Need new running sunglasses? I tried the SunGod Ultras and they are awesome

Praise the Sun God! These premium, ultra-lightweight running sunnies feature a recycled plastic frame and 8KO lenses

SunGod Ultras detail shot
(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

The weather is pretty sunny here in the UK, which shouldn't be all that surprising in June, but in reality, it's unusual to see the sun for more than a few minutes a day, even during summer. If you're a runner, you'll both enjoy and loathe the shining orb in the sky; running in good weather is more fun, but it's not great if you have to squint for the whole session.

Enter: running sunglasses. These lightweight sunnies can not only effectively shield your eyes from the harmful rays of the midday sun but also provide extra clarity thanks to their specialised lenses. And of all the running sunglasses you can have, you should try the SunGod Ultras because they are fantastic.

Not surprisingly, I've been inundated with performance sunglasses recently; many brands are pushing their products now for all the right reasons. Of the sunnies I've tried in the last few weeks, the ones that stood out the most were the SunGod Ultras and the Oakley Re: SubZero.

Of the two, the SunGod Ultras stand out from a sustainability point of view thanks to their Infinite 100% Recycled Frame. SunGod claims that its Inifinity frames have seven times less environmental impact than frames made of virgin plastic. Best of all, Ultras with Infinity frames cost the same as their virgin plastic counterparts.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying you're going to save the planet by wearing the SunGod Ultras, but if you must buy new sunnies, getting them might reduce the environmental impact. Every little helps, ya' know.

It's not just the frame that's worth some attention; the Ultras' lenses are equally as impressive. These are triple-layered, scratch-resistant 8KO Nylon Lenses – lighter than "industry standard" polycarbonate and provide better visibility. The lenses are also hydroleophobic, a weird word for 'water and oil repellent'. Of course, the Ultras' deliver 100% UV protection.

SunGod Ultras running sunglasses on a stone block

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

Most importantly, the sunnies are light: the whole thing weighs 26 grams. This means the Ultras will sit on your nose and won't bob up and down as you run – they certainly didn't move on my nose when I ran with them.

Interested? Head over the SunGod and check the Ultras out yourself; they sell for $185/£130. Not cheap, but nothing in life worth having will ever come cheap. On the bright side, SunGod offers next-day delivery on all orders before 3 pm, ideal for people looking for some sunnies ahead of the heatwave!

Matt Kollat
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