Best Nintendo Switch games 2019: play the best Switch games

These are the best Switch games offered on Nintendo's hot handheld. Find the best Nintendo Switch games to play today

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019
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If you are looking for the best Switch games going then we've got you covered. Whether you’ve had your Nintendo Switch since launch or you’re about to click in those iconic Joy-Cons for the first time, we’re here to help you find the best Nintendo Switch games on the market right now in 2019.

We simply love the fastest selling console of all time here at T3 and, as such, play all the very best Switch games available, from the Switch's strong opening year lineup, which included The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey , both scoring perfect 10s across the board, right up to today's latest offerings like the superb Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and rebooted retro classic Onimusha: Warlords.

Right now Super Mario Maker 2 is the new hotness on Switch, with the awesome level builder taken to a great new level with raft of additional content and improvements. Creating insanely tough or just plain crazy levels for the mustachioed plumber to navigate has never been more fun. A must-play for fans of the series, so be sure to check out its trailer below.

Elsewhere, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is tearing it up as the most fun brawler to play on Switch this summer, with a monstrous roster of much-loved Marvel comic book characters to play as while, naturally, you secure the fate of the universe from evil titan Thanos. The writing and art style is suitably comic book campy, while the plot is like a mash up of every super hero film you've seen over the past decade. Buckets of pick-up-and play fun.

The Nintendo Switch console itself, as well as Nintendo Switch console and games bundles, are also seeing decent price drops right now, too, so be sure to check out the best Nintendo Switch deals going if you're currently in the market for a new console, controller or accessory pack.

In fact, it's not just the Nintendo Switch console and Switch games that are currently being discounted, but many legacy systems and titles, too. As such, if you're a general fan of the Big N then it may be worth your while taking a look at the best Nintendo 3DS deals and best Nintendo 2DS XL deals available right now while the market is in the grip of the new year sales season.

With all that said, these are the best Switch games to play today.

The best Nintendo Switch games 2019: get the best Switch games for your collection now

Best Nintendo Switch 2019

If you're a fan of the Armored Core games, then Daemon X Machina will tickle that mech-shaped itch.

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Daemon X Machina

The spiritual successor to Armored Core

Reasons to buy
+Customise your mech to the nth degree+Mech combat is fast and frenetic+Lots of mission variety early on

With FromSoftware seemingly committed to various incarnations of the Souls template (even the upcoming project with Game of Thrones author George RR Martin, Elden Ring, is alluding to something familiar), fans of its long dormant Armored Core series have been left hoping for a proper mech-happy follow-up. Nintendo Switch exclusive Daemon X Machina isn't a proper sequel, but with long-time series producer Kenichiro Tsukuda on board it's as close as we're going to get right now.

With a colourful, almost cel-shaded quality to its visuals, DXM is already easy on the eye. And with the ability to customise almost every facet of your mech from parts (which affect your stats) to liveries and designs (which affect your fashion sense), it never stops jumping off the screen. The action is fast and the weight and heft of your mech translates well, especially when you're fighting the many boss-sized enemies across its semi open-world setting.

Best Nintendo games 2019

NBA 2K20 isn't a total overhaul, but the full parity with other versions makes this version the best yet on Switch.

(Image credit: 2K)

NBA 2K20

Visual Concepts' basketball sim raises its own bar

Reasons to buy
+Full version on Switch, finally+Levelling improvements really help+Story mode is brilliant

September has arrived, and with it, the next raft of sports sims destined for console and PC. NBA 2K20 is the latest, and developer Visual Concepts is aiming to tackle some of the issues that series has endured in recent years. The Neighborhood has now been revamped to make jumping between training, customisation and matches far easier, while earning VC to upgrade your baller is much faster and fairer (although the grind is still there). The new story mode is easily the best the series has produced yet, with Idris Elba adding some much-needed gravitas and heart to the mix.

Another feature that really helps sell NBA 2K20 on Switch - more so than NBA 2K19 and 2K18 - is the decision to maintain full feature parity across all versions. Previously, Switch owners had to deal with playing without The Neighborhood social hub or the Story mode. Thankfully, both are included in all their glory for handheld users. Sure, you're getting all those microtransactions and the perpetual grind that comes with the VC system, but at least the 2K series hasn't gone the way of EA's disappointing decision to make FIFA 20 a 'Legacy Edition' on Switch (in other words, team and kit updates, and not much else).

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

Each beast you chain to you offers a different power, such as a long range bow or the ability to float to higher platforms.

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Astral Chain

The best PlatinumGames game since Bayonetta 2

Reasons to buy
+A return to form for PlatinumGames+Brilliant, visceral combat+A splash of Batman-style detective work

PlatinumGames has an odd pedigree. It's produced some of the best games of the last 10 years in Vanquish, the Bayonetta games and Wonderful 101, but it's also produced some very forgettable licensed tie ins (Transformers: Devastation anyone?). Thankfully, the Japanese studio has rediscovered its form with Astral Chain, one of the best games to grace Nintendo Switch so far.

Astral Chain places you in the shoes of a souped-up (and, naturally, very good looking) cop who must stop the world being overrun by an invading alien force known as the Chimera. Combat uses the fast, frenetic real-time formula the studio does so well, and you'll extend your options by 'chaining' yourself to new Chimera and unleashing their powers in battle. You'll investigate crime scenes or clues (think Batman: Arkham's Detective Mode) and even customise your copper to make them look like a proper futuristic bobby! 

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

Dying is all part of the learning process in Hotline Miami, and each death brings you closer to that perfect run.

(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

Hotline Miami Collection

Killing time in Miami

Reasons to buy
+Amazing soundtrack (especially in WN)+Brutal ultraviolent gameplay+Compete for the best time and score

Hotline Miami is finally on Nintendo Switch in the form of the Hotline Miami Collection. The anthology includes both games, including the original and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, and both are perfectly at home on a hybrid console, thanks to its previous ports on consoles and portable devices.

From the tight and close-quarters maps of the original, to the greater traits and skills of the masks in Wrong Number, Hotline Miami is as exciting and addictive with its top-down, twin-stick violence as it was back in 2012 and 2015. There's no extra content (and no level editor, as expected), but both games are still a bloody riot to play whether in handheld or docked mode.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

The mixture of colourful characters, teaching exercises and turn-based combat gives Three Houses a very distinct flavour.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Turn-based combat goes back to school

Reasons to buy
+A brand new setting in the Fire Emblem mythos+Three distinct houses create three very different story experiences+Engaging turn-based combat

The Fire Emblem series has taken a few odd turns as of late (moving onto mobile and into the world of Dynasty Warriors-style mega battles), but whenever it returns to the classic narrative driven turn-based combat it always manages to feel fresh and exciting again. So it's no surprise to see Fire Emblem: Three Houses showcasing that classic formula alongside some interesting new additions on Switch.

As a professor at the prestigious Officer's Academy, it's your job to tutor the leaders of tomorrow, split across three very different houses. You'll roam the school gathering intel from students and fellow lecturers, before heading into battle yourself. Combat is still a turn-based and tactical affair, with the onus placed on how you use your troops in battle. With a huge roster of characters, all with their own unique personalities, the FE series is back and it means business.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

You can customise your own hero or villain and even unlock new powers and attributes as you level up.

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DC Universe Online

A veteran MMO swoops onto Switch

Reasons to buy
+Fantastic port of a full-blown MMO+Free-to-play campaign and extra missions+Play solo or join up with other players

DC Universe Online has been around for quite a long time now, with the original version launching way back in 2011 when the previous generation of consoles was still in rude health. Since then it's launched on multiple platforms and received a huge number of content updates and technical overhauls. So now the free-to-play MMO arrives in its most improved state for the first time on Switch.

You get to design and customise your own hero or villain, and you'll be mentored by familiar characters from across the DC Comics canon. You'll explore Gotham with a dedicated server full of other global players, and battle Braniac and more in the depths of Atlantis - and plenty more besides. The full campaign and plenty of ongoing activities are free, but additional episodes and extra cosmetic items require microtransactions. it's a robust port of a full-fat MMO, right there on Switch.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

You can customise your squad with new mutations, as well as customising weapons and gear.

