The best iPhone SE 2020 cases: keep your new iPhone SE protected and looking good

These iPhone SE 2020 cases take good care of your new phone

iPhone SE 2020 case
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Got your new iPhone SE in hand, and now looking for the best iPhone SE case to protect it? We're here to help! A great iPhone SE case will add that little bit of extra defence against drops and scrapes, as well as extra style to help your iPhone SE stand out from the crowd.

This being an iPhone, case makers are of course falling over themselves to get products in front of the eyes of potential buyers – and that's good news for you, because it means plenty of options for the best iPhone SE 2020 case, with all sorts of designs available, from thin and light that can take a bounce to rugged cases that can survive a real beating.

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If you've picked up one of the best smartphones currently on the market, then you also deserve to pair it with one of the best iPhone SE 2020 cases that money can buy – and so without any further ado, we present to you our current selection of the top offerings.

The best iPhone SE 2020 cases

Gear4 Wembley Palette best iPhone SE 2020 cases

(Image credit: Gear4)

1. Gear4 Wembley Palette

Turn some heads

Reasons to buy
+Drop resistant to 2.5 metres (8 feet)+Wireless charging compatible

Gear4 is usually a company that you can rely on for a phone case or two, and it's continued to uphold its strong reputation with the launch of the Wembley Palette case for the iPhone SE 2020 – and in five colours no less (smoke, mint, lilac, marine and scarlet). The one above is the mint shade.

It's lightweight but with a touch of ruggedness – note if you will, the plastic corners and edges – and it's drop resistant up to 2.5 metres or 8 feet according to Gear4. Don't worry about wireless charging either, because the case isn't thick enough to interrupt the charging flow. All the necessary ports and buttons are kept accessible too.

If you're going to be picking this as your best iPhone SE 2020 case, it's probably going to be because of the colour – some of these shades are quite striking, and will liven up what is otherwise a rather plain iPhone, from the front and the back.

Twelve South Journal best iPhone SE 2020 cases

(Image credit: Twelve South)

2. Twelve South Journal

The executive iPhone SE 2020 case choice

Reasons to buy
+Carries cards and ID+Looks the part

The Journal for iPhone SE from case experts Twelve South certainly does enough to earn its place in our list of the best iPhone SE 2020 cases around at the moment. It's comfy to hold, it keeps your phone well protected, and it has room for your cards and ID as well.

You can currently pick up the case in either black or cognac, and we really couldn't pick a favourite. Either one will give you that classic leather wallet look, only your wallet also holds a phone, and so can make calls and send texts too.

There's an added bonus to this particular case, because the outside flap can double up as a stand: it's handy if you need to catch up on some Netflix binge watching on your phone or have a video call you need to make.

Ted Baker Outer Card Slot Folio best iPhone SE 2020 cases

(Image credit: Ted Baker)

3. Ted Baker Outer Card Slot Folio Case

Don't buy a case that looks the same as all the others

Reasons to buy
+Vivid floral pattern+Internal mirror

Add a real touch of fashionable style to your 2020 iPhone SE with this Ted Baker case – understated and minimal this is not. The outside is adorned with a floral pattern, while the edges are gold-coloured plastic.

Open up the case and you can see the gold theme continues. There's also a mirror in here so you can make sure you're looking your best wherever you're heading off to (whether that's a late-night party or an early morning office meeting).

This is definitely not the sort of case for someone looking for maximum protection for their new iPhone, but it's hard to match in terms of its looks and visual appeal (depending on your taste in floral aesthetics of course).

Mouse Limitless best iPhone SE 2020 cases

(Image credit: Mous)

4. Mous Limitless Case

Tough and versatile

Reasons to buy
+Excellent protection+Strong choice of colours

Robust protection for your iPhone SE? Check. Appealing looks that show off your handset well? Check. A price that's affordable enough to be tempting? Also check. The Mous Limitless Case is well worth a place on our list of best iPhone SE 2020 cases.

Using the same plastic made in riot shields, this case can take a serious amount of beating – a phone wearing it survives a several-storey drop, in one demo video – and thanks to its raised edges you get some extra protection for the display as well.

Something else you get with the Mous Limitless Case is lots of choice: you can pick from aramid fibre, bamboo, black leather, shell or walnut as your finish effect, so there's something to suit every style and taste here.

Apple Leather best iPhone SE 2020 cases

(Image credit: Apple)

5. Apple iPhone SE Leather Case

An Apple case for an Apple phone

Reasons to buy
+Understated style+Adds little bulk

If anyone should know what they're doing when it comes to an iPhone SE case, it should be Apple – and you do get some extra peace of mind if you decide to go with the same company who made the phone when it comes to picking the best case for it.

