The best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases: protect your S9 with a stylish case from a premium maker

Want to secure your Samsung Galaxy S9 with a superb case? We've picked the best S9 cases from 2018's top makers.

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If you are looking for the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases then you have come to the right place. Here at T3 we get sent all the latest Samsung S9 cases and, because we demand only the best protection for our technology, we have filtered through them all to deliver you only the absolute best to choose from.

We've got the best Samsung S9 cases from a wide-range of makers, too, and also have specifically chosen a good selection of styles as well, so every aesthetic and ergonomic preference is covered. As such, no matter if you like folio style, snap-on, bumper, wallet or pouch designs, we're sure you'll find something that suits.

In addition, as we realise that picking the best Samsung Galaxy S9 case for you is a tricky business, and one you certainly don't want to get wrong, we've also supplied you with some important information about what to look out for when buying a phone case and a list of manufacturers who have real pedigree in making top cases.

What is the best Galaxy S9 case?

There is a lot to consider when buying a Samsung Galaxy S9 case, and plenty you can easily get wrong if you're not careful, so choosing a case suited to you is crucial.

The best Samsung Galaxy S9 case is the Olixar Attache Executive Shell Case. This premium piece of protection has it all, with the case rocking a luxe, clean and modern design, a robust TPU build, and and slim and lightweight footprint. A textured leather effect on the backplate provides good gripability, too, and at just over £15 it is incredibly affordable as well.

Samsung Galaxy S9 cases - how to choose a good one

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 case

Picking a Samsung S9 case is something that you should absolutely not rush into. The phone costs £739 and, financial outlay aside, it is also a super sleek and sexy slab of glass and metal that deserves to be protected correctly. Premium protection is the order of the day and that means you need to choose right and spend wisely.

And here, in T3's best Samsung Galaxy S9 case buyers guide, we've made your life easy by only listing the absolutely greatest cases out there, so choosing a good one has suddenly become a whole lot easier. You do still have to decide a few things though, such as preferred design, maker and level of protection, however, so read on to get the knowledge you need.

What's the best design of Samsung Galaxy S9 case?

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 case

Deciding what type of case design you like is a great jumping off point when searching for a top piece of smartphone protection. Design types include clip, wallet, sleeve, skin, sock, pouch, flip, bumper and folio, and determining your likely usage scenarios and intended lifestyle with the S9 is incredibly important in deciding which type will be best for you.

For example, if you intend to use your Samsung Galaxy S9 predominantly as a personal, social device, with very little usage necessary at work, then a streamlined, light and aesthetically attractive skin, sleeve or folio case is probably best for you. You get to rock the most attractive case styles and don't have to worry so much about qualities like gripability and corner protection.

On the other hand, if your job means that you're never off the phone, frequently putting the S9 into and taking it out of your bag or pocket, talking often while on the go, and even using it while you squeeze in your daily gym session or lunchtime run, then a more robust, chunky bumper case would be preferable.

And, talking of putting a phone in a bag, the type of Samsung S9 case you choose should also be decided by how you intend to carry it around. For example, if you're going to throw the Galaxy S9 into a handbag stuffed with a lot of other items, many with sharp edges, like car keys, nail clippers, and other electronics, then a case that doesn't protect the screen, or one that is made with a soft leather finish, certainly won't be ideal.

Who are the best Samsung Galaxy S9 case makers?

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 case

Half the problem with choosing a great Samsung Galaxy S9 case today is that there are simply a dump truck-load of case makers out there now and, unless you've had extensive experience of their wares, it's hard to know which are throwing out cheap cash-ins and which are crafting premium cases built to last. As such, we've decided to list who we consider to be the best Samsung S9 case manufacturers producing right now to help you find the perfect piece of protection.

