iPhone 15 is not expected to get this feature – but I couldn't care less

Many critics complain about this feature – but it really doesn't make enough difference to worry about

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The Wonderlust launch event set to take place later today, and many are reaching fever pitch. After more than a year of leaks and rumours, we're just a few hours away from getting the lowdown on all of Apple's latest releases.

Chief among those products is the iPhone 15. The latest device in the iPhone range is said to take on a host of new features, offering a step up from the current iPhone 14 crop.

One thing it isn't slated to get, though, is a higher refresh rate display. The non-Pro iPhone models have stayed true to their 60Hz displays for a long time now. Based on previous rumours, that doesn't look set to change this time out.

The internet – true to form – is outraged. And I really don't get why.

Okay, no that's not entirely true. I understand the points they're making. You can buy Android phones for less money with a higher refresh rate. That's great if that's your bag. But I don't think it makes nearly as much difference as people would have you believe.

I've been lucky to use a wide array of different phones in the last year. That includes a lot of devices – like the Xiaomi 13 and the Asus ROG Phone 7 – which utilise higher refresh rates than my iPhone 13.

Sure, it's nice, but in regular use? It's totally non-essential. Because no average Joe is sat there looking at how smooth the scrolling experience is. It's just not important. Average Joe just wants to get to whatever they're scrolling towards, and whether it gets there with a new frame 60 times per second or 120 times per second doesn't make one bit of difference.

That's not to say it doesn't have any use. Apple's ProMotion technology enables the screen to drop down to a 1Hz refresh rate, for Always-On Display functionality that doesn't kill battery life. I'd love to see that incorporated into the base model iPhone.

But the top end is largely irrelevant. Sure there are use cases – if you're an avid mobile gamer and want those really smooth graphics, I get why that would be important to you. But there are a stack of other – dare I even say, more appropriate – handsets for that job. Just check out our guide to the best gaming phones for a taste.

I guess what I'm saying is – yes, there's a strong chance the iPhone 15 will still be 60Hz. But unless you're specifically looking for it, it probably won't make too much difference to you. There is a lot more to focus on.

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