Netflix hidden gem with 97% Rotten Tomatoes score is a must-watch animation

Created by Kid Cudi, this TV special is one for the watchlist

(Image credit: Netflix)

If you're always on the lookout for flicks to add to your Netflix watchlist then you've come to the right place because this adult animation is a must-watch. 

One of the best streaming services there is, Netflix has loads of hidden gems to discover and this television special created by American rapper Kid Cudi is one of them. It's so good that it got 97% on Rotten Tomatoes! 

Entergalactic was made to accompany Kid Cudi's album with the same name, and so was released alongside it in October 2022. 

It's absolutely riddled with household names including  Jessica Williams, Timothée Chalamet, Vanessa Hudgens, Christopher Abbott, Teyana Taylor, Jaden Smith and Macaulay Culkin - to name just a few. Virgil Abloh even served as a customer designer on the project before his death. 

So what's it about? The story follows Jabari who has recently moved into a swanky Manhattan apartment, he's close to finding career success as an artist as his ex-girlfriend resurfaces and he falls in love with his neighbour - all of which proves to be a tricky balancing act. 

The Spiderverse-esque style of animation is really cool and I found myself captivated by the combination of vivid colours and the psychedelic imagery. The characters move in sync with Kid Cudi's soundtrack and it really works, especially up against the Downtown New York setting.

If you're looking for something good to watch this weekend then Entergalactic is something a little bit different that will be worth your time! 

Yasmine Crossland
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