Here at T3 we feel these are the best Samsung Galaxy S9 case makers in the world: Nodus, Greenwich, Snakehive, Foxwood, Mophie, Ted Baker, X-Doria, Griffin, Proporta, Speck, Tech21, Spigen, Ringke, Carl Friedrik, Mujjo, Gear4, Caseology, Olixar, Mous, Casetify and VRS Design

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 case

Olixar Attache Executive Shell Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

An S9 case with looks to kill and a great all-round package

Reasons to buy
+Premium look and feel+TPU build+Raised bezel

All the cases in this list are quality, however, for our money the best all-rounder among them is the Olixar Attache Executive Shell Samsung Galaxy S9 Case. As we mentioned above, this case has it all in our eyes, with a tough TPU build, premium design and aesthetic, and slim and lightweight finish that makes it super easy to slip into a pocket. At under £16 it is excellent value for money, too, and those looks leave lesser cases looking ugly in comparison.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 case

Mous Real Bamboo Case Galaxy S9

A stunning pairing of advanced protection and real bamboo

Reasons to buy
+Wireless charging compatible+Raised lip screen protection+Real bamboo backplate

Now this is a good looking case, and one that comes packing a free screen protector, too. The Real Bamboo Case for Galaxy S9 by Mous delivers a lush, genuine bamboo backplate with a tough, AiroShock-lined bumber frame that is crafted from a resilient TPU and Polycarbonate blend. The case is thin, too, adding only 2.3mm to the thickness of the contained S9 and features both a screen protecting raised lip and wireless charging compatibility. At £34.99 it is good value for money as well. Very nice.

Best Galaxy S9 case

Greenwich Walker Alcantara Folio Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

Suede-feel Alcantara and a shotgun-proof carbon fibre lining combine beautifully

Reasons to buy
+Carbon fibre lining+Electroplated back shell+Alcantara finish

Greenwich likes to operate at the top end of the case market, both in terms of features and price, and here in its Walker Alcantara Folio Case for Galaxy S9 it is very much business as usual. Not only is the case's flip cover and backplate finished in beautiful, suede-feel Alcantara, which is tough yet super-soft to hold, but the snap-on chassis is also lined with carbon fibre, making the Walker shotgun-proof. A hidden card slot, electroplated back shell with tailored fit, and lifetime guarantee complete a hyper-premium package.

Samsung Galaxy S9 vArmor Case

Vena vArmour Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

Reasons to buy
+Side-mounted belt clip swivel holster+Dual-layer TPU and PC build+Raised front lip and non-slip grip

Minnesota-based maker Vena deliver some serious protection and versatility here with its new vArmor case. The big sells here are a robust dual-layer TPU and PC build with CornerGuard technology, as well as a side-mounted belt clip swivel holster for secure but easy access. The clip also doubles up as a kickstand, too, meaning you can always use it to watch your multimedia content on the go. A raised front lip helps lift the S9's display from any surface, while tactile power and volume buttons come alongside a non-slip rugged grip.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 case

Tech21 Evo Luxe Vegan Leather Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

Vegan leather and 12ft drop protection make this a first rate S9 case

Reasons to buy
+Just 1.8mm thick+12ft drop protection+Vegan leather

There's so much to like about the Evo Luxe Vegan Leather case from Tech21. It generates zero impact on the Samsung Galaxy S9's signal quality or ability to charge wirelessly, it delivers a rock solid 12ft of drop protection, features an super-thin design, and also comes finished in soft and luxurious vegan leather. Precision-engineered buttons and compatibility with Tech21's screen protector range complete a very tidy package.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 case

Gear4 Oxford Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

An attractive folio design with good drop resistance

Reasons to buy
+10ft drop resistance+Internal credit card slots+In-built viewing stand

This quietly understated and sophisticated Samsung S9 case from Gear4 delivers top protection and some useful extra features. Indeed, the Oxford not only grants a case that is constructed from impact absorbing D3O® smart technology, which grants it 10ft of drop protection, but one that also features a screen-protecting flip-cover, internal selection of credit card slots, and even an in-built kickstand for watching movies and TV shows.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 case

Totallee Thin Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

An ultra-thin case for those who prize a minimalist aesthetic

Reasons to buy
+Only 0.02 inches thick+2-year warranty+Brushed finish

Relative new-comer Totallee Thin caught our attention last year with a stunningly thin case for iPhone X and it has repeated the trick here with its Samsung Galaxy S9 Case. Somehow the case remains only 0.02 inches thick, which is remarkably thin, and it also remains one of the lightest cases out there for the Android flagship. Three attractive colourways, a tough polypropylene construction, and - something T3 loves - zero visible branding make this a purist's choice.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 case

Mujjo Leather Wallet Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

Full-grain leather and a slim wrapped profile deliver form and function

Reasons to buy
+Genuine, full-grain leather+Satin-like microfiber inner+Thin, tightly wrapped fit

Mujjo has had a lot of success with its iPhone X signature leather wallet and here, in its S9 case offering, the results are just as good. Both super slim, thanks to a tightly-wrapped profile, and incredibly functional, thanks to an in-built card and cash slot, the Mujjo Leather Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S9 delivers in two often disparate directions. In terms of preventing scratching, the case is lined with a Japanese-made, satin-like microfibre, while its bezels are slightly raised to help avoid unintended screen scuffs. It's expensive, retailing around the £50 mark, however, the build quality and lush aesthetic are worth it.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 case

VRS Design Damda Folder Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

A futuristic aesthetic with well-engineered folding cover

Reasons to buy
+Folding cover slot can store 5 cards+Heavy duty TPU and PC build+Precise cutouts

VRS Design has made a name for itself by producing technologically impressive, feature-packed cases and here, with the Damda Folder Samsung Galaxy S9 case, it has reached a new level. A futuristic aesthetic, which can be selected in one of five different colour schemes, is partnered with a rock solid TPU silicone and PC build for big anti-scratch and drop resistance, and also a unique, well-engineered semi-automatic folding cover that allows the storage of five cards. When you consider this S9 case comes with super-precise cutouts, a one-year warranty, and retails for a  reasonable £39.99, it is obvious to see how the Damda Folder is easy to recommend. 

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 case

Krussel Sunne 2 Card Foliowallet Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

The perfect case for fans of modern vintage

Reasons to buy
+Leather finish+2 internal card slots+Money slot

Krussel is new on T3's case radar this year, but that hasn't stopped the maker putting out the Sunne 2 Card Foliowallet for Samsung Galaxy S9, a really classy flip-cover that looks fantastic. Our pick of the range is "Vintage Black", as seen above, however there are also "Nude" and "Vintage Cognac" colourways to choose from too if you fancy something a little different. Naturally, for such a well-made case, wireless charging is unaffected and it delivers a viewing stand function as well.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 case

Spigen Neo Hybrid Urban Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

A sleek new modern look from one of the world's best case makers

Reasons to buy
+Polycarbonate / TPU build+Mil-Grade drop protection+Stunning modern look

Spigen is one of the best case makers in the world and we've never shied away from the fact that we rate its cases very highly. And, unsurprisingly, nothing has changed with its S9 range of cases, with the new Galaxy S9 Case Neo Hybrid Urban standing out thanks to a no-compromise modern look and top protection package. The Neo Hybrid Urban only comes in one colour scheme, "Gunmetal", but when it looks this good and offers certified Mil-Grade drop protection, too, it's time to simply get the wallet out and pay up.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 case

Ghostek Rugged Heavy Duty Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

Big protection for power users

Reasons to buy
+Aluminium frame+Raised rubberised bezel+2x Mil-Grade certified

If you're a user that constantly needs to be on the phone, both at home, on the commute, and at work then you should definitely consider the Ghostek Rugged Heavy Duty Samsung Galaxy S9 Case. This case is built around serious drop protection and gripability, with a stand-out aluminium frame partnering with a shockproof rubberized layer with raised corners and bezels. It also comes with not just one but two Mil-Grade drop protection certificates and a limited lifetime exchange warranty.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 case

Ted Baker Carrow Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

Fuss-free functionality with a futuristic elegance

Reasons to buy
+Cross-hatched, tactile finish+Moulded, tight fit+Looks lush

Ted Baker's new Carrow case for S9 is wonderfully fuss-free and elegant, delivering a slimline, tight fit with precise cutouts for all ports and buttons, as well as a modern and urban aesthetic that looks super smart both in work and play environs. A simple snap-on type means removing the phone for cleaning is easy too, while its gripable cross-hatch surface delivers a tactile finish that pleasant in the hand. There's no extra features like card slots and kick-stands, but if you want understated elegance and solid protection for an attractive price then the Carrow is well worth a look.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases

Official Samsung LED Flip Wallet Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

An officially good case (see what we did there?) with LED display

Reasons to buy
+Lush brushed finish+LED display+Credit card slot

The Official Samsung LED Flip Wallet may be produced by the S9's maker, but that in no way means it is a cash-in dud. Far from it! In fact, a sleek wallet case design with dot matrix LED notification system on the front cover, an integrated card slot, a slimline build with edge coating, and selection of attractive colours and covers to choose from mean that this is in fact an excellent choice for S9 owners who prize protection and style.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 case

Obliq Slim Meta Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

A pocket-friendly S9 case with stylish metallic finish

Reasons to buy
+Mil-grade certified+Brushed metallic design+Dual-layer TPU and PC build

Obliq tend to deliver masculine, futuristic cases and here, with the Slim Meta Samsung Galaxy S9 Case, it is very much business as usual. Built from a mixture of TPU and PC, as well as rocking a lightweight, slim-line and brushed metallic finish, the Slim Meta looks and feels great, while a Mil-Grade certification and precise port and button cutouts make it incredibly functional on an every-day-usage level. The case comes in four colours, too: Titanium Black, Rose Gold, Lilac Purple, and Satin Silver.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 case

Snakehive Vintage Navy Leather Wallet Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

A beautiful S9 case made from full grain cowhide nubuck leather

Reasons to buy
+Nubuck leather finish+Three credit card slots+Fine stitching

British case maker Snakehive brings its well-received Vintage Navy Leather Wallet to the S9 to great effect, with the finely stitched piece of protection delivering on every level. All round case protection is guaranteed thanks to a smart wallet design, which features three internal card slots as well as kickstand function, while the fact it has a super soft genuine leather finish means that each case has a slightly unique look. The unobtrusive Snakehive logo embossed on the front is how branding should be done.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

X-Doria Defense Lux Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

A case with military grade protection and sound channel amplification

Reasons to buy
+Mil-Grade drop certified to 10ft+Machined metal frame+Integrated sound channel amplifies sound

X-Doria tend to favour big protection over style and, if we're being honest, it is what the maker is best at, which is why we've selected the snap-on Defense Lux for S9 in this buying guide. The Lux has a frame constructed out of machined metal, instead of plastic, and a dual-layer case constructed from rubber and impact resistant polycarbonate. The result? Military Grade Standard MIL-STD-810G certification. In addition, a neat integrated sound channel in the case amplifies the bottom speaker and redirects sound to the front of the case for optimal sound.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases

Griffin Survivor Strong Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

A simple design that delivers big protection and gripability

Reasons to buy
+7-feet drop protection+Only two ounces+Non-slip grip

Griffin delivers a case here that manages to combine excellent drop protection and gripability despite the Survivor Strong weighing only 2 ounces and sporting a thin design. You get Military Grade 810-G standards for durability and protection up to 7-feet (2.1 meters), something delivered by the snap-on's dual-layer construction, while the outer scuff-proof, sure-grip coating is very easy to hold, even when your hands are damp. A one-year warranty completes the package.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

Proporta Carbon Ultra Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

An iconic case comes to the S9 in style

Reasons to buy
+Looks dynamite+Only 2mm thick+Carbon-fibre backed

We think it fair to say that the Carbon Ultra by Proporta has been one of the standout case designs as of late and here, on the Samsung Galaxy S9, it looks better than ever. Only 2mm thick, the case adds basically nothing to the profile and weight of the phone, while its carbon-fibre backed, anti-shock design with impact-protective corners means it delivers in the protection department as well. Wireless charging remains in-tact with the Carbon Ultra, and it comes with Proporta's lifetime exchange warranty, too.

Speck Presidio Folio Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

Speck Presidio Folio Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

A privacy-focused folio case with mature looks

Reasons to buy
+In-built viewing stand+Secure card slot+10ft drop protection

Speck's Presidio Folio for Samsung Galaxy S9 delivers a fully featured, mature case that, without fuss or drama, delivers on every level. You get 10 feet of drop protection thanks to dual-layer construction, an adjustable in-built kickstand for viewing media, a secure internal credit card slot, QI wireless charging compatibility, and a privacy granting matte black flip cover, too. Speck also throw in a lifetime warranty as well. Overall, a quality and understated S9 case.