The best iPhone X cases: protect Apple's fabulous phone in style

Want to protect your iPhone X? We've picked the best smartphone cases from the top makers

Best iPhone X case

Got yourself an iPhone X? Then you need protection! If you're looking for the very best iPhone X cases on the planet right now then you've come to the right place. 

After scouring through a plethora of cases released for Apple's smartphone, here we present the crème de la crème from the best case manufacturers that you can buy today in 2018.

We've worked hard to provide a range of iPhone X case styles and types too, meaning that no matter your preference, we're sure you'll find a case here that you'll want to protect your iPhone X with.

We've also provided a list of who we consider to be the best iPhone X case makers right now, as well as some general case buying advice to make sure you are fully prepared to choose the perfect case for you.

What's the best iPhone X case?

There is a lot of choice when it comes round to iPhone X cases, so making sure you choose one that is appropriate to your lifestyle is crucial.

The best iPhone X case is, foremost, one that is appropriate to your intended usage scenarios, with degrees of protection, features and financial outlay secondary considerations.

iPhone X cases - how do you choose a good one?

iPhone X case

Choosing a good iPhone X case is not something you should take likely. The iPhone X is a beautiful piece of technology, so you want to maintain those sleek lines as much as possible, but also it is a serious investment and one that deserves premium protection. As such, you need to determine what you prize most, and also how much you are willing to spend, as while these cases are class, no case delivers the best in everything, with some geared toward maximum protection, others toward keeping the phone looking top dollar, and others prising portability and compactness.

What's the best design of iPhone X case?

best iPhone X case

There are many different types of iPhone X case, including bumper, folio, flip, sock, pouch, sleeve, skin, wallet and clip, and evaluating your lifestyle and likely usage scenarios is absolutely critical in deciding which will be the best design/s for you.

For example, if your job means that you are on the phone 24/7, then a pouch or sock case would not be ideal, as you'll spend ages constantly pulling it out and then putting it back in (quiet back there in the cheap seats!), and when your iPhone X is in use, you then run the risk of a completely unprotected drop or fall. In reality, you should probably have chosen a bumper or clip case instead.

iPhone X case

On the other hand, if your iPhone X is used less as a work tool and more as a leisure device, having a chunky bumper case is not ideal either. In these sort of scenarios, such as nights on the town or meals with friends, a slim sleeve, skin or folio iPhone X case would be preferable.

The type of iPhone X case you choose should also be determined by how you intend to store it while going about your daily life. For example, if you tend to throw your phone in carrier or handbag filled with various other items such as keys, deodorants, tablets, cash wallets, hair brushes, nail clippers etc, then picking, say, a leather folio case might not be best option, as sharp or hard objects will scratch it up in no time, leaving it looking tatty. In these cases, it may be better to go with a sock or pouch, or maybe a bumper with additional screen protector.

Who are the best iPhone X case makers?

iPhone X case

Unsurprisingly there are A LOT of case manufacturers for iPhone due to the platform's popularity across the globe, however, they are certainly not all worthy of your time. Here at T3 Towers we think these iPhone X case manufacturers are the best of the bunch: Nodus, Greenwich, Snakehive, Foxwood, Mophie, Ted Baker, X-Doria, Griffin, Proporta, Speck, Native Union, Tech21, Spigen, Ringke, Carl Friedrik, Mujjo, Gear4, Caseology, Olixar, Mous, Casetify and VRS Design.

What follows is some of their best work to date.

Best iPhone X cases

Best iPhone X case

1. Native Union Clic Marquetry iPhone X Case

An absolutely lush leather colour-block case

Reasons to buy
+Stunning, modern design+Genuine leather build

Native Union really knows what it is doing in terms of smartphone case manufacture and here, in the Clic Marquetry, it has excelled itself. A stunningly simple yet modern and effective colour-block design is made available in three distinctive and classy colourways, including Petrol Blue, Rose, and our favourite (shown above) Canary. The panels are made from genuine Italian Nappa leather as well, making the case feel premium in the hand, and a solid bumper rim provides solid drop protection, too. It's expensive but worth it.

iPhone X case

2. Proporta iPhone X Carbon Ultra

A super thin case with unique textured surface

Reasons to buy
+Adds only 2mm+Carbon-fibre plated+Ultra modern textured surface

For the money this is one heck of an iPhone X case from Proporta. The Carbon Ultra delivers a piece of protection that features a carbon-fibre backed shell, super thin 2mm anti-shock frame, and ultra modern textured surface, as well as a lifetime exchange warranty too. Excellent port and button access, as well as a slick raised edge, screen protecting design make it an even more attractive proposition - well, providing the lack of other colourways doesn't turn you off.

Price: £20 | Buy Proporta iPhone X Carbon Ultra



Protect your phone and represent your football allegiance

Reasons to buy
+Impactium rubber build+Protective no-slip grip+Footy themed colourways

Here's a quality and topical piece of protection for your iPhone X this summer, Presidio's World Cup themed case. The Presidio Grip World Edition comes in a variety of national flag-themed colour schemes, with England, France, Spain, Germany, Brazil and Italy selectable, and delivers a two-layer case (polycarbonate and Impactium rubber) that has been designed to protect its phone against drops from up to 10 feet. A no-slip grip, raised bezel screen protection, and a most welcome lifetime limited warranty complete a very tidy package. Now, if England can just not mess it up…

iPhone X case


A simple case with a lovely soft-touch finish

Reasons to buy
+Minimal styling+Soft-touch finish+A range of colours

Before you go looking for cases from some of our recommended brands, take a look at some of the minimal options from Apple first. This silicone case is achingly simple, but stays true to Apple’s iconic design with clean lines and a pared down style. The case fits snugly around your new iPhone X without any added bulk and has a smooth, soft-touch finish. You can choose from a wide range of colours, including yellow, red, white and blue.

iPhone X case

5. VRS Design Damda Folder Series iPhone X

Big defence and storage capabilities

Reasons to buy
+Stand out looks+Carries 5 cards+Rich, varied colourways

If you do a lot of travelling then this ruggedly futuristic case could be perfect for you, with the Damda Folder Series for iPhone X not only delivering big protection - thanks to a multi-tier design - but also on the storage front also. It accomplishes this latter feat thanks to a dedicated, rear-mounted, card enclosure, which is accessed via a flip-down cover. Six bold and punchy colourways and a mid-tier price-point are most welcome.

iPhone X case

6. Spigen iPhone X Case Neo Hybrid

Spigen's classic gets a sweet iPhone X conversion

Reasons to buy
+Looks stunning+Bumper frame+Certified Mil-Grade protection

The Neo Hybrid has genuine pedigree and here, in its iPhone X edition, Spigen's best-seller is in top form. A dual-material construction of TPU and PC in partnership with a rigid bumper frame ensures that the phone remains incredibly protected, while its form-fitted construction ensures that the X's clean lines are hugged tightly, making it a dream in the pocket. Spigen's high-tech design aesthetic and a wide selection of attractive colourways complete the package.

iPhone X case

7. UAG Monarch iPhone X Case

A chunky, industrial design with superb drop protection

Reasons to buy
+MIL STD certified+Five-layer construction+Honeycomb traction grip

A whopping five layers of protection is the Monarch's unique selling point here, with the high-tech construction seeing it certified in not just one but two Military Standard drop tests. On top of this super-tough core is an exquisite combination of alloy metal hardware and top grain leather, adding a layer of premium onto the industrial heart. A 10-year warranty, attractive honeycomb traction grip, and selection of five colourways complete the package.



A premium aesthetic for rose gold lovers

Reasons to buy
+Rose gold finish+Folio style+Built-in mirror

The Shannon Mirror Folio is an elegant case that looks premium yet protective. It consists of a streamlined, leather effect black case in a folio style to keep your screen safe when you’re not using it. But there’s a shock-absorbing polycarbonate back shell inside, so it’s tough as well as good-looking. It features a large mirror in the inside for on-the-go makeup touch-ups, as well as rose gold finishings for a bit of added opulence.

iPhone X case

9. Nodus Access Case 3 iPhone X

A beautifully simple design made from real leather

Reasons to buy
+No clips or cradle+Italian leather+Micro Suction pad

T3 favourite Nodus deliver big here with the Access Case 3 for iPhone X, with the folio-style carrier a thing of simplistic beauty. Vegetable tanned Italian leather, which is a joy in the hand, combines fabulously with a clip and cradle-less design that secures the phone via a high-tech Micro Suction pad. Built in magnetic shielding, compatibility with magnetic docks, a soft microfibre lining, and a modest inner utility pocket capable of carrying cards or notes completes the package.

iPhone X case

10. Patchworks Level Series Silhouette iPhone X

A clean bumper design with excellent drop protection

Reasons to buy
+Certified U.S Military Drop Protection+1.8mm raised front lip+Air Pocket Interior

