Best gym water bottles: quality hydration from smart flasks to very large water bottles

Stay hydrated in style as you workout with bottles that put the H2-WOAH! into H2O

Best water bottle for gym
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So why seek the best water bottle for the gym? Drinking water at the gym serves two essential purposes: it keeps you hydrated and it shows people that you are serious about your workouts. If what you are drinking is water with some kind of supplement or flavouring in, so it's a funny colour, that's even better. A stylish and capacious water bottle helps make staying hydrated less of a chore. 

Obviously cyclists, runners and just people in general carry reusable water bottles around these days, but these are gym water bottles.

The best water bottles for gym

Best gym water bottle: Retro Mint 2.2l water bottle

1. Retro Mint 2.2l water bottle

The minty monster!

Reasons to buy
+Your daily water needs sorted+BPA-free and hard wearing
Reasons to avoid

• Buy direct from The Big Bottle Co

Beloved of devout gym-goers, this bottle will help ensure you drink at least 2 litres per day – because it can hold 2.2 litres. The Big Bottle Co’s Retro Mint water bottle could practically be installed upside down in an office water fountain, and it will keep you going though even the longest workout session. Made of BPA and DEHP-free plastic you don’t have to worry about nasties getting into your drink and the stainless steel cap has an anti-corrosion coating too. Eco warriors will be pleased to now the minty monster is not just green in colour; it’s also green in the sense of being recyclable. When full, it also gives a light upper-body workout just to carry it.

Best gym water bottle: Big Bottle Co's Jet Black Traveller

2. Jet Black Traveller

Another big bottle for heavy lifters

Reasons to buy
+1.5 litre size for loads of water+Handy strap for carrying
Reasons to avoid
-Requires large gym bag

• Buy direct from The Big Bottle Co

The Big Bottle Co’s Jet Black Traveller bottle is positively petite compared to the minty monster above, but it's one of the most masculine-looking bottles out there, and that's why this 1.5 Litre BPA-free reusable water bottle is popular with muscle men. Design features include a tough plastic and corrosion-free cap and ruggedised coating but its main feature is that it is massive. Therefore you won't have to top up at your gym's skanky water fountain as often.

Best water bottles: S'well Smokey Eye monogrammed bottle

3. S'well Smokