A Week on the Wrist with the Christopher Ward The Twelve 36mm

The Christopher Ward The Twelve 36mm is the perfect summer watch – and it will suit just about any wrist!

The Christopher Ward The Twelve 36mm in Blue worn on a wrist against a green background
(Image credit: Future / Emily Pursel)

If you think of the best watches on the market, you can probably think of one you'd love above all else. The grail watch. The aspirational piece that you'll buy one day.

That's a great thing to have. But it's unlikely to suit every single situation you'll find yourself in. That's why many people have a collection of watches – so there's always something ready for every occasion.

Recently, I spent a week with the brand new Christopher Ward The Twelve 36mm. As the name would suggest, it takes the original Christopher Ward The Twelve, and slims it down by a few millimetres. 

It's a trend we've seen with other 80's inspired integrated bracelet sports watches, too. The Tissot PRX 80, for example, was recently unveiled in a 35mm case. Those smaller models are perfect for those with slimmer wrists. So, how does The Twelve stack up? Lets dive in and find out.

The Christopher Ward The Twelve 36mm in Blue on a grey background

(Image credit: Future / Sam Cross)

So, as you've probably gleamed from that informative name, this watch features a 36mm case diameter. That's reduced from 40mm on the earlier variant, and should make it much easier to wear.

You'll also find a lug-to-lug measurement of 40.8mm and a case height of just 9.95mm. That's insanely slim, and it really translates on the wrist, too. I can't imagine this would be too big for anyone, and it should be a good size for a vast majority.

The case material is stainless steel, while the review model I have here features a gorgeous Glacier Blue dial. That's paired with a matching blue rubber strap. It features a three-dimensional stamped dial, with raised crosses. The result almost looks like basket weave, and is really great to look at. Pictures don't do this justice.

Don't fret if you're not a fan of this blue, either. There are four colours on offer – Nordic Blue, Glacier Blue, Alta White and Frosted Lichen. That's dark blue, light blue, almost white and minty green, to you and me. I must say though, images of all the dial options look fantastic. The Alta White even features gold hands and markers for a classier take on the form.

The Christopher Ward The Twelve 36mm in Blue on a grey background

(Image credit: Future / Sam Cross)

Each dial colour has its own strap option, which matches the dial. You can also pick up the model on a steel integrated bracelet, which has been designed specifically for this model family.

Inside, you'll find a Sellita SW200-1 movement. That's a similar movement to the one found in the Christopher Ward C60 Pro 300 Bronze which I used recently. That one was COSC certified, though, which isn't the case here. Accuracy of -20/+20 seconds a day is pretty respectable though, and good enough for most users.

That's a 4Hz movement which means you'll get a lovely smooth sweeping seconds hand. You'll also enjoy 38 hours of power reserve. The case is water resistant to 100m, too, with a screw-down crown helping things on that front.

The Christopher Ward The Twelve 36mm in Blue on a grey background

(Image credit: Future / Sam Cross)

What's the Christopher Ward The Twelve 36mm like to wear?

I'll be honest with you, I was a little dubious when I first pulled this out of the box. While I'm used to wearing smaller watches – about 39mm is my personal sweet spot – this felt really small.

That feeling went away after about an hour. Actually, it's a pretty perfect size, and I'd wager that's probably the case for more users than you'd expect. Don't be afraid to try something a little smaller every now and again.

In use, it's pretty much the perfect watch. The only thing I really missed was having a date complication, but that wont matter to everyone. Besides that, those miniscule case dimensions make for a watch that is really effortless to wear. You'll never really notice it on your wrist, while the case depth means it will slip under any cuffs without resistance.

On the rubber strap, it's brilliantly lightweight, too. It was really nice on those warm British summer days – scarce though they may be. If you're looking for a summer wear, there are few that will put up a convincing fight to this model.

The Christopher Ward The Twelve 36mm in Blue worn against a green background

(Image credit: Future / Emily Pursel)

For most users, though, this watch isn't going to be about having a perfect summer watch. It's going to be about scratching the itch for something like an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak or a Patek Phillippe Nautilus, without needing a second mortgage.

To that end, this is fantastic. The Twelve 36mm offers all of that 80's integrated bracelet goodness in a size which will suit any wrist, and won't break the bank. And, it manages to do that without looking like a simple rip-off. There's a clear tip of the hat to those designs, but Christopher Ward have worked hard to maintain a good degree of originality.

Is the Christopher Ward The Twelve 36mm worth the money?

Offering exceptional value for money is nothing new to Christopher Ward. Their range is packed with stunning timepieces at prices that are well within the reach of regular people.

You'll be able to pick up the Christopher Ward The Twelve 36mm for £1,050 / $1,225 on the steel bracelet, or £850 / $995 on the rubber strap. That is really staggering value. You're getting a solid movement and a gorgeously designed watch complete with a breathtaking dial, all for around £1,000.

The Christopher Ward The Twelve 36mm in Blue on a grey background

(Image credit: Future / Sam Cross)

Arguably the most similar competitor on the market is the Tissot PRX 35mm. That's got similar inspirations to this watch. It's does manage to better the Christopher Ward on a few points – you'll get an 80 hour power reserve on that one, for example.

But having worn both, there really is no contest. Not only is the design of The Twelve much nicer to look at, it's also more comfortable. The PRX is a great option if you can't justify the extra cash, but if you can, the Christopher Ward is worth every extra penny.

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