode and built-In game broadcasting 

Microsoft has also massively improved the gaming experience on windows. 'Game Mode' has been added which means that if there is a lot of information and detailed graphics moving quickly it will increase the frames per second average to increase the quality and minimise glitching.

Inside the main Windows System Settings, a new section has been added: Gaming, identified with the Xbox logo. In the Creators Update, there are four settings options: Game bar, GameDVR, broadcasting, and Game Mode. Game Mode may be easily turned on and off for specific games using the Game bar (Windows key + G).

Support for the Game bar in full-screen mode is now included in 80 of the most popular PC games.

As well as this there is now a build in broadcasting option for anyone wanting to stream without the hassle of configuring a third party software. This will make streaming much easier.

New things in Edge

Edge has also been improved, though it's still not got the usability of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in our opinion. There's better tab management so you can easily glance at a visual preview of every tab you have open without leaving your page.

You can also choose to Set these tabs aside with tabs you don't need at that moment, 'sweeping away' your open tabs, giving you the ability to restore them later. And with Tabs you’ve set aside, you can preview thumbnails of web pages you set aside, and restore an individual or a collection of web pages to pick up where you left off.

Microsoft reckons Edge provided you with better battery life, streaming video for several hours longer than the rival browsers (up to three hours longer than Google Chrome).


This feature is great for if you are a fan of multitasking. In this update you are able to your favourite show via the Movies and TV app whilst also working on your device by prioritising the window to always stay on top. This also works with Skype so that you can hold meetings or phone a friends whilst all the while still using your device.

 Night Light

Similar to the features already in place on IOS and Android gear, Night Light reduces the blue light in your screen either at a specific time or after sunset. A pretty neat setting if you need to work late into the night. 

Increased Privacy Settings

Upon updating to the Windows 10 Creators Update you are instantly greeted with privacy options that previously weren't available such as targeted ads, voice recognition and diagnostics. You are also given the option to pause updates for as long as a week where as before the update Windows would automatically restart devices for unwanted or inconvenient updates. 

 Other features

There are other less noticeable features such as making Microsoft Edge the default reader for PDFs and E-books. Cortana is more active, though whether this is an improvement or just an annoyance is subjective. 

There is also Cortana support for apps like TuneIn Radio, while Cortana goes full screen if you invoke it and your PC is idle, meaning the results are easier to see from afar.

Windows Ink is now included in the pictures app allowing you to annotate your pictures, as well as in Maps where you can scribble on directions, measure the distance between points and add notes. 

 A mini view feature lets you keep an ever-present small window on top of what you’re doing. This means you can do things like watch your favorite show or sport or carry on a Skype chat while you're working on something else.

There's also a new Skype app for Windows 10 - hopefully this one will work properly unlike the previous Windows Store app we had which was about as useful as a chocolate teapot.  

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