Forget white Christmas – all I want this December is the limited edition Rode White Collection

I like Rode's products in any colour, but I love them most in white

Rode Limited Edition White Collection
(Image credit: Rode)

I've been the hugest fan of Rode for years, ever since I realised the company makes the best audio products in the world. Well, that might be a bit of an overstatement, but if you've ever looked into audio recording as a musician, podcaster, or content creator, you must have come across Rode products. Nothing like the limited edition White Collection, though, which I really, really need for Christmas.

I already have the Rode NT1 Signature Series, the accessibly-priced version of the NT1 5TH Gen, which comes in a myriad of colours, so adding a few more white accessories would make my content-creating den – a.k.a. home office – more fun. Of course, the best option would be to get the complete Rode White Collection, but maybe Santa doesn't quite have the budget to buy the whole shebang. 

In all honesty, there is nothing special about the Rode White Collection, technically speaking, compared to the standard colourways. The RodeCaster Duo console, PodMic, PSA1+ boom arm, and Rode NTH-100 headset all work as well in black as in white. However, the brighter colourway gives the setup a different flavour. It looks sleeker and just... different in the best possible way.

Rode Limited Edition White Collection

(Image credit: Rode)

In the centre of it all is the RodeCaster Duo, the brand's all-in-one audio production solution for creators. Released earlier this year, the console boasts the same groundbreaking features as the RodeCaster Pro II in a compact and portable form factor. It is perfect for smaller podcast productions, streamers, or any creator who wants to get big results from a console with a small desktop footprint.

Naturally, if you get the RodeCaster Duo in white, you might as well get the PodMic dynamic broadcast microphone in white, too. This version features a new black grille, which makes it incredibly irresistible. And once you –err, I mean, Santa – add those two items to your virtual shopping basket, you might as well chuck in a white PSA1+ professional studio arm and white NTH-100 headphones to round out the collection.

The White Collection is available in limited quantities, so make sure you tell Santa now that you've been a really good girl/boy so he can instruct the elves to collect the items from Rode.

The Rode White Collection is available in two bundles: a solo creator bundle featuring the RodeCaster Duo and one mic, arm and headphones, and a podcaster bundle featuring two of each accessory alongside the console. Both bundles come with premium XLR cables to complete the setup.

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