I've used the Wolf Rocket watch winder – it's the best option for frequent flyers

If you need a watch winder to travel with, the Wolf Rocket is a solid option

The Wolf Rocket watch winder in pink
(Image credit: Sam Cross)

Over the last few years, the world of watches has grown significantly. More and more people are becoming watch enthusiasts, with everything from budget-friendly to bank busting pieces enjoying extra popularity.

By extension, that has added a lot of interest in watch winders. These wonderful little devices enable you to keep a watch ticking away, even when it isn't being worn. That's especially useful if you have a really complicated watch, meaning you won't need to keep resetting it every time you wear it.

Watch winders really do come in all shapes and sizes these days. But by far the smallest is the Wolf Rocket. Dubbed "the world's smallest travel watch winder," the Rocket is about the size of a travel mug, making it easy to fit into your bag or suitcase.

Don't expect those diminutive measurements to affect performance, though. You'll find the same mechanism as the larger Wolf products inside this device, meaning you can expect the same quality of winding.

It's really simple to use, too. The front half of the case can be pulled off to reveal the winder inside. Don't be afraid to be a little firm here – it's obviously designed to stay secure while you're travelling, so the case can require a little more persuasion than you'd first think.

Inside, the watch cushion pops out easily. Simply slide your timepiece of choice over the edges and pop it back in place. That really is it, as there's only a small on/off switch to get the winder into action.

Another really great feature of the Rocket is the colour selection. The slightly reserved Black and Champagne options are matched with vibrant Pink, Red and Robins Egg Blue hues. They're playful in a way which few winders are. My pick of the bunch is the Pink (pictured) which is just gorgeously finished.

They're also priced really competitively. At £599, this is a real no brainer for most collectors. If you travel a lot – especially if you like to wear some really complicated pieces while you travel – there really is no better solution for keeping your wristwear wound.

Sam Cross
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