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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Tactical stealth action... with mutants

Reasons to buy
+Mixture of stealth and tactical combat+Includes Seed of Evil expansion+Well optimised for Switch

If you've always wanted to give the tactics genre a go, without feeling like you have to commit to the permadeath of XCOM, then the more accessible world of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden might be the answer to your tactical prayers.

Made by a developer that includes former Io Interactive talent (it of Hitman fame), Mutant is set in a post-apocalyptic Sweden where humankind has mutated to acquire new skills and powers. With a troupe of trained stalkers (including a mutant duck and warthog), you'll be able to use stealth to take out groups of enemies one at a time, as well as using special modifiers to mutate your squad with new abilities

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

While these 'official' Switch screens aren't quite reflective of the final Switch version, the game still looks great as a triple-A port.

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

A bloody co-op shooter with teeth

Reasons to buy
+Play solo or in online/local co-op+Upgrade your chosen sister and customise weapons+More open-ended level design

While Wolfenstein: Youngblood isn't a full sequel to the brilliant The New Colossus - it's more of a smaller scale affair similar to Far Cry New Dawn - it does take the story and the series forward in some ways. For a start, it's the first entry in the series to embrace co-op, with the ability to play solo, locally or online as you explore Neu Paris during the 1980s. You can even use a special Buddy Pass to play the game with a friend who doesn't own the full game.

The same familiar gunplay from the previous games returns, so expect shotguns, SMGs and pistols with plenty of kickback, and enemies that soak up bullets while shedding blood in gushes. Playing in co-op enables you to share brief boosts with your partner, such as brief injection of health or armour, while the new One Life system will see you have three shared lives that deplete when one sister is left to bleed out. You can also replace these hearts, but only by opening rare chests that require both of you to operate.

There are few missions this time around, so Youngblood is noticeably shorter than The New Colossus, but it does offer a little more replay value with a more open-ended approach to level design. It's not on scale of Dishonored - Arcane Lyon, which developed Dishonored 2, co-developed the game with MachineGames - but stealth is now more of a viable option. The Switch version has undertaken a visual downgrade, and the amount of blurring really stands out when the action ramps up, but you're often too busy blowing Nazis to a bloody pulp to notice.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

Add different members to your team and combine their powers to create unique and powerful super-moves.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

A predictable yet fun co-op brawler

Reasons to buy
+Huge roster of Marvel heroes & villains+Support for four-player co-op locally and online+Nintendo Switch exclusive

If the over-abundance of Marvel properties on-screen for Avengers: Endgame wasn't enough to sate your desire for superhero team ups, then the arcade brawling action of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is sure to satisfy your comic book gluttony. Despite more than a decade passing since the previous entry in the series - and development duties passing to Japanese studio Team Ninja - MUA3 follows the pick up and play nature of the series with very little deviation.

As such, this is a fun and enjoyable brawler that works best when you team up with some friends to battle waves of robots, goons and ninjas. The action can get a little repetitive, but TN has done its best to combat this with the use of team-up moves that can only be activated when two heroes are in close proximity. You can customise your squad with extra buffs, while choosing certain combos will give your team even more added qualities.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

If you want to build cities and complete quests as a group, you can team up locally or online with up to three other players.

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Dragon Quest Builders 2

The Dragon Quest spin-off finally steps out of Minecraft's shadow

Reasons to buy
+Support for both local and online co-op+Plenty of questing and resource management+Great for both DQ fans and younger Minecraft players

The original Dragon Quest Builders had quite the task on its hands, namely having to balance the RPG questing of the mainline DQ series with the resource management and creativity of a building game. The end result was pretty great, but the sequel improves on it in almost every single way. The main improvement being the inclusion of co-operative multiplayer with up three other players either locally or online.

This new iteration isn't just all about the higher player count, but a greater diversity of regions and areas to explore. Along with unique quests, these locales will also possess special crafting items, so exploring far and wide now feels more rewarding. You can also swim this time around, and fly, should you wish to travel a little faster.

Harvesting also has more of a focus this time around, with the need to look after crops and use the resulting yields to support the hamlets, towns and cities you'll build along the way. Whether you're a DQ nut or simply looking for a good alternative to Minecraft, Dragon Quest Builders 2 offers a fine balance of the two.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

Your trusty sledgehammer will be your best friend, be it for demolishing a building or smashing an enemy across the Martian landscape.

(Image credit: THQ Nordic)

Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered

Destroy everything in this open-world martian shooter

Reasons to buy
+Destroy buildings in real-time+Includes support for multiplayer modes+DLC included as standard

The Red Faction games have prided themselves on the power of their destruction tech, and no game summed up the sheer potential of the GeoMod Engine than 2009's Red Faction: Guerrilla. The Re-Mars-tered version - which features improved textures, post-processing and shaders - debuted last year, but it's now finally made the leap onto Nintendo Switch.

This version doesn't struggle, either. You can choose to run the game in Performance or Quality modes, placing emphasis on a more stable framerate or enhanced detail, with the former enabling for some truly awe-inspiring moments of destruction as you collapse entire structure's with nothing more than a sledgehammer and a bag of remote explosives. It's your usual third-person shooter in an open-world, but all those demolition opportunities really help more mundane mission designs.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

You can co-create levels with a friend, by adding and adjusting elements on the same screen.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Super Mario Maker 2

Mario-branded level designing finally comes to Switch

Reasons to buy
+More tools, level designs and templates than ever+Two players can edit a level on the same screen+Share your creations online

Super Mario Maker was one of many memorable gems that were sunk with the forgettable Wii U, but Nintendo hasn't let this throwback to the days of Mario Paint disappear into obscurity. Now it's produced a full-on sequel for Nintendo Switch, and it's packed with even more level-building features.

Much like the first game, you can design your own 2D and 2.5D levels using themes, characters, obstacles and more from the entire Super Mario back catalogue. There's a 100 level-long campaign to get you started, as well as the option to create levels in co-op. You can also share your creations online, and test yourself on those made by other users.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

Crash Team Racing - Nitro Fueled takes all the things you loved about the original and tweaks it in all the right places.

Crash Team Racing - Nitro Fueled

Crash Bandicoot is back on track

Reasons to buy
+All your favourite tracks and characters, remade+Support for local and online multiplayer+Full seasons of free content to follow

You wait years for a kart racer to come along and challenge Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the crown, then two drop within a month of each other. First it was Sumo Digital's Team Sonic Racing, now it's the turn of Crash Team Racing - Nitro Fueled. Activision is on a 'let's remake lots of PS1 classics drive' at the moment, and this latest offering brings one of the console's best racers hurtling into a new generation.

With all your favourite tracks, characters and karts remade for modern consoles (including many from the oft-forgotten PS2-era sequel, Crash Nitro Kart) this is the biggest Crash Bandicoot racer yet. And with plans to support the game over the next few months with themed 'seasons' (including one based around fellow colourful mascot, Spyro the Dragon), Switch players will have plenty to keep them power-sliding in 2019 and beyond.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

Expect romance, mystery and a little horror as you contend with life in a brand new high school.

World End Syndrome

A visual novel with real heart

Reasons to buy
+Developers credits include BlazBlue and Deadly Premonition+Mixture of murder mystery and horror+One of the better recent VNs out there

If you're a seasoned handheld gamer, you'll likely have come across the Japanese visual novel. And while there's been plenty of forgettable ones, we've also been treated to some of the best slow-burning stories to come from the East. World End Syndrome certainly ticks plenty of typical boxes (a high school student moving to a new school, strange goings on and romantic interests trying their luck along the way), but it balances those tropes by crafting a story that mixes folklore fantasy and murder mystery.

More importantly, it manages to do all this while exploring the affects of grief and how we process tragedy. The English translation can sometimes be a little clunky in places, but for the most for this lengthy narrative has a lot to offer in terms of navigating the pitfalls of modern teenage life and a fantastical mystery unfolding around you.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

Realm Royale takes the simple mechanics you probably associate most with Fortnite and adds in a handful of new ideas that really help it stand out.

Realm Royale

Fortnite finally has some competition on Switch

Reasons to buy
+From the makers of Paladins+Class-based characters+Forge new weapons and power-ups in-game

Fortnite continues to hold sway over the battle royale genre - yes, it's a genre now - including on the good ship Nintendo Switch. However, it's getting some stiff competition from Realm Royale, a BR game from the studio that brought you Paladins and SMITE. You'll still air drop into a large and colourful map and shoot other players in third-person until only one remains, but RR brings a few new features that really help set it apart.

Rather than hunting for new weapons in chests, you can recycle anything you find and don't want and use those resources to build anything from weapons to armour and potions at forges scattered around the map. You'll need to defend it while you're items are being made, making every attempt a mini battle in itself. And, should you get 'knocked', you'll turn into a fat little chicken, enabling you to escape. If you do, you'll turn back into gun-toting self in 10 seconds!

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

Most formats of cricket are included alongside the traditional full tests of the Ashes.

Cricket 19

A new, fully licensed tie-in to The Ashes

Reasons to buy
+Lots of domestic Australian squads to choose from+Impressively accurate stadia+Scenario mode has endless potential

Cricket games have endured as much undulating levels of quality as those based on rugby, so it's fallen to smaller studios like Australia's Big Ant to step in and refine a homegrown formula. It's taken a few years, but the Cricket 19 is the result and it's easily the best cricket sim we've played since the glory days of the Brian Lara series.

The AI is much improved on the previous Ashes game, with bowlers reacting to your behaviour at the crease and fielders making far more realistic catches. The batting physics can sometimes be a little hard to predict, but overall striking the ball is satisfying, especially when you add a well-earned boundary to your total. The Career mode enables you to gradually improve your player with a perk system, while the Scenarios mode offers potentially endless challenges from across the community.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

While it's not quite as nuanced as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Sonic Team Racing is a fine kart racer that ports well to Switch.

Team Sonic Racing

A fun and safe alternative to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Reasons to buy
+Floaty and fun racing model+Team-based mechanics yield special powers+Full support for splitscreen local and online multiplayer

With Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled already on the horizon this summer, Nintendo Switch players find themselves with a glut of arcadey kart racers to enjoy. Joining the already stellar (but now a tad long in the tooth) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is Team Sonic Racing, the long-awaited follow up to Sumo Digital's Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed.

The transforming vehicle shtick has been dropped in favour of a tighter racing model and an emphasis on team play. Racers now compete in squads, and forming up with your allies will provide extra benefits such as extra boost and weapons to take down your competitors. You can play solo (and team up with the AI) or elect to go online and enjoy a full suite of competitive modes. There's also support for four-player splitscreen multiplayer.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

You can use the motion controls of the Joy-Cons to aim down your sights and pull off an even more accurate sniper shot.

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered

Take down the Reich, one headshot at a time

Reasons to buy
+Improved textures and lighting+Support for co-op and multiplayer+Switch-exclusive motion controls

While it seems half the games coming out on Switch at the moment are remasters or straight ports of 'old' games, this tactic does mean that occasionally a really good game that never quite reached that upper echelon gets another shot at stardom on a new platform. 

This time, it's the turn of Sniper Elite V2 Remastered, which has been given an overall aesthetic touch-up to bring it in line with the visual demands of modern hardware.

Some of those improvements have been lost on Switch - there is some instances of dynamic lighting, but a lot of it has been scaled back in favour of a solid framerate - but the inclusion of motion controls, which use the Joy-Cons to help you line up a trick headshot, are a really great addition. 

You can fight through the campaign to take down the Nazi V2 rocket program, work together with a friend (online or local) in co-op or work your way through a raft of multiplayer modes. All DLC is also included so it's a chunky little package.

best Switch games 2019

There are so many entries in the FF series to keep track of, but FFXII is considered to be one of the finest installments.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

A true JRPG classic finally shines on Switch

Reasons to buy
+The full FFXII experience on Switch+Improved performance+Additional tracks on the soundtrack

At this stage, the Final Fantasy has produced so many incredible entries it's almost comical. Alongside the likes of FFVII, FFVIII and FFIX comes the brilliant Final Fantasy XII. Originally released on PS2 back in 2006, The Zodiac Age is a remastered version that includes all manner of extra improvements including enhanced performance and brand new tracks on an already stellar soundtrack.

Every texture and skin has been retouched for high definition, so you're getting the very best looking version of this PS2 classic. Mechanically, the tempo of battle has been tweaked to make it a little faster, there's a new high speed mode for those who want quick and timely battles and a very hand auto-save function. It's another vast and engrossing RPG experience, right there on your Switch.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

The playstyle variants introduced in Mortal Kombat X return, alongside the ability to customise each character's look.

Mortal Kombat 11

Unleash fatalities, anytime, anywhere

Reasons to buy
+Full version of MK11 on Switch+Runs at 60fps, but with some visual downgrades+Plenty of modes and customisation

Mortal Kombat 11 is here on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but that's not only the platform getting a new round of ultraviolent battles. Now Nintendo Switch players can enjoy the full MK11 experience, optimised for Nintendo's hardware with 60fps performance the central goal.

With performance held together so well, there are some sacrifices to the visuals so you'll really notice the blurring and jagged edges applied to make the game run so well in handheld mode and docked mode. Still, this version boasts all the same modes and features, including the slick online netcode and support for character customisation.

best Switch games 2019

There are lots of games already included, along with the ability to make your own and support for VR in other Switch games.

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit

Labo's most creative cardboard caper is here

Reasons to buy
+Turn some of your favourite games into VR experiences+Sturdy build+More creative potential in the Toy-Con Garage

While Nintendo Labo has struggled to catch the public's imagination like the Switch itself, it's nevertheless one of the most creative projects to ever come out of the Big N. If you need any more proof, then you need to try the Toy-Con 04: VR Kit. With your Joy-Cons and the screen of your console, you can experience of 60 mini-games in the Toy-Con Garage, or take the time to build your very own immersive virtual reality experiences.

A number of existing Nintendo Switch games will now support the use of VR on Switch, including none other than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You'll still control Link with the Joy-Cons, but now you look around Hyrule with an interactive field of view that makes spotting sneaky enemies and potential missable treasures far easier.

Best Nintendo Switch games Hellblade

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

The brilliantly haunting Viking epic finally arrives on Nintendo Switch

Reasons to buy
+Stylistically fantastic+Deep, emotional story+Tight game mechanics

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is brilliant pairing of tight, focused gameplay mechanics with a philosophically deep story and fantastically realised haunting tone.

You play as Celtic warrior Senua, who must dive into the depths of Helheim (Viking hell) in order to fight for the soul of her dead lover. However, while there definitely is combat in the game, it is not a repetitive slasher, with bursts of action punctuating exploration and story.

The game has a real edge thanks to its psychological elements, with the player increasingly drawn into the workings of Senua's mind as she fights against her grief and mental barriers, and it hits hard in evoking psychosis.

A genuinely unique game, that now can be enjoyed on the go thanks to a rock solid port onto Nintendo Switch.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

As you'd expect with a Dragon Ball game, World Mission is as over-the-top as its vibrant source material.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission

A card-battling fighting game with a Dragon Ball twist

Reasons to buy
+Over 1,000 cards to choose from+Over 350 characters from DBZ+Battle through story mode and online

Dragon Ball games have always taken a leaf out of their source material's book and opted for non-stop, over-the-top action be default. Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission continues this trend, but now with a more tactical CCG (collectable card game) template.  There are 350 characters to choose from, drawing from Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Dragon Ball GT.

Think of World Mission like a more nuanced fighting game where you'll need to draw cards in order to play certain characters and pull of key signature moves. Like most CCGs, this game is all about building multiple decks of cards to take into battle and learning how best to use them.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

Darksiders is almost nine years old, but thanks to the updated visuals of the Warmastered Edition it's aged pretty well.

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition

War brings the post-apocalyptic fight to Nintendo Switch

Reasons to buy
+Full Darksiders experience on Switch+HD Rumble works really well in combat

With Darksiders 3 having made a splash on other consoles, Nintendo Switch owners are finally getting in on the cartoonish post-apocalyptic action with a port of Darksiders: Warmastered Edition. You're getting the full version of the original game, complete with all the visual and performance updates made to the remaster that dropped a couple of years ago.

This version is a significant upgrade on the port that graced Wii U, which suffered from considerable issues. Add in the support for HD Rumble, and that ever attractive ability to play it on the move, and you've got an action-platformer with bags of combat and a silly story that's impossible to dislike.

Best Nintendo Switch games for kids

With a mixture of levels in both the foreground and the background, each handmade-style setting is full of secrets to uncover.

Yoshi's Crafted World

Handmade hilarity with the green dino

Reasons to buy
+Yoshi's debut adventure on Switch+Diorama-like levels filled with platforming puzzles+Single-player or two-player co-op supported

While Mario has been taking 3D platforming to new heights with Super Mario Odyssey, his trusty dino pal Yoshi has quietly been keeping the 2.5D dream alive with a string of brilliant little adventures. Yoshi's Crafted World is the latest, and the first to appear on Nintendo Switch, with its diorama-like levels that open out and close to reveal new paths, secrets and more. It's like exploring a whole world made of Nintendo Labo!

You can move between platforms in both the background and the foreground, and fire eggs (and enemies) at obstructions to reveal secret pathways. It's very much in keeping with the homemade aesthetic of 2017's Yoshi's Woolly World and with support for both solo play and two-player co-op, you're left with a quaint little platformer that's bursting with charm.

Best Switch eshop games

You can play Unravel Two with a friend by sharing the Joy-Cons, or you can play solo and control by Yarnies yourself.

Unravel Two

A beguiling co-op puzzle platformer

Reasons to buy
+Full Unravel 2 experience on the go+Local co-op support+Nice balance of puzzles, stealth and platforming

Yarny, the colourful mascot from Coldwood Interactive who captured our hearts in the original Unravel in 2016, is back and he's brought some friends so now you can enjoy its mixture of platforming, puzzles and stealth by yourself or with a friend. You'll still use your own yarn to swing across gaps and pull switches, as well as being utilised for more team-based solutions.

With more and more Microsoft-backed games coming to Nintendo Switch, Unravel Two marks a significant change in the new content heading to Nintendo's hardware. Fully optimised for a handheld console, Unravel Two still looks and plays like a charm even when you're playing away from home in handheld or tabletop mode.

Nintendo Switch games 2019

The Daily Challenges enable you to earn RP, which you build up and spend on unique weapon skins.


Kick doors, kill men

Reasons to buy
+Co-operative shooter on Switch+Endless number of randomised rooms+Guns, gear and skins to unlock

Nintendo Switch's success over the last two years has seen a huge uptake in the number of shooters on the platform, and now it's got another in the form of the brilliant RICO. You can play solo, in local splitscreen co-op or online as you enter an endless series of procedurally generated rooms. Your job is simple: kick down doors, initiate some bullet time and shoot everyone inside the room.

You can breach rooms together in co-op, or simply unleash bullet-driven justice on your own. As you level up you'll unlock new weapons, skill traits and even gain access to new weapon skins by completing daily challenges. Each run only lasts a certain amount of time, and if you die, that part of the operation is lost, so you'll need to be as tactical as you are gung-ho.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

Almost anything in the game can be scanned and rebuilt elsewhere, so there's so much building potential.

The LEGO Movie 2 - The Videogame

LEGO Worlds lives again (kind of)

Reasons to buy
+Open-ended levels offer more freedom+Scan objects and rebuild them elsewhere+Huge roster of characters/build styles

Following years of reliance on the same tried, tested and tired formula, developer TT Games is finally starting to add a few new ideas to the LEGO franchise - or at least bring back ones that offer a little more freedom to players. And while The LEGO Movie 2 - The Videogame is very much a film tie-in, it does take pains to present you with a lot more space to build, explore and play at your own pace. Levels are now sandbox in size, much like the main hubs of previous games, with missions and quests laid out similar to your classic RPG tropes.

As you're a Master Builder, you can now scan almost anything you see and save it as a blueprint, you'll then smash items like normal, only now you're not trying to fill a stud metre but collect coloured blocks to use as crafting resources. You can then travel to new worlds and build entire cities using all your eclectic designs. It's still the same combat model and silly LEGO aesthetic, but it's a step in the right direction for the series.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

If you're looking for something in a similar gameplay vein to Skylanders (minus the toys), Dragons is a great fit.

Dragons: Dawn of New Riders

Diablo for kids... on Switch!

Reasons to buy
+Fun and rewarding dungeon crawling for young players+Lots of items to collect and buy+Ride your dragon to different islands

With Diablo III: Eternal Collection now out on Nintendo Switch, players have access to one of the best dungeon crawlers ever made. However, some Switch owners might be a tad young for this 'mature' game so something like Dragons: Dawn of New Riders is a perfect alternative. This top-down RPG is set in the How to Train Your Dragon universe and sees you heading out on an adventure with your very own flying companion.

Your new dragon can spit fire, ice and electricity, enabling you to combine them together for combos when in combat, and for solving myriad puzzles along the way. You can unlock and upgrade new weapons as you go, as well as looting chests in a series of open-ended dungeons. You can even fly your dragon between each island! If your kids were fans of Skylanders, then they'll love this little hidden gem.

Best Nintendo Switch 2019

Trials Rising might not look quite as nice as other platforms on Switch, but it's still the full platforming package.

Trials Rising

The two-wheeled platforming gem returns

Reasons to buy
+Trials on Switch!+Tons of personalised and customisation+Co-op Tandem mode

It's been almost five years since Trials Fusion brought the world of motorbike planning kicking and screaming into a colourful - and extra challenging - futuristic setting, and now the latest entry in the series is ready to hark back to its roots. Trials Rising (which brings the series to Nintendo Switch for the very first time) maintains the same 2.5D platforming setup, where you'll need to be mindful of the physics of your bike as you attempt to clear courses without sending your rider flying.

There are hundreds of new courses to choose from in this latest iteration, and a brand new Tandem mode. This is a local co-op mode that requires one player to look after the balance and positioning of the bike, while the other deals with the power. Knowing when to hit the throttle and when to move from two wheels to one is tough enough on your own - now you've got to do it together!

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019 eshop

Battle Royale meets Tetris? It's a weird idea, but in practice it makes for an intense and competitive experience.

Tetris 99

Tetris meets... Battle Royale?

Reasons to buy
+Free for all Nintendo Switch Online members+Classic Tetris gameplay with a competitive twist

Ever wondered what it's like for 99 people to compete in the same game of Tetris simultaneously? Well, wonder no more because developer ARIKA has teamed up with Nintendo to create a Switch-exclusive puzzle game that takes that timeless game and infuses it with the risk/reward of a Battle Royale title.

In order to become the last player standing, you'll need to complete your own game of Tetris while dealing with hard-to-slot Garbage Blocks sent by your opponents. You can also send the same back at them, and the more people you know out, the more badges you'll collect and the higher your score. If you survive, that is... 

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

City of Brass

Arabian nightmares on Nintendo Switch

Reasons to buy
+First-person roguelike+From the makers of BioShock 1 & 2

Nintendo Switch has a lot of roguelike games to its name, but how many can say they were made by some of the talented people behind the first two BioShock games? Only City of Brass can make that claim, and you can practically smell the pedigree on every corner of its procedurally-generated streets.

You play a thief entering the titular city in search of treasure. You'll find plenty, but you'll also encounter traps and monsters aplenty. You'll need to use your whip, your sword and make the most of the various genii scattered throughout who will imbue you with special powers. For a price at least. However, should you die, you'll lose all your cash to tread carefully...

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

Travis Strikes Again might be one of the weirdest games on Nintendo Switch, but it's also one of the most entertaining.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Tarantino-style action on Nintendo Switch

Reasons to buy
+Over-the-top action+Support for co-op play

There's really nothing on Nintendo Switch quite like Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. But then again, when you consider it comes from the mind of legendary Japanese developer Suda51, that's hardly surprise. Featuring the return of foul-mouthed anti-hero Travis Touchdown, Travis Strikes Again is a hack 'n' slash action-adventure crammed to the rafters with peppy dialogue and over-the-top violence.

There's lots of genres that have been woven into the game, in true unusual Suda51 style, and you can even pass a Joy-Con to a friend and unleash hell together with some intense co-op brawling.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

Warframe looks and plays impossibly well on Nintendo Switch, even when running in handheld/tabletop mode.


Destiny-style action on Nintendo Switch

Reasons to buy
+Solo or co-op missions+Tons of customisation options+Free-to-play

It's simply impossible to create a list of the best games on Nintendo Switch and not include one of its most impressive ports. Originally designed for PC and other consoles, Warframe is a free-to-play online shooter that mixes third-person gunfights and melee to create something that plays like a cross between Destiny and Gears of War.

There is a PvP area if you want to fight other players one-on-one, but the real meat here is the focus on co-operative PvE missions. From stealing data from a base controlled by androids to fighting off waves of ravenous foes, Warframe keeps the action coming. There's a Destiny-esque social space, sandbox areas to explore, lots of customisation options and so much more. And it runs like a dream on Switch. Impossibly so, even. A must play addition on the eShop.

Nintendo Switch games 2019

Despite having a new (and slightly inferior) soundtrack, this HD update of a PS2 classic is well worth a second visit.

Onimusha: Warlords

A PS2 classic gets a new lease of life

Reasons to buy
+Updated HD graphics and adaptive widescreen display+New soundtrack+Same addictive mix of melee combat and horror elements

It's been over a quarter of a century since the Onimusha series slashed its way onto PS2. Part Resident Evil, part Bushido Blade, it mixed melee sword combat and survival horror to create something entirely new and exciting that helped define Sony's second console while never reaching the same superstardom as Resi.

Thankfully, Capcom has given this classic a lick of HD paint by updating its visuals, adding in a new soundtrack and more. It might feel a little antequated to some thanks to those fixed camera angles, but beneath those retro stylings beats the heart of a game that still plays as fresh as it did all those years ago.

Nintendo Switch games 2019

Combining two games in one package, Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe gives Switch owners another classic dose of Mario fun.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

An underrated Wii U gem gets a much-needed Switch update

Reasons to buy
+Two games in one package+Additional characters for both

The latest Wii U game to be rescued from platform obscurity and given a new lease of life is New Super Mario Bros. U, combining the original game with the Year of Luigi-themed New Super Luigi U campaign and some extra content for good measure. This 2.5D scrolling platformer takes the classic setup of the original Mario games and adds in the creativity and ingenuity of modern Nintendo design. 

With a handful of extra character to play with, support for four-play multiplayer and 164 courses to traverse it's a meaty little package if you love a bit of platforming fun on Switch. 

Best Nintendo Switch games adults

Switch's portability factor means you can have a quick fist-throwing workout sessions anywhere, anytime.

Fitness Boxing

Nintendo is back on the workout wagon

Reasons to buy
+Workout anytime, anywhere+Fun way to burn calories

Once upon a time, Nintendo hedged its bets on the future of fitness-based gaming in the form of Wii Fitness - the Wii Trainer even got a place in Super Smash Bros. - but while that future failed to materialise, that hasn't stopped the Big N from going at it again with Fitness Boxing.

Using the gyro controls in the Joy-Cons, Fitness Boxing takes the movement based scoring of Just Dance and turns it into a punch-based workout system. You can do boxing focused routines, or throw jabs to some toe-tapping tunes. You can play solo or co-cooperatively with another user via local multiplayer.

Nintendo Switch games 2019

By adjusting its turn-based strategy formula in just the right, The Banner Saga 3 becomes an even more intense experience.

The Banner Saga 3

Rounding off the fantasy trilogy in style

Reasons to buy
+Visual style akin to a classic animated film+Role-playing action is just as engrossing as the first two games

While it's taken a little why for The Banner Saga series to arrive on the Nintendo Switch, the entire trilogy can now be played anywhere, anytime. The port of The Banner Saga 3, which wraps up the Viking mythology-inspired story does its animated visuals true justice, while its turn-based role-playing combat works really well with a Joy-Con.

You can also buy the entire trilogy as one package on Nintendo Switch, if you've yet to play the first two - and equally incredible - entries in the series. If you want a snow-swept fantasy tale to sink your teeth into this Christmas, this is the game for you.

Nintendo Switch games 2019

By offering permanent perks for your ship, the death cycle of a roguelike game is far more appealing.

Everspace: Stellar Edition

An action-RPG... in space

Reasons to buy
+Impressive port of a PC roguelike hit+Upgrade your ship with permanent perks

One of the more recent ports to Nintendo Switch, Everspace was originally a PC-only hit that combined the death cycle of a roguelike (where you play through a game, collecting gear, only to lose most it when you die) with the vast openness of a space-set dog-fighting game. It was an ambitious title on PC, but on Nintendo Switch it's even more ballsy.

Craft new weapons and upgrades, collect loot from fallen enemies and shipwrecks and battle all manner of dangers amid the stars. When you die (and you will, often), your experience will net you permanent perks that will make the next run that bit easier. A real hidden gem that's a must-play on Switch.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

Look past its art house sensibilities and you'll find a minimalist platformer full of heart and creativity.


An evocative and immersive indie experience

Reasons to buy
+Striking minimalist art style+Emotionally resonant story

Nintendo Switch has proved itself as the new home for creative and exciting indie games, and that trend continues with the arrival of the hotly-anticipated GRIS. Following the story of a girl attempting to deal with a tide of emotional trauma, you'll use her dress to unleash different abilities that enable her to traverse a stark and captivating 2D world.

With little text or on-screen prompts, GRIS offers a minimalist approach to platforming and exploration in the vein of Journey and the like. If you love unusual indies, this should be on your Switch this Christmas.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

There are over 50 full Mega Drive/Genesis games to choose from. Now that's some serious content.

SEGA Mega Drive Classics

A vault of 16-bit goodness

Reasons to buy
+Over 50 games to choose from+Slick emulation+Perfect for handheld mode

Every so often, SEGA rolls out another collection of its classic Mega Drive/Genesis games, but this marks the first time so many of these brilliant 16-bit hits have been collated for Nintendo Switch. With over 50 games to choose from on one cartridge, including Golden Axe, Altered Beast and Streets of Rage.

Best of all, the collection comes with plenty of modern conveniences such as the ability to save at any time, a rewind feature for undoing any untimely mistakes and option to customise the controls on your Joy-Cons. If you love all things retro, this is the game for you.

Best Nintendo Switch multiplayer games

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features this biggest lineup yet featuring every fighter that's ever appeared in the series.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo Switch's next must-have game

Reasons to buy
+The biggest roster of fighters to every feature in a Smash game+Super for single-player and local multiplayer+Runs super smooth in docked and handheld modes

Nintendo Switch has cemented itself as a unique yet robust platform, an it's just added another system-selling, must-have title to its gargantuan library: the fighting mayhem of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

With over 70 characters to choose from, new and classic stages from across Nintendo's many games and franchises and another tweaked systems to keep even the most dedicated of pros happy, this is a fighting game worthy of the acclaim it's already received.

You can even use your old GameCube controllers (with an adaptor, of course), which just shows how Nintendo has listened to the series' fans and made a brawler that's just as fun for beginners as it is for seasoned eSports masters.

Best Nintendo Switch games 2019

The game also available on 3DS, in its full form, if you have a 3DS rather than a Switch to hand.

Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido

An underrated puzzle gem from Nintendo

Reasons to buy
+Brilliant mix of puzzles and RPG mechanics+Great utilisation of the touchscreen

Nintendo has had plenty of hits this year, including Mario Tennis Aces and Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Let's Go Eevee to name but a few, but there's a good chance you haven't heard of one of its other new first-party titles: Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido. Which is a shame because it's a hidden gem that deserves more love.

Mixing together intense on-screen puzzles where you match different types of sushi in order to build powerful combos, this RPG of sorts mashes genres together with wanton abandon and proved to be one of the year's most intriguing new IP. It's also available on 3DS, should you want to experience its fishy wares with a stylus instead.

Best Switch games 2019

Mixing elements both old and new, Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! serves up the best Poké in years.

Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!

Gotta catch 'em all

Reasons to buy
+That classic Pokémon formula +Play Pokémon on your TV for the first time+Supports Pokémon GO connectivity

Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! marks the first entry in the series to appear on Nintendo Switch, and the first to appear on a console that isn't entirely handheld. So, for the first time, you can catch and battle Pokémon from the comfort of your TV as well as playing in every other mode Switch offers.

Mixing together elements from entries of old with plenty of fresh ideas, Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! presents an entry that will appeal to almost every Pokémon fan out there while offering new players the perfect jumping on point.

One of the very best Switch games and a must-play for Pokémon fans.

Best Switch games Nintendo

Despite missing the final instalment of The Journey, FIFA 19 on Switch is still an impressive package.


The best football sim on Switch just got that bit better

Reasons to buy
+Brand new Champions League mode+All new commentary team+Enhanced striking

Following the success of FIFA 18, EA Canada has brought its football sim back to Nintendo Switch with plenty of new modes and changes. While it lacks The Journey mode (the narrative-driven story mode that debuted elsewhere in FIFA 17), this handheld-friendly iteration does boast the new Champions League mode and all the licences that go with it.

Striking and ball physics have both been enhanced for this year's instalment, so the flow of play is now a lot faster and balls require a little more skill to trap and control. It does, however, make for a far more well-rounded experience both locally or online.

Best Nintendo Switch games to play

You can split your Joy-Cons or connect multiple Switch's together for some ad-hoc fun.

Super Mario Party

The ultimate couchplay experience on Switch

Reasons to buy
+Impressive number of mini-games+Full use of Joy-Con motion controls+One of Switch's best couchplay titles

The latest addition to Nintendo's long-running multiplayer series has arrived on Nintendo Switch, bringing with it a huge number of fun and silly mini-games and all the Joy-Con waving action you could possibly want. You can split a Joy-Con with a friend or use Toad's Rec Room to connect and monitor multiple Switch's at once.

Whether playing through the classic Party mode (where you explore a virtual board game and complete challenges) or competing with a friend via the more open-ended (but just as fun) Party Rusher mode. If your Switch has become the social hub of your home, this is the next game for you.

best nintendo switch games Diablo III Eternal Collection

Diablo 3 on Switch is arguably the definitive version of the game.

Diablo 3: Eternal Edition for Nintendo Switch

The best Diablo ever returns with some fiendishly good enhancements

Reasons to buy
+Includes Reaper of Souls DLC+Play with up to 4 friends online+Hours of quality RPG content

What an inspired move this was! Diablo 3 is hardly a new game, with the original title launching in 2012, however here with its Reaper of Souls add-on, super-fun Necromancer class, and a series of enhancements that make it look and run superbly on Nintendo's hot as hell handheld, it is simply a fabulously entertaining experience.

The Diablo III: Eternal Collection is also co-op and multiplayer compatible, with online play with up to 4 friends possible, as well as offline via local co-op and single console co-op, too, with all Switch controllers supported.

Throw in a set of Nintendo Switch edition exclusive in-game Ganondorf  armour and this pleasingly daemonic action RPG package is well and truly complete.

Best Nintendo Switch games

Starlink's roster of playable ships were already fun, but add in an Arwing and now you've got a must-have Switch entry.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

The best Star Fox game since Lylat Wars

Reasons to buy
+Play as Fox McCloud and fly an Arwing+Star Fox content is Switch-exclusive+Ambitious open-world concept

Ubisoft is hoping to reginite the once mighty toys-to-life market with Starlink: Battle for Atlas, which combines a fully explorable galaxy, dogfighting combat and plenty of real-life toys to collect and customise.

The big selling point here is the way these toys can be personalised with new wings and weapons, which will appear on-screen once you strap them to the toy itself. You can combine these parts to enhance your ship's performance, and mix weapons to create unique effects, but you don't have to buy all the toys to get the most out of Starlink.

You can also play in a digital mode that offers access to every ship, pilot and weapon in the game.

Best Switch games

Experience the brutal crucible that is Lordran any time with the portability of Nintendo Switch.

Dark Souls Remastered

One of the best action RPGs on Nintendo Switch

Reasons to buy
+Full Dark Souls experience on Switch+Improved online functionality+Solaire of Astora amiibo!

Dark Souls remains one of the most lauded games of all-time, and with good reason too, offering one of the most challenging yet rewarding action-RPG experiences you'll ever play.

It might be a seven-year-old game, but it's been updated in all the right places with all the performance issues and technical niggles removed to create its best iteration yet.

You can use the motion controls of the Joy-Cons to make in-game gestures, and there's even a cool Solaire of Astora amiibo for some extra in-game goodies. If you want a proper challenge on your Nintendo Switch (or you just want an alternative to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim or Octopath Traveler), then this is definitely the next game for you.

Best Nintendo Switch games

With everyone from Mark Hamill to Michael Ironside lending their voices, LEGO DC Super-Villains is the most authentic instalment yet.

LEGO DC Super-Villains

It's good to be bad

Reasons to buy
+One of best LEGO voice-casts yet+Play as all your favourite DC baddies+Bigger focus on character customisation

The latest licensed LEGO game returns to the world of DC Comics, only this time you won't be throwing batarangs as Batman or soaring the skies as Superman.

Now you'll be controlling a rogues gallery of..well, rogues! From Black Adam to Scarecrow, each mini-fig has their own unique abilities (such as Clayface's ability to mimic other characters and Reverse-Flash's Speed Force-based mega builds) and they add some much-needed extra spice to the usual mixture of platforming and basic puzzle solving.

You can also build your own super-villain, and customise everything from your costume right down to the colour and style of your super-powers. You can even acquire new abilities and turn your unique avatar into a nefarious powerhouse. It runs buttery smooth on Nintendo Switch and is jam-packed with content.

Best Nintendo Switch games

Always thought tennis games were boring and dry? Mario Tennis Aces on Nintendo Switch will show you they can be fun, colourful and over-the-top!

Mario Tennis Aces

Court-based action returns to Nintendo

Reasons to buy
+Return of story mode+Arcade and realistic physics+Local and online multiplayer

The Mario Tennis games of recent years haven’t been bad, but there’s just been some of that classic magic missing from proceedings. Thankfully, the latest entry - and the first to arrive on Switch - Mario Tennis Aces is able to recapture a fair bit of the fun and frolics that made those early entries so addictive.

For a start, a mini-game filled story mode returns, along with the introduction of motion controls (where you can use your Joy-Cons like a Wii Remote). You can pull off everything from slices to lobs, and powerful trick shots (as well as all the best defence moves). 

You can also take to the courts online to see who has the best slice in the world of Switch.

Best Switch games

Experience the remake of all three of Crash Bandicoot's original PS1 adventures on your Nintendo Switch, any time, anywhere.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Jump, thump and wump through more than 100 classic Crash levels

Reasons to buy
+Remastered graphics+Great soundtrack+Time Trials+Doesn't fix what wasn't broken

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy contains not one, not two, but three brilliantly remastered foxy PlayStation games, allowing you to re-live all your childhood gaming memories in HD on the move.

We've been smashing crates, collecting Wumpa fruit and generally, having a great time with this game, which has thankfully taken the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' approach to re-mastering. There are more than 100 levels to explore, all with new lighting, animations, textures, models and recreated cinematics.

The game’s soundtrack is packed with all the didgeridoos, xylophones and thumpin’ bass lines you can handle, as well as newly recorded dialogue from some of the familiar voice actors who appear in the original Crash Bandicoot games.

Best Nintendo Switch games

Despite some blurriness here and there, Wolfenstein II is a remarkable feat running on Nintendo Switch's hardware.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

The next must-have shooter on Switch

Reasons to buy
+A proper solo shooter on Switch+Full Wolfenstein experience+Motion controls

Austin-based studio Panic Button has become the market leader in porting, bringing such titles as DOOM and Rocket League to Switch with only a handful of concessions to get them there. With online shooter Warframe also being ported to the console, it fell to none other than the brutal alt-history action of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to keep that trend going. 

And what a port it is. It’s the full FPS experience on your Switch, with robust motion controls and a steady frame rate, even when played in handheld mode. It might look a little blurry in places, but its place among Switch’s must-have titles couldn’t be clearer.

Best Nintendo Switch games

Octopath Traveler on Nintendo Switch is one of the console's best games, and harks back to the classic JRPGs of old.

Octopath Traveler

The next big RPG hit is here

Reasons to buy
+Classic JRPG mechanics+Multiple paths equals huge replay value

Square Enix helped define the JRPG with the Final Fantasy series, especially with the first few entries, and while many have followed the franchise’s evolution, a fair few of us have hungered for those halcyon days.

Octopath Traveler, with its ‘HD-2D’ visual style (mixing 16-bit-style sprites with 3D rendered backgrounds), looks to capture the feeling with its eight separate characters offering eight totally different stories with multiple narrative paths thrown in for good measure. It promises to be one of the next big milestones in a genre crying out for a proper revival.

Best Switch games

Looking to enjoy the madness of Battle Royale for free on Nintendo Switch? Fortnite has you covered.


The battle royale phenomenon goes mobile (again)

Reasons to buy
+Fortnite’s full BR experience+Cross-play with Xbox/PC

This year has seen some incredible new titles arrive on Nintendo Switch, but few have quite the chokehold on the zeitgeist as Epic Games’ world-conquering battle royale hit.

Yes, the floss-dancing, cover-building phenomenon has already proved a huge success on Switch with cross-play support and all the emotes, skins and Battle Bass content you could ask for. It’s also free-to-play, so any Switch owner can leap off the battle bus and float into the madness.

The only caveat is the Switch version doesn’t include the PvE mode Fortnite originally launched with on other consoles, but let’s be honest - everyone’s playing battle royale.

Best Nintendo games

ARMS remains one of Nintendo Switch's best games, and one of its most unique fighting experiences.


Battle with stretchy, weaponised arms

Reasons to buy
+Online and local multiplayer+2, 3 or 4 player battle modes+Dozens of characters and arms to unlock

If it’s competitive multiplayer you’re after, look no further. This insane fighting game pits kaleidoscope-coloured, springy-armed combatants against each other in up to 4-player battles.

There are 15 fighters with dozens of interchangeable arms. Mix and match to suit your play-style and take three pairs into battle. Use standard controls, or for an immersive fighting experience, grip one Joy-Con in each hand with your thumbs on the triggers. Tilt together to move, tilt in to block, and get punching.

Best Nintendo Switch games

Want to play as some of Marvel's most well-known (and hugely obscure) heroes? Of course you do, so grab a copy of this blocky little gem.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2

A glorious frenzy of button mashing LEGO destruction

Reasons to buy
+18 Marvel locations+Open world+Unlock Groot, Spider-Man, and Iron Man and more

No console gaming experience is complete without a button-mashing romp through a destructible LEGO world, and LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 is the best on the market at the moment.

And don’t let the fact that it’s a sequel put you off. This game stands a full head and shoulders higher than its predecessor (which is also awesome). The story is new. The level design is clever. And it’s got buckets of that classic tongue-in-cheek LEGO humour. Bash your way through hours of gameplay solo or with a friend.

Best Nintendo Switch games

DOOM remains an incredible port that retains its gory single-player and intense multiplayer modes on Nintendo Switch.


Heavy metal-filled daemon slaying of the finest calibre

Reasons to buy
+Hyper violent+Lightning fast combat+Awesome soundtrack

The grand old first person shooter arrives confidently on Nintendo Switch, with the hyper violence, lightning fast combat, and awesome heavy metal soundtrack from the well-received PC, PS4 and Xbox One title firmly in tact.

Resolution and texture fidelity is slightly down in comparison, however, it makes literally no difference to the gameplay and superb art style, which combine to produce an exhilarating, monster-filled adrenaline rush like nothing else on the system.

Plus, the fact that you can go portable with the Switch, slaying daemons while on the go, makes this edition of DOOM unique.

Best Switch games

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 balances tactics and real-time combat into one engrossing experience you have to own on Nintendo Switch.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The famous JRPG franchise returns with a massive open world

Reasons to buy
+Lush art style+Refined 'Arts'-based combat+Huge world to explore

After the underrated Xenoblade Chronicles X on Wii U, the series returns once more on Switch with a similar yet refined take on the long-running JRPG universe. This time out the player is put in the shoes of protagonist Rex, who along with his compatriots Tora and Mia, proceed on a mission to discover Elysium, a paradise for humanity.

Numerous obstacles and enemies lie in their way though, with players needing to master a auto-attack, special attack 'Arts' combat system that leans on well-timed attacks and combos to prosper. The series' excellent voice acting and story telling  make Xenoblade Chronicles 2 an epic adventure.

Best Nintendo games

Despite lots of microtransactions, NBA 2K19 is the pinnacle of sports sims on Nintendo Switch.

NBA 2K19

The best basketball game just got better

Reasons to buy
+Full fat edition+Runs at 30fps+Best Career Mode story in years

When NBA 2K18 arrived on Switch it proved (after some much-needed most-release TLC) that sports sims CAN work on Switch if optimised in the right way. One year on, Visual Concepts has brought the world of pro ballers back to Nintendo's hybrid hardware and it riffs and improves on its predecessor in almost all the right ways.

NBA2K19's MyCareer is the best narrative-driven experience it's been in years, the Neighborhood is even bigger and VC now flows at a slightly fairer rate. Of course, microtransactions still loom large, but this is still a fine port of a great modern sports sim.

Best Nintendo Switch games

Experience Rayman at his absolute best with this 2D platformer that's practically bursting with content.

Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition

One of the best modern platformers

Reasons to buy
+Gorgeous level design+Music levels+Portable platforming with a friend

Enter platform paradise. Rayman Legends offers some of the best platform gaming available today. True, the Switch edition doesn’t really offer anything new compared to the versions on other consoles, but it’s still a must-buy.

It gorgeous to look at. The controls are precise and responsive. And, at the end of each stage, there’s a rhythm level that kicks the experience up a notch with music that syncs up with your jumps. Platform on the go and slide your Joy-Cons out to share the experience with a friend in local multiplayer.

Best Nintendo Switch games

Splatoon 2 is one of Nintendo Switch's crown jewels, with its over-the-top multiplayer matches and unique single-player DLC.

Splatoon 2

Ink-splattering chaos for the whole family

Reasons to buy
+4 vs 4 competitive multiplayer+New weapons, modes and kit+Kid-safe shooter

Give in to more third-person paintball chaos with the second iteration of Nintendo’s turf war shooter. Play as an Inkling, spraying flurries of coloured globs to take control of the battlefield and swim through ink as a squid to reload. Enter four-on-four competitive multiplayer matches with all new weapons, modes and kit and get splatting.

This is a family friendly shooter is still, refreshingly, completely blood-free. And this time, it’s got jetpacks. If you’re looking for a party game and you’re all Mario Kart-ed out, this is it.

Best Nintendo Switch games

Experience The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Nintendo Switch with motion-controls, all of its DLC and much more, right here on a handheld platform.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Become the legendary Dragonborn on your commute to work

Reasons to buy
+All DLC included+Motion control via Joy-Cons+Classic RPG action and story

Skyrim may be now six years old, however the Switch edition looks like it could be the absolute best version to date, with all the game's myriad of DLC included (including a few Nintendo-themed extras), motion control added in for the console's Joy-Con controllers, and true portable adventuring added thanks to the Switch's ability to be taken anywhere. This classic western RPG has won more than 200 awards since its launch for a reason...

Best Nintendo Switch games

Super Mario Odyssey is Mario at his absolute best - big, bold and bursting with quintessential Nintendo magic.

Super Mario Odyssey

A truly epic adventure that will constantly surprise you

Reasons to buy
+Perfect platform gaming mechanics+Epic, long-lasting adventure+Spiritual successor to Super Mario 64

This is what we said in our Super Mario Odyssey review:

"There's a moment in Super Mario Odyssey where the game distils everything it is, and everything it stands for, into a blow-out celebration. All at once the past, present and future of this grand old video game series smashes together in a freewheeling, spectacular and experimental set piece that shows that Nintendo, after years of having the handbrake on, is now absolutely flying creatively.  

The fact that Super Mario Odyssey manages to be so experimental while also drawing in the best parts of every Mario game to date, becoming a incredibly playable and joyous love letter to gaming's most celebrated series in the process, is without doubt like a legendary Homeric odyssey - truly epic."

Enough said.

Best Nintendo Switch games

Jump into some 2D Street Fighter action and test your skills locally or online. Will you be the final challenger on Nintendo Switch?

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

The definitive edition of this truly legendary versus fighter

Reasons to buy
+Updated graphics and sound+Same simple, addictive gameplay+Diverse game modes

There's so much to like about Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers it is hard to know where to begin.

From its engorged character roster (there are 19 combatants) to its excellent selection of game modes including a slick multiplayer suite, and onto its plethora of neat extras including new and improved graphics and sound options (you can switch between old and new), colour editor, replay system, beginner-friendly "Lite" control option and art-stuffed gallery mode, this classic versus fighter is better than ever on Nintendo Switch.

Best Nintendo Switch games

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an incredible feat in game design, and it's exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Objectively reviewed, the best Zelda game ever made

Reasons to buy
+A simply awesome open world+Tight combat mechanics+Gorgeous art style

This is what we said in our The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review:

"From the most objective perspective we could muster here at T3 Towers - and trust us, when you've played titles such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past during your formative years, that is an incredibly hard thing to do - we feel it is quite evident that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is, by quite a distance, the best The Legend of Zelda game ever made. And, what's more, for those people for who Breath of the Wild will be their first foray into the wonderful world of Hyrule, Zelda and Link, it is going to absolutely blow their minds."

Simply put, a must buy.

Best Nintendo Switch games

With some much-needed tweaks to its interrogation system, this updated version of LA Noire is a must-have port on Nintendo Switch.

L.A. Noire

A thrilling detect-'em-up that smartly uses the Nintendo Switch

Reasons to buy
+All DLC included+Good use of touchscreen+Dynamic story telling

If you're a fan of detective stories then L.A. Noire is definitely worth your time, as the game tasks you with solving a number of crimes in the Homicide, Vice and Arson divisions of the LAPD.

How you tackle each case though is completely up to you, with various options and outcomes possible. Interrogating witnesses or potential suspects plays a major part in the game, and determining who is telling the truth and who is lying critical to getting the job done properly.

Naturally, for a Rockstar game, there is also plenty of firefights. This enhanced Switch version of the game is not only full fat and truly portable, but comes stacked with all of the game's previously released DLC.

Best Nintendo Switch games

Make the most of the motion-controls of Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con controllers with Just Dance 2018.

Just Dance 2018

The world's biggest dance game moonwalks onto Nintendo Switch

Reasons to buy
+Great selection of hot tracks+Multiple game modes+Child friendly choreographies

Need to warm up your dancing feet for an impending party or wedding? Well look no further than Just Dance 2018, which moonwalks onto Switch with official licenses (Disney anyone?), as well as all the hottest tracks and artists, including such notables as Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

The game isn't just for seasoned dancers either, with a top Kids Mode delivering children-friendly choreographies and a dance playground.

Best Nintendo Switch games

Want a racing experience that leaves every other one for dust? You need Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Nintendo Switch.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The most polished and playable Mario Kart ever

Reasons to buy
+Massive rank of racers+Loads of tracks and game modes+Local multiplayer on Switch is ace

Mario Kart 8 began its life on Nintendo Wii U, however, the Deluxe edition on Switch is the ultimate version of the game, with all DLC included as well as enhanced multiplayer functionality.

Mario and his chums handle just as well as ever, while the presentation and polish applied to the mixture of classic and new racing circuits is first rate. With a massive selection of racing tiers too, from 50cc up to 200cc, with mirror modes thrown in as well to boot, the game is super approachable no matter your age or skill.

Best Nintendo Switch games

Battle some of the most iconic Pokemon of all time in this special fighting game mashup on Nintendo Switch.

Pokkén Tournament DX

Portable Pokemon battles

Reasons to buy
+One-on-one combat+New Pokemon, game modes and abilities+Online and local multiplayer

Don’t underestimate this Wii U classic. It’s had an upgrade for the Switch. Decidueye brings the total playable Pokemon to 21 and Litten and Popplio have been drafted in as support. The new ‘team battle’ mode lets you assemble a three-Pokemon team and the ‘group match’ feature helps you find opponents of a similar skill.

Master the single player Ferrum League, get stuck in to ranked online battles, or grab a sofa and share your Joy-Cons for a local match with your mates.

Best Nintendo Switch games

A tactical RPG with Mario and those crazy Rabbids. It shouldn't work, but it absolutely does and makes for one of Nintendo Switch's best games.

Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Chaotic turn-based strategy

Reasons to buy
+Single and multiplayer modes+Upgradeable weapons and characters+XCOM-style gameplay

Ubisoft’s Rabbids come toe-to-toe with Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi in this turn-based title. Take a team of three through the Mushroom Kingdom and beat back the Rabbid invasion.

This game takes familiar faces, mixes in some Rabbid-flavoured chaos and wraps it all up in XCOM-style gameplay that’ll have even hardened gamers hooked.

Balance weapons, tactics, special abilities and status effects. Earn coins and skill orbs to upgrade your kit and build an unbeatable team. 

Best Switch games

Bayonetta 2

The ultimate action-adventure

Reasons to buy
+Improved touchscreen controls+Best version of the game so far+One of the best Wii U games goes portable

While it might be a port of a 2014 Wii U exclusive, that doesn't detract from the fact Bayonetta 2 is one of the best games of the previous generation, and retooled for Nintendo Switch it's now getting a second shot at glory.

The new version runs smoother than the Wii U original, rarely drops a frame in TV or handheld modes, and comes with all the Nintendo-themed costumes for ass-kicking witch heroine Bayonetta you could possibly hope for.

Best Nintendo Switch games

Nintendo Labo: Toy-Con 01 - Variety Kit

A curious cardboard creation

Reasons to buy
+Family friendly+Five different builds+Help kids learn programming

There really is nothing out there quite like Nintendo Labo. And as unusual as it might be, that’s exactly what makes it so special. It’s Nintendo to a tee, right down to the way it can bring the whole family together.

The Variety Kit includes five different creations which come with a set of flat pack-style cardboard sheets. By following the on-screen instructions on your Switch, you can build everything from a set of motorbike handlebars to a working piano.

The games themselves are fun for a while, but the real fun comes with the Toy Con Garage, a built in design suite that enables you to build your own creations with an easy-to-understand take on programming.

Best Nintendo Switch games

Stardew Valley

Chill out on the farm

Reasons to buy
+Addictive farming gameplay+Rewarding mechanics+Incoming multiplayer mode

In this charming little indie, you play a character who has left the hustle and bustle of city life behind to take on the running of the titular family farm.

You can grow all manner of produce, sell it in the local village and get to know its inhabitants (including the ability to date said fellow villagers). One of the most sedate yet engaging titles you can play, whether on your TV or in handheld mode.

There’s also a new multiplayer mode that’s come to all versions of the game - including Nintendo Switch - adding in the ability to link up with friends and tend some farmland together.

Best Nintendo Switch games


A twitch-platforming masterpiece

Reasons to buy
+Engaging story+Incredible platforming design+Fantastic soundtrack

Celeste has enjoyed success on multiple platforms - including PC and consoles - but sometimes a game just fits a certain piece of hardware so perfectly you simply couldn't imagine playing it anywhere else. That's what Celeste is to Nintendo Switch, a twitch-platformer full of challenging platforming sequences and intense puzzle solving/exploration.

As you ascend the titular mountain, you'll take heroine Madeline on a transformative pixel art journey that's not to missed.

Best Nintendo Switch games

Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Who needs Overwatch?

Reasons to buy
+Competitive team-shooter experience on Switch+Silky-smooth performance

A good 18 months into its life cycle and Nintendo Switch has another genre ticked off - the hero shooter. Overwatch continues to be one of the biggest shooters on the planet, and Paladins: Champions of the Realm has proven itself a worthy rival.

Pick a a Champion, customise their loadout and compete in a team to defend objectives in a full team shooter experience. You can play for free, invest in the Starter Pack or buy the Season Pass to earn exclusive rewards and skins while you play. A must-play FPS on Switch.