There's nothing particularly special about the iPhone SE Leather Case from Apple, but it adds some stylish, textured extra protection to your handset. It makes sure most drops and knocks won't break your phone, without breaking the bank.

All the key ports and the camera remain exposed, and the case really does wrap the phone up like a glove (as you would expect from Apple). You get a choice of three different colours to pick from with this case: blue, black or red.

Thin best iPhone SE 2020 cases

(Image credit: Thin Case)

6. Thin iPhone SE Case

Barely a case at all

Reasons to buy
+Did we mention it's thin?+Free from branding

The clue's in the name here – this is one of the thinnest iPhone SE 2020 cases you're going to come across, so if you want to protect your Apple purchase from scuffs and marks while adding as little bulk as possible, this could be the case for you.

We also like the transparent case option here, which will let through the original colour of your iPhone. If you don't like that then you can choose from either black or white, with a matte finish that looks very cool. Even at a thickness of just half a millimetre (0.02 inches), your iPhone will be well protected against keys, pens, and everything else in your pocket or your bag.

Another rather well-thought out touch is the lip around the camera sensor. It means the camera lens isn't covered at all, but still has that extra bit of protection to avoid scratches and marks from appearing.

Torras Diamonds Clear best iPhone SE 2020 cases

(Image credit: Torras)

7. Torras Diamonds Clear Case

Protection with panache

Reasons to buy
+Let the beauty of your iPhone shine through+At the affordable end of the scale

You can definitely file the Torras Diamonds Clear Case in the thin and light category when it comes to the best cases for the iPhone SE 2020 – it places a thin layer of thermoplastic polyurethane around your handset while seemingly adding to the aesthetic appeal.

The case itself is actually completely see-through, so you can have the original colour of your iPhone remain on show while adding extra protection – protection that has been certified as military grade, according to the manufacturer.

This is a case that's easy to pop on and off, will remain scratch-free, and which will last you for years, and it has enough in the positives column to cruise into our list here. It also offers extra protection against the camera and screen with its raised edges.

Snakehive Vintage Navy Leather Wallet best iPhone SE 2020 cases

(Image credit: Snakehive)

8. Snakehive Vintage Navy Leather Wallet

The suave, professional choice

Reasons to buy
+Premium materials+Doubles as a stand

Attractive looks, premium materials, simple opening and closing... you actually need a good reason not to choose this as the best iPhone SE 2020 case. Even better, it comes in a choice of no less than 10 different colours for you to pick from.

The Snakehive Vintage Navy Leather Wallet is made from European full grain cowhide nubuck leather, which, let's be honest, is much better to handle than whatever glass or metal mixture your phone manufacturer of choice has decided to come up with.

As well as keeping your precious smartphone nicely protected from bumps and scratches, this case can also carry your cards and notes, and it doubles up as a stand too – just in case you've got video calls to make or movies to watch on your iPhone SE.

UAG Metropolis Rugged Wallet best iPhone SE 2020 cases

(Image credit: UAG)

9. UAG Metropolis Rugged Wallet Case

Look after your iPhone SE 2020 properly

Reasons to buy
+Military-grade protection+Water resistant

Maximum protection for your iPhone SE 2020 is definitely the priority here – though the UAG Metropolis Rugged Wallet Case will also hold your cards, as an added bonus – and buying this case gives you military-grade protection you can trust.

It's water-resistant too, and easy to grip, so whatever your day holds – getting bumped around on the bus, getting splashed by your colleague's carelessly dropped coffee – this is a case that'll get you and your phone out at the other end.

Despite the extra protection on offer, the UAG Metropolis case doesn't add too much in the way of bulk, and weighs a mere 57 grams or 2 ounces. We quite happen to like its angular and bold design, too.

Tech21 Evo Check best iPhone SE 2020 cases

(Image credit: Tech21)

10. Tech21 Evo Check

A reliable case from a reliable company

Reasons to buy
+Slim and tasteful profile+Drop protection to 3.6 metres or 12 feet

Made with not one, not two, but three layers of protective materials, the Tech21 Evo Check is an obvious case choice for anyone concerned about keeping their iPhone SE 2020 safe – which we're anticipating is just about everyone.

Tech21 has been in the phone case game for a long time now, and it's a brand name you can rely on when it comes to providing protective covers that are affordable and effective, without adding hugely to the bulk of the handset in question.

At the moment, this is the only iPhone SE 2020 case that Tech21 does, and it's only available in black, but expect more options further down the line. For now, this protects against drops of up to 3.6 metres (or 12 feet).