This gentle 10-minute full-body stretch will make you feel great all day

Start your day right with this quick morning stretching session

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What I realised recently – and this is not rocket science – is to get more flexible, you have to stretch every day. Be consistent, and results will come (eventually). I also noticed that I find it easier to stretch in the morning as I'm less tired, both physically and mentally, so I'm glad I found this 10-minute morning stretch from the same instructor who did the 15-minute full-body stretch video I really like.

Even if you aren't flexible, you can always be less rigid. At least that's what I keep telling myself when I desperately try to reach my toes and try to open my legs any more than a 45-degree angle. Sometimes it feels unattainable to be able to perform such stunts as sitting on my feet without feeling uncomfortable, but this will never deter me from trying to get there.

Enter the below 10-minute morning stretch from Mady Morrison. This quick workout helps loosen up some of the most neglected areas on my body, such as the hamstrings and especially the spine, a body part that does so much work yet gets so little love. Better still, this stretch is so gentle that you can do it even if you aren't fully awake yet.

Ready to feel less stiff in the morning? Watch the video below:

Mady Morisson's 10-minute morning stretch routine: How to do it

Just like Mady's other workout videos, this 10-minute stretch has no voiceover, only music to help you relax and focus on the muscles as they are being stretched. It's important not to force the limbs too much; instead, let them expand as much as they go and only nudge them slightly.

You'll want to allow your muscles to stretch by applying your bodyweight only. You'll see that the muscles expand by the end of each exercise, and you'll feel more mobile. 

As for this particular workout, there are 16 exercises altogether, but each is only performed for 30-45 seconds, followed by a 10-second rest – nothing too overwhelming. You'll be focusing on the back and the legs the most, but other areas are also stretched.

The full list of exercises is as follows:

  • Child Pose (30 sec)
  • Child Pose Twist – Right (30 sec)
  • Child Pose Twist – Left (30 sec)
  • Side Wave Strecth (30 sec)
  • Walk the Dog – Slow (30 sec)
  • Low Lunge Arm Circles – Right (30 sec)
  • Low Lunge Arm Circles – Left (30 sec)
  • Heart Opener and Easy Twist (30 sec)
  • One-Legged Forward Bend – Right (30 sec)
  • Forward Bend to Minin wild Thing – Right (30 sec)
  • One-Legged Forward Bend – Left (30 sec)
  • Forward Bend to Minin wild Thing – Left (30 sec)
  • Butterfly Forward Fold (30 sec)
  • Seated Spinal Twist – Right (30 sec)
  • Seated Spinal Twist – Left (30 sec)
  • Breathwork (45 sec)

It goes without saying, but the transition between each exercise is 10 seconds – this is roughly how long it takes to get into position. Of course, you can just follow along with the video.

You won't need any equipment for this stretch session, but you can consider using a yoga mat, especially if you work out in a room where there is hard floor. Other than that, all you need is some non-restricting clothing, and you're ready to go!

Remember: you should do this stretch every day to help you get more flexible. It's only 10 minutes, so there is no excuse not to do it.

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