Samsung S24 Ultra cases: 5 great choices to protect your next phone

The perfect home for your next phone

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
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So, pre-orders for the next range of Samsung flagships are open, and the S24 Ultra is the pick of the bunch. With prices starting at £1249, can you afford to leave it unprotected really? 

The new flat 6.8-inch display and titanium sides are certainly very stylish but you want to keep them that way right? That's why it's important to get the best case for the job. All those new AI features are pretty nifty, but sadly they won't (yet) save your device if it has a fall. 

When your phone arrives on January 31st, what better way to welcome it into your life than by partnering it with a case of the highest quality? Here are our top 5 picks for Android's new poster child. 

Incipio Cru Protective for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra:

Incipio Cru Protective for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: £41.00 at
Form factor meets fashion with this case from Incipio. Made from recycled materials, looking smart doesn't have to cost the earth. 

With raised edges around the screen and camera modules, you shouldn't stress too much about dropping your phone. Comes with a choice of camo, leather or canvas finishes and a lifetime guarantee too!

Mous Limitless 5.0:

Mous Limitless 5.0: £64.99 at 

Available in an absurd number of different finishes, the Mous Limitless 5.0 is a sleek hoster for your phone that also offers impressive protection. 

Sporting Airoshock defensive technology, Magsafe compatibility and grips to ensure that you don't drop your phone, it does prettty much everything you could ask for from a phone case. This model pictured is the stylish and strong Aramid Fiber finish, 

PITAKA Magnetic Case for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra:

PITAKA Magnetic Case for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: From £69.00 at

For starters, how beautiful is the 'Sunset' design pictured here? This is another Aramid Fibre effort, a material that is five times stronger than steel. 

Weighing just 25g and just 1.21mm, this is a lightweight case that will add minimal bulk to your phone while offering an icredible level of protection. It also has magsafe compatibility too.

Otterbox Defender Series XT:

Otterbox Defender Series XT: £42.99 at
A more rugged offering, the Otterbox Defender is a clear case that offers a chance to see your phone's actual colour but with plenty of protection.

Drop tested to 5 times the military standard, you can rest easy on a hike or bike ride knowing that your phone is in this case. 

Spigen Slim Armor CS:

Spigen Slim Armor CS: £20.99 at Amazon

This Spigen effort is a unique case that also doubles as a wallet with a built in card holder. Even with that added functionality it still features a raised bezel, camera guard and air cushioned technology in the corners for added protection.

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