Now this is how you do a bumper case. The Patchworks Level Series Silhouette for iPhone X sports an ultra-modern design, comes in five cool colour schemes, and rocks a U.S. Military Drop Protection certification thanks to its advanced Poron XRD corner tech. The case also ticks essential bumper case boxes, including a 1.8mm raised front lip, air pocket interior and dual material construction (PC/TPU). Excellent, stylish protection for heavy users.

iPhone X case

11. Olixar X-Duo iPhone X Carbon Fibre Case

A robust case with premium carbon fibre-style finish

Reasons to buy
+Non-slip carbon fibre design+Hybrid TPU/PC build+Tactile buttons

We love a well-realised carbon fibre effect case here at T3 Towers, which is why we're fans of the X-Duo iPhone X. Combining a dual-layer construction with a sleek carbon fibre finish, the X-Duo looks a million dollars and provides excellent protection. A raised bezel, four attractive colourways - including: Grey (T3's pick), Gold, Silver and Black - and lightweight build complete the slimline package.



For classic minimalism from a brand you already trust

Reasons to buy
+Simple design+Great colour choices+Tanned and finished French leather

There are plenty of great case options out there on the market for your shiny new iPhone X, but Apple isn’t just good at creating phones, it created good cases too. This super simple but stylish case is crafted from French leather that feels soft on the outside and will gradually develop a natural patina. It comes in a range of rich colours, including dark aubergine, grey and brown.

iPhone X case

13. X-Doria iPhone X Case Defense Shield

Premium materials meet modern style

Reasons to buy
+Military grade protection+Anodized aluminium material+Lifetime warranty

A simply fantastic blend of premium anodized aluminium, soft rubber and super hard polycarbonate, the iPhone X Case Defense Shield seems to made ticking every box an easy task. 

The use of machined metal instead of plastic provides military-grade drop protection (tested to survive 3 metre drops on concrete) without the bulk, while the oversized raised lip protects the phone's screen from drops and surface scratches.

An integrated sound channel amplifies the bottom speaker and redirects sound to the front of the case for the best sound experience too.

iPhone X case

14. Totallee Thin iPhone X Case

Incredible thinness, mind-blowing lightness

Reasons to buy
+Super lightweight+Super thin+Minimalist aesthetic

This is one of the absolute thinnest and lightest cases we've ever seen here at T3 Towers, with the Totallee Thin iPhone X Case measuring in at 0.02 inches and weighing 0.1 ounces. Crazy!

Despite this, the case is made from durable polypropylene that is designed to protect and last. The material used also accentuates the iPhone X’s minimalist aesthetic and adds additional grip too.

Eight colours are available, however this Frosted White model is our top pick.

iPhone X case

15. Snakehive iPhone X Vintage Honey Gold Leather Wallet

A lovely warm colourway and super all-round protection

Reasons to buy
+Cowhide leather build+Neat stitching+Holds cards and notes

We just love this Honey Gold colourway on the Snakehive Vintage for iPhone X, which just seems to exude warmth and style. It's not all looks either, with the interior of the case made from a smooth soft leather to protect the phone from scratches and rocking a series of card and note holders. All ports are easily accessed too, while a built-in clasp ensures the case remains closed when in storage.

iPhone X case

16. Peel Super Thin iPhone X Case

Glossy and ultra-thin, this is one hell of a looker

Reasons to buy
+Incredibly thin+Beautiful+Branding free

Now this is something we like to see, a completely brand-free iPhone X case. Yep, you read that right, there is no name or logo on the Peel Super Thin iPhone X Case, meaning that its ultra-thin (0.35 mm) and sleek design is completely uninterrupted. The result is one of the most understated and beautiful phone cases we've ever seen here at T3 Towers, with the iPhone X's lines accentuated with jaw-dropping effect.



All-round protection in a minimal case

Reasons to buy
+Adds a splash of colour+Clear and minimal design+Shock-absorbing shell

If you want to show off the great design and features of the iPhone X, opt for a case that’s mostly clear, like this one from Snugg. It consists of a clear, tough TPU shell and then a colourful bumper wraps around the edges for maximum cushioning. The colour options are subtle and simple to match the style of the iPhone, including gold, rose gold, grey and black.



Reasons to buy
+Luxurious look and feel+Tanned and finished French leather+Minimal design

If you like keeping your important things all in one place, get your hands on this leather folio from Apple. It’s designed to fit your iPhone X, as well as your credit cards, cash and anything else in the slot on the inner side. It’s made of tanned and finished French leather so looks and feels premium. A nice touch is that if you open the folio your iPhone X, close it and it goes back to sleep again. It comes in four simple, rich shades, including red berry and navy blue.

iPhone X case

19. Speck iPhone X Presidio Clear + Print

A two-layer clear case with decorative prints

Reasons to buy
+Polycarbonate construction+Attractive prints+UV yellowing resistant

A clear case that allows its owner to choose from a variety of attractive prints to adorn it, the Speck iPhone X Presidio Clear + Print is a great all-round case. The printed designs, which range from flower motifs to cycle prints, are imprinted between the case's outer shell and inner Impactium Clear lining, so they won't scratch off either. Other features such as a raised bezel and UV yellowing resistance complete the package.

iPhone X case

20. Moshi StealthCover for iPhone X

A lush folio-style with magnetic clasp

Reasons to buy
+360-degree protection+Magnetic cover+Killer looks

The Moshi StealthCover is a slim, folio-style case with a magnetic clasp – giving owners 360 degree protection and wireless charging compatibility too. It's not all looks and no protection either, with the case coming with a military-grade drop-protection certificate. The StealthCover is available in Gunmental Grey and Champagne Pink colourways.

iPhone X case

21. Greenwich Walker Alcantara Folio Case iPhone X

Pricey but delivers stunning build quality

Reasons to buy
+Carbon fibre lining+Alcantara+Electroplated metal

If you demand the absolute best of the best in terms of protection then look no further than the Greenwich Walker Alcantara Folio Case for iPhone X. The case is actually so tough it is shotgun proof, with a carbon fibre lining granting incredible damage resistance. On top of and surrounding the carbon fibre things only get more premium, with an electroplated gunmetal shell topped with a lush Alcantara material. Absolutely stunning.

iPhone X case

22. Mous Limitless Case

Incredibly high tech and rocking some clutch rear panels

Reasons to buy
+AiroShock technology+Premium build+Diverse style range

One of the most advanced cases in this list, the Mous Limitless delivers a case that is built from an AiroShock smart material that specialises in absorbing huge impacts. The tech works by injecting the case's build material with micro crystals that turn into micro air pockets at high temperatures and act as tiny springs, dampening the impact of any fall.

The fact that the Limitless is available with a selection of simply delicious rear panels made from wood, real leather, Carbon Fibre and even marble, mean that this case is on point in both protection and style.



Customisable bumpers match your outfit

Reasons to buy
+Dual layer protection+Innovative air pocket materials+A range of colours

Like many cases on the list, this one has a dual-layered design, which consists of a TPU shell and then a shock-resistant polycarbonate bumper for added protection against knocks and falls. It also has a raised lip around the screen, so if you drop it there’s less chance of your screen smashing. Another great thing about this case is you can switch out different coloured bumpers, including red, grey, gold and rose gold.

iPhone X case

24. Tech21 Evo Check Evoke Edition

Super durable and features a bold, eye-catching floral design

Reasons to buy
+Superlative drop protection+Lovely floral design+Lightweight and thin

As well as looking good thanks to a tasteful floral design available in both pink and blue, the Evo Check Evoke Edition is also one of the most drop-proof cases for iPhone X currently available, with repeated 3m/10ft drop protection delivered. This is largely down to the case's three-layer FlexShock construction system, which spreads out and absorbs impact energy, preventing it from entering the contained phone.

iPhone X case

25. Carl Friedrik iPhone X Case

All leather and soft curves

Reasons to buy
+Premium natural leather+Microfibre lining+Can be personalised

Carl Friedrik always produces classy cases and here, with the iPhone X Case, it is business as usual. Made from premium natural leather with folded edges, this case just looks fabulous and, thanks to a super soft interior microfibre lining, it is also holds the iPhone X with kid gloves. In a neat touch, the case can also be personalised with plain, silver or gold embossing too, meaning that names or initials can be adorned to the back plate. Tasteful.

iPhone X case

26. Gear4 Windsor iPhone X

An ice cool bumper case with an elegant fit and finish

Reasons to buy
+Frosted back plate+Slim and lightweight+D3O® Technology

The inclusion of Gear4's D3O® Technology, a material tech that locks together and disperses energy when subjected to shocks, means that the Windsor iPhone X offers excellent drop protection. Thanks to an elegant slim fit and stylish frosted back plate it also offers serious style, allowing the iPhone X's naturally attractive lines to breathe.

iPhone X case

27. Casetify iPhone X Essential Impact Case

Massive protection and a light build

Reasons to buy
+Shockproof qìtech™ material+Raised bezel and ridged grip+Minimalist design

A member of a range of new attractive Casetify cases, the iPhone X Essential Impact Case delivers a minimalist, lightweight, and transparent case that thanks to its innovative qìtech™ build material offers huge shock protection. The rigid crystalline structure of qìtech™ delivers top impact resistance, as well as excellent durability and depth that help it to withstand high temperature transitions too. A screen-protecting raised bezel and ridged outer grip complete the package, which at £35 is well priced.



A gold design for added glamour

Reasons to buy
+Gold geometric design+Super slim case+Impact-absorbing tech

Although iPhones are created with minimal design principles in mind that doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of your own style to them too. This golden case from Gear4 is mostly clear, but overlays your new smartphone with a simple, glittering geometric design. It provides easy access to all ports and is integrated with Gear4’s impact-absorbing tech to keep your smartphone safe and sound.



Perfect for understated elegance

Reasons to buy
+Screen protector included+Super thin and lightweight+2 year warranty

This super thin and lightweight case from Olixar has a streamlined shell that simply clicks onto your device. It also provides added protection with a glass screen protector that slots into the front and tactile buttons that don’t distract from the design of the iPhone. Although it comes in black and red as well, the rose gold shade is perfect for the form factor of the new iPhone X and is bound to be a hit among those who can’t get enough of the metallic pink trend.

iPhone X case

30. Foxwood iPhone X Bamboo Case

A tasteful hardshell case with a real-wood finish

Reasons to buy
+Snug, snap-on design+Real bamboo backplate+Excellent port and button access

A super durable polycarbonate snap-on casing is elevated here with a genuine bamboo backplate inlay, which grants this attractive number from Foxwood more than a snifter of recherché. Adding to the tasteful choice of materials is a slim, streamlined design that remains suitable unshowy, letting the Foxwood logo-engraved rear panel do all the talking. With a sub-£20 price point it also offers top value for money.

iPhone X case

31. Incase Lite Case for iPhone X

An attractive snap-on case with diamond pattern back

Reasons to buy
+Textured back+TPU border+Attractive colourways

With clean lines, a tough polycarbonate and TPU construction, and unique diamond pattern textured back, the Lite Case for iPhone X is a lovely understated package. Unlike some cases it doesn't scream look at me, with the snap-on content to provide top protection with a good dollop of subtle elegance.  It is easy to grip as well and rather slim too, smoothly sliding in and out of pockets or bags. Go for one of the lighter, more neutral colours such as Rose Gold, Ivory or Gunmetal for the optimal look.

iPhone X case

32. Hex Brown Leather Focus Case for IPhone X

A soft, premium leather snap-on that exudes class

Reasons to buy
+That leather finish+Raised, screen-protecting edges

This smart snap-on case from Hex is just lovely, with its soft, premium leather adding a seriously classy finish. A soft microfibre inner helps keep the iPhone X scratch and scuff free, while the case's raised edges mean you can place the phone face down and avoid any issues. Unlike cheap snap-ons, the Focus Case also has a bespoke, custom-moulded polycarbonate cavity, meaning that the phone remains incredibly snug and secure even when jostled.

Tech 21 Pure Clear CNY Edition

33. Tech 21 Pure Clear CNY Edition iPhone X

A limited edition case designed by cut-paper artist Bovey Lee

Reasons to buy
+On-trend Chinese design+Limited edition

Here's a lovely new entry at the start of 2018. The Tech 21 Pure Clear CNY Edition iPhone X has been designed by Hong Kong-born cut paper artist Bovey Lee, and features a quite lovely Chinese New Year design. If you look closely at the design it depicts China's transformation from agricultural state, to a modern urban environment. Naturally for a Tech21 case, you also get top protection, with a dual-layer construction offering excellent impact energy absorption.



Classic leather case

Reasons to buy
+Leather+Shock-absorbing inner case+Scratch resistant

If you like the slim form factor of a regular case but the look and feel of leather, the Knightsbridge from Gear4 is a mix of the two. The case fits snugly around your smartphone with a shock-absorbing TPU material on the inside. But the outside is scratch resistant genuine leather. It comes in two shades, black and pale brown.



See-through yet secure

Reasons to buy
+Simple clear design+Non-slip coating+Raised bezels

Just because you want a clear case to be able to swoon at your iPhone X doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on protection. This case from Olixar is crystal clear but has a strong bumper and reinforced corners to protect against knocks and falls. There are also raised bezels to provide extra protection for your screen and your camera lens.