13 best Nintendo Switch games: our guide to the best games for the new console

Putting your money down on a Nintendo Switch? T3 has you covered with our pick of the best games for your new console

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Nintendo Switch has a plenty of software hitting its handheld/home console platform. We gather together ten of our favourites to keep you in the know...

Finally, a new Nintendo console is upon us! Rejoice! Here at T3 Towers we love the Nintendo Switch and the innovation it drives home - it is the world's first handheld/console mashup after all.

There are also a lot of tantasling games coming to Switch in 2017, so to make sense of all these amazing titles - ranging from a brand new Mario to motion control-centric party games, all the way to fresh installment in The Legend of Zelda series - we've gathered some of our favourites into a handy buying guide.

So check out our comprehensive gallery and start getting your pre-orders and orders ready , here, in the Year of Switch.

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Publisher: EA / Developer: EA Canada / ETA: TBC

So, now it's official (at least from the mouth of EA's Peter Moore) - FIFA for Nintendo Switch will be FIFA 18, but it'll be a version specifically designed for the new handheld-focused platform.

It's not confirmed yet whether this version of the most popular football sim in the world (sorry PES fans) will be based on the PS3/Xbox 360 version, but we wouldn't be shocked to see something similar come to fruition in order to make FIFA work on a platform that isn't as powerful as PS4 or Xbox One.

Still, EA is promising all the features you love from FIFA on Switch, so expect Ultimate Team and the like to come bundled in when it most likely arrives in September this year. You can pre-order it on Amazon today for £59.99.

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Snipperclips: Cut It Out Together

Publisher: Nintendo / Dev: Nintendo/SFB Games / ETA: March 2017

If there's one thing Nintendo does better than any creative force in the videogame industry, it's come up with weird and crazy concepts that are instantly engaging and endlessly enjoyable. And one of its latest, the Switch-exclusive Snipperclips is a perfect example.

This co-operative puzzle game sees up to four players controlling two simple-shaped characters called Snip and Clip. By placing one character over another, you can trim them into various new shapes to help you solve a variety of tricky conundrums.

It might sound simple, but it gets devilishly hard the further you go and it could be Nintendo's dark hose going into Switch's launch. It looks like Snipperclips will be a digital download available on the Nintendo eShop in March for $20/£16.

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Publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo / ETA: TBC

One of the most unexpected and most exciting games to come out of the steady stream of Switch reveals in the last few months, Arms is one of those games that's gone fun stickered all over it.

Using the motion-controls of the Joy-Con, Arms taps into the enduring retro spirit of Punch Out and tasks you with beating seven bails of something-or-other out of your opponent. Being able to fling your arms forward into an extendable slap might sound simple, but it's made for one of the best Switch titles yet.

Arms has yet to be given a release date (we're expecting it to come out next month, though), but you can pre-order one today from Amazon for £49.99.

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Publisher: Playtonic Games / Dev: Playtonic Games / ETA: 11 April

Once destined for Wii U (before that version was summarily cancelled), the first game from Playtonic Games (made up of former Rare staff who worked on Banjo-Kazooie, etc), Yooka-Laylee is looking to tap into that magic that made 3D platformers so magical on PS1 and N64.

Trading bear and bird for chameleon and bat, Yooka-Laylee will feature plenty of colourful, charming worlds to explore and that unmistakable tongue-in-cheek humour these veterans devs are famous for.

The formally-Kickstarted Yooka-Laylee will be arriving on Switch on 11 April as a digital download from the Nintendo eShop.

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo / ETA: 28 April

Rather than launching Switch with a brand new Mario Kart, Nintendo is instead re-releasing the much-loved Mario Kart 8 with new tracks, fresh karts and and a revamped Battle mode.

Said mode has been retooled to make it a little more enticing, as well as adding in Balloon Battle and Bob-omb Blast and a selection of new tracks to - ahem - bomb around.

And since Mario Kart includes all the DLC from the original Wii U version - as well as new racers in the form of the gang from Splatoon - you're getting the most complete Mario Kart 8 experience (and one you can play anywhere, anytime).

You can order one today from Amazon for £44.99.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Pub: Bethesda / Developer: Bethesda / ETA: TBC

One of the most surprising games to be featured in the debut reveal trailer for Switch last year, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is nonetheless preparing to touch down on Switch.

Despite being a six-plus-years-old game, Skyrim remains the greatest action-RPG of all time and Switch is all the better for its presence. The Switch version will be the Special Edition that brought HD graphics, all DLC and the power to mod to PS4 and Xbox One in 2016.

No confirmation on whether modding will feature in this version (it even took Sony a while to come on-board), but the sheer ability to play Skyrim on a handheld is a staggering notion to behold. You can now pre-order a copy today via Amazon for £59.99.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo / ETA: 3 March (launch)

If there's one game you must own when Switch arrives, it's Breath of the Wild. New entries in the Legend of Zelda series don't come round often, so the arrival of the latest Link adventure feels genuinely monumental.

It's the first in the series to embrace an open-world and (bizarrely) it's the first Zelda game to ever feature a full voice cast after more than 30 years. You can play through dungeons in any order (another first) and there's a new physics engine to bring Hyrule to life like never before.

It's exactly the game Switch needs for its launch and it promises to be the most ambitious entry in the franchise since Majora's Mask on N64. You can pre-order a copy today from Game for £59.99.

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1-2 Switch

Publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo / ETA: 3 March (launch)

1-2 Switch is classic Nintendo. A bespoke, in-house title that's fun, silly and perfectly suited to Switch and its motion-control Joy-Cons. In the vein of Wario Ware, 1-2 Switch is basically a set of goofy mini-games that uses motion controls and the Joy-Con's HD Rumble to do everything from milking cows to guessing the number of balls in your controller.

This is what Nintendo does best - finding a way to bring players together in a fun and engaging way, just like it did with Wii Sports and co on Wii. If you're looking to share Switch with your family, this is a must when Switch launches on 3 March.

Pre-order your copy of 1-2 Switch today for £34.99 with Argos.

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Splatoon 2

Publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo / ETA:  Summer 2017

There's no denying the first Splatoon was one of the best (and only) reasons to own a Wii U, with its family friendly take on the third-person shooter making it the best multiplayer experience on the beleaguered console bar Mario Kart 8.

Splatoon 2 looks to up the ante of the first game, enabling you to take the 4v4 paint shootouts of Turf War on the go with local and online matches. There are new weapons (including the dual-wielding Splat Dualies), a game-changing Dodge Roll move and a promise from Nintendo for fresh and regular updates.

Splatoon 2 can be pre-ordered today from Argos for £59.99.

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Super Mario Odyssey

Publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo / ETA: Winter 2017

So as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild starts the Year of Switch, the next Mario game is set to bring it to a close. The first 'pure' Mario platformer since Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Odyssey looks simply incredible in scope.

Everything from exploring New Donk City to the ability to use Mario's cap as an extra platform makes us excited for Odyssey - especially how its bringing back the classic ledge-grabbing action that made Super Mario 64 the classic it still is today.

Seeing Mario leaping over skyscrapers might seem a little strange, but this is clearly Nintendo dialling back the clock to a time where exploring new worlds and collecting stars was the order of the day. Fans have been crying out for a 'proper' Mario for years so we can't wait to see the mustachioed plumber back in our lives.

Pre-order your copy in time for Christmas via Argos for £59.99.

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Super Bomberman R

Publisher: Konami / Developer: In-house/HexaDrive / ETA: Out now

Bomberman might be celebrating his 33rd birthday this year, but that doesn't mean the ol' Konami mascot and videogame icon has lost his lustre - in fact, Super Bomberman R represents one of the best mulitplayer launch games on Switch.

Its Story mode is a little forgettable (although it does in improve when played in co-op), but its the classic Battle mode where SBR really sings. Up to eight players can team up (with four Switches synced up), so expect classic grid-based, bomb-placing action a plenty.

It's modes and features are a little meagre for the £50 asking price, but if you're looking to use your switch for some intense online multiplayer or fun-filled couchplay, Super Bomberman R is for you.

Order a copy today from Argos for £44.99.

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I Am Setsuna

Publisher: Square-Enix / Dev: Tokyo RPG Factory / ETA: Out now

Designed to be a tribute to many of Square Enix's own top-down turn-based JRPGs of yesteryear, I Am Setsuna looks and feels like a indie game while boasting the production values of a big publisher title.

And while it plays like most modern turn-based battlers, the beautiful, almost watercolour-style aesthetic remains endlessly charming. It's full of monsters to fight, people to help and a story that'll genuinely grip you from the off. 

It was an ideal fit for PlayStation Vita last year, so I Am Setsuna and Switch are a perfect pairing.

You can download a copy of I Am Setsuna for Switch direct from the Nintendo e-Store for £29.99.

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Fast RMX

Pub: Shin'en Multimedia / Dev: Shin'en Multimedia / ETA: Out now

Serving as a sequel to the WiiU-only Fast Racing Neo, Fast RMX is basically an indie-developed tribute to the F-Zero and WipEout racing series' of old. With its looping and undulating tracks, upbeat techno soundtrack and seriously nippy ships, Fast RMX offers some serious racing chops on your Switch.

The game's tournament-style campaign features 10 cups to unlock, with a whopping 30 courses and 15 unlockable vehicles to take for a spin. There's also the option for up to eight player multiplayer in both local and online scenarios.

Developer Shin'en Multimedia has also promised the title will receive new content and updates post launch, including a Time Attack Mode.

Fast RMX is a digital-only title and can be downloaded exclusively on your Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo e-Store for £16.99.