I tried the Nutropic snack bars to see if they can actually 'boost my brainpower'

The Nu:tropic bars are said to deliver a 'daily hit of nutrition my brain will love' – do they work?

Nu:tropic snack bars
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I have a confession: I love snack bars, and I like using my brain at full capacity. So when DTCX offered me a chance to try their new snack bar that's said to 'boost brainpower', I jumped on the opportunity. And although, after munching my way through multiple Nutropic bars, I still don't feel like Megamind, I must say they aren't the worst snacks to satiate cravings.

I know even the best protein bars have a bad reputation, as many people think they aren't good for health; however, when consumed in moderation, they are not a bad option for snacking. I, for one, usually have a bar a day, and guess what? I'm still alive and stronger than ever. I typically work around 60 hours a week and am also training for the London Marathon – snack bars help me cram in some extra protein and calories without having to eat crisps and chocolate.

What are Nutropic snack bars?

Of course, Nutropic bars aren't protein bars. No, they are made from sustainable plant-based ingredients and focus on delivering 'essential brain nutrients' such as DHA omega-3 (sourced from microalgae), phosphatidylserine (derived from sunflower seeds), and choline (for your colon – pun intended). Plus, all the vitamins, minerals and fibre the company could cram in such a compact bar.

Said ingredients include Norwegian black oats (40% richer and essential fatty acids than standard oats, apparently), dates, flaxseed, and my favourite fad food ingredient, Himalayan pink salt. Each bar is around 200 kcal, and from a macronutrient point of view, they are mostly carbs, with moderate amounts of fat and some protein. After all, your brain needs them carbz to function properly!

[Unless you're on keto, in which case, your brain will use ketones to function properly.]

The bars are wrapped in recycled materials, making them especially well-suited to throw in the bag and have them ready for when hunger strikes –  one of the main benefits of snack bars over powder-based supplements (see best protein powders and best weight gainer guides).

Nu:tropic snack bars

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

Does the Nutropic snack bar work?

According to the Nutropic website, 'you'll get that feel-good feeling within minutes of taking your first bite', so I was confident I'd be able to test the bars' efficiency quickly. And after hoover up the first bar, I felt... the same. I'm not sure what  I was supposed to experience, but I didn't feel a quick burst of mental energy flooding my brain.

It's worth mentioning that I A) have a steady sleep schedule and B) tend to eat my fruit and veg, and C) drink/eat plenty of water and fibre every day, so one would assume my brain is in a happy place already. Adding a snack bar to all the 'good calories' I already consume won't make much difference. It might help, but the changes won't be quite as significant. 

One thing is for sure: no snack bar will ever replace a good night's sleep and a well-hydrated body. Your body performs at its best when treated well, but part of this treatment could be adding a snack bar to your diet. Hunger will strike, and if you crave sweet things, it's better to have a Nutropic bar at hand rather than a Snickers, for example.

Nu:tropic snack bars

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

Can the Nutropic snack bars help boost brainpower? Suppose your brain and body are absolutely deprived of nutrients. In that case, you might feel differently after having a bar than I did. even if you divide to try them, I advise making them part of a healthy, balanced diet – I know it sounds cheesy, but that's the only way to make a real difference. And if you want to throw a Nutropic bar in the mix, by all means, it's not the worst option for sure!

Fancy giving the Nutropic bar a try? Head over to the Nutropic webshop and order a taster pack for £12.99. Free UK delivery! The bars are currently only available in the UK; US/AU price and availability TBC.

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