The best scooters 2018: from preschool to pro

Whether you’re learning to kickflip or starting your mini-me out early, we’ve put together a list of the best scooters for all ages and abilities

The best scooters

Most of us, at some point in our lives, will have owned a scooter. But whether you’re looking to upgrade to the best scooter for stunts or purchase your very first, harnessing your scooter’s true potential is probably more down to daring and downright derpiness (have you seen the Youtube videos?) than to any particular fine tuning of the scooter itself. 

So what is the best scooter? Well… that totally depends on what you want to use it for. For the park, you’re looking for something light, strong and small wheeled, like our top pick, the Razor Beast V5 Stunt Scooter, which features a pro style fork and deck. For scooting around town, look out for something like the Micro Original Scooter from renowned brand Micro Scooters, which features bigger wheels and a loftier frame for navigating kerb edges and uneven surfaces.

Kids, take a look at a three wheeled scooter for better balance support, or go for something completely alien-like, such as the Globber (a hybrid of a push-a-long three wheeler, a sit-on scooter and a regular scooter) – it’s much cooler than its name suggests, trust us.  

The best scooter

1. Razor Beast V5 Stunt Scooter

Start beasting your nose pivots and tail whips with this park scooter

Best for: The park
Age: 8-15 years
Weight: 3.5kg
Reasons to buy
+Feature-packed, sturdy build

Whether it’s you or your protégé looking to take their scooting prowess up a level, you’re going to need a scooter designed for the park. A strong aluminium frame, a pro style deck and fork and a riser bar with a quad clamp are just some of the features that make the Razor Beast the ideal scooter for park beginners.

With plenty of parents praising the sturdiness, back brake and adjustable handlebars, we’re pretty sure this scooter will go down very well with whoever receives it.  

Little Tikes Lean To Turn Scooter

2. Little Tikes Lean To Turn Scooter

The perfect present idea for preschoolers – nurture balancing skills and confidence

Best for: Preschoolers
Age: 2-4 years
Weight: 2.05kg
Reasons to buy
+Great way to build balancing skills

Not bad for an RRP of under £30, this little scooter is the perfect way to introduce your kids to life on wheels. Featuring a sturdy, two wheeled front to make turning is easy as possible and an easy-touch safety brake, this scooter features everything a preschooler needs to develop their balancing skills and gain enough confidence to transition to bigger and better things! 

Micro Scooter

3. Micro Original Scooter

Built for urban cruising, this scooter is fully foldable and can come with an integrated combination lock

Best for: Adults
Age: 12+ years
Weight: 4.5kg
Reasons to buy
+Fully foldable

With its large wheels and collapsible frame, the Micro Original Scooter is the ideal scooter for getting around town, whether you’re navigating kerbs or hopping on and off buses. It comes with an adjustable handlebar so you can raise it to a comfortable scooting position and it can feature an integrated cable lock so you can ensure it’s secured wherever you need to leave it. 

Lucky Covenant Pro Stunt Scooter

4. Lucky Covenant Pro Stunt Scooter

Feeling lucky? Hit the streets or the park with this stunt-ready scooter

Best for: Tricks and stunts
Age: 15+ years
Weight: 3.62kg
Reasons to buy
+Wear and tear resistant

Lighter than our first pick, but heavier on the pockets, the Lucky Covenant has been designed to help you pull the craziest tricks down the park. From the 110mm Toaster wheels and Indy wheels to the HIC compression and artist-designed bodywork, if you’re looking for a grown-up scooter, this one is definitely a big shot. With users commenting on its resilience to wear and tear, we’re pretty sure this one is worth the extra fork-out. 

Globber My Free 5 in 1 Scooter

5. Globber My Free 5 in 1 Scooter

It may have a questionable name, but you can certainly have confidence in its versatility

Best for: Scooter and trike
Age: 3+ years
Weight: 4kg
Reasons to buy
+Versatile adjustable design

From toddler to preschooler, the Globber should certainly see them through. On first glance, it looks like a strange alien creature, but once you wrap your head around the quirky shape, you can see the cleverness behind its versatility.

Start out with the foot pedals, remove once they’re ready to scoot themselves, take the push rod off when they can propel themselves around and pop the handles on the front of the scooter once they’re ready to stand! 

Micro Scooters Maxi Micro Deluxe

6. Micro Scooters Maxi Micro Deluxe

Whether they’re riding to school or heading out with their mates, this offering from Micro Scooters is certainly up to the task

Best for: Playing around
Age: 5-12 years
Weight: 2.5kg
Reasons to buy
+Great intersection of cool looks and safety features

Micro strike again with this kids' scooter. More grown-up than our second pick but not quite as grown-up as our first, this scooter is the perfect combination of coolness and safety.

Featuring a rust-resistant stem and wear-resistant wheels, there’s no reason why this scooter can’t be passed down from sibling to sibling. Performance is pretty good too, with a smooth ride and steady braking just some of the features that make this scooter an award-winning product.