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Protect your home with smart home tech made to keep your safe spaces safer

Hive HomeShield
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It’s wonderful to be seeing more than the same four walls, isn’t it? For many of us the last year-plus meant that our homes weren’t just homes. They were classrooms, offices, fitness studios and entertainment venues too – and many of us spent time and money renovating, changing or improving them. Now that going out is the new staying in, it’s more important than ever to ensure that our safe spaces are protected just as they protected us.

That’s why thousands of people are turning to HomeShield. It’s a smart home security system from the clever people at Hive, and it means your home can be safe and secure whether you’re working from home, back in the office or on that family holiday you’ve been dreaming of for so long. It’s smart security for the new normal.

The easy way to keep your safe space secure

Hive HomeShield

See welcome visitors… as well as less welcome ones

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HomeShield offers three key things: easy control, smart security and intelligent alerts for the whole family.

There are three customisable security modes that you can set from the Hive smart home app on your phone, tablet or Apple Watch – Home, Sleep and Away – to set different levels of security from absolutely anywhere, and the app will then send you notifications based on those security modes.

That means it’s not going to ping your phone when it detects you working from home, but it can alert you or trusted contacts instantly if it detects intruders when you’re out and about.

You can specify what kind of alerts you receive as well as who should receive them, and the app can then send you or a trusted contact a text, an app notification – which is particularly good if you have an Apple Watch – or even call you on the phone. You can then connect live to the appropriate Hive View camera or travel back in time thanks to the included video storage, which gives you safe and secure storage of 30 days of recordings. The app also enables you to call the police without taking your eyes off the video.

The dashboard that shows you everything

Hive HomeShield

Everything you need is on your HomeShield dashboard

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The HomeShield dashboard is a snapshot of everything that’s happening in your home. You can use it to connect to any of your Hive View cameras and use all of their features such as two-way audio and live video streaming. You can create your own activity zones so that HomeShield is only recording in the bits you aren’t in, and if you don’t have a dog to scare off intruders you can even get your Hive View to bark or sound a very loud siren.

If you share your home with others, you can also share your HomeShield: it has great features for friends and family so that they can control the bits of the system you want them to have access to. And if you’re lucky enough to have more than one home, you can use the same HomeShield dashboard to view multiple locations.

Smarter security for every kind of home

Hive HomeShield

Hive HomeShield: a full range of connected security products

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Every home is different, of course, which is why HomeShield comes in a range of Packs to help you get the perfect configuration for your flat, terrace, maisonette or mansion. The Starter Home Pack is designed for one to two bedroom homes and comes with window, door and motion sensors, while the Small Home Pack adds the excellent Hive View Outdoor camera to keep an eye on the outside of your property too, such as your driveway or your garden.

For large properties there’s the Large Home Pack, which gives you multiple door, window and motion sensors, three Hive View Outdoor cameras and a signal booster to ensure you get the strongest possible connection for all your HomeShield devices. You can even specify pet-friendly sensors so your furry friends don’t accidentally trigger any alarms. And because HomeShield is modular, you can add more cameras and sensors at any time.

No matter which Pack you buy, your HomeShield subscription – from just £9.99 per month with your first month free – gives you 30 days of safe and secure storage for your video, plus all the features of the Hive app: intelligent alerts, smart security reports and easy control and customisation. It’ll keep your home as safe as your home’s kept you.

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