The best smart clothing to get kitted out with this winter

Staying warm in style, with added tech

As the temperatures plummet, choosing the right gear to wear is important - and when it comes to winter clothing with some extra smarts attached, the choice is growing all the time. Here we're going to pick out our favourite techy items for your winter wardrobe.

From gadget-friendly winter jackets that keep you warm as well as storing your most essential gadgets, to gloves that work with your smartphone's touchscreen, there's something to suit everyone here, no matter what your plans for the winter months.

1. Scottevest Revolution Plus

Every winter jacket has to do the job of keeping you warm and dry through the coldest months of the year, but the Revolution Plus from Scottevest goes further than that, featuring no less than 26 pockets for your gadgets, including one for a tablet device.

Magnetic flaps, removable sleeves, and an insulated, quilted lining to keep you as snug as possible - it makes other winter jackets look basic by comparison. For the gadget lovers who want to take everything with them without carrying a bag, it's a perfect choice.

2. Narvik Extreme

Another smart winter jacket worth your consideration is the Narvik Extreme, which features solar-powered smart fabric that enables the coat to warm up using sunshine or even your own body heat, so you can stay toasty without needing regular jacket recharges.

There's much more here as well: a removable hoodie, built-in gloves and a bottle holder, plus zipped interior pockets to hold your phone, your camera and so on. The Extreme coat comes only in black, but Narvik offers a choice of other jackets too, so have a browse.

3. Beanie Beatz Bobble Hat

If you're putting a bobble hat on your head to keep out the cold this winter then why not get one with added headphones? The Beanie Beatz work over Bluetooth, so you can stream audio from pretty much any handset out there, whether iPhone or Android.

There's an embedded microphone too, so you can even make calls through the hat without touching your phone. You've got a choice of colours to pick from, and the integrated rechargeable battery is good for six hours of use while you're out and about.

4. Wair scarf

Winter is the season for scarf wearing, for many of us, but Wair is a scarf with a twist - it's fitted with a triple-layer filter that not only removes pollution from the air but warns you when the air is overly toxic, giving you a chance to get indoors as soon as you can.

Of course at the same time it's also keeping your neck and your face warm. You can choose from a variety of prints, but the downside is it's not actually available yet - you can only put in a preorder on the Wair website, after the scarf's successful crowdfunding campaign.

5. Oakley Airwave

If you're heading off to the slopes this wintertime then stay one step ahead of the crowd - at least in terms of tech - with the Oakley Airwave ski goggles you can see your stats right in your eyeline and access a host of information thanks to the device's array of sensors.

As well as tracking your speed, the number of jumps you've attempted, and the amount of time you've spent in the air, the goggles can also help you navigate down the piste (thanks to built-in GPS), display notifications from your smartphone and control music playback.

6. Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

Maybe not smart clothing in the technical sense - there's no embedded gadgetry here - but the Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves have been specially engineered to work on today's touchscreens so you can keep your digits warm and cosy and still operate your phone.

You can opt for single or double-layered styles, and there's a choice of knitted fabric or leather materials to pick from, as well as three sizes. They let you use all of your fingers and thumbs and even the palm of your hand on a screen, just as you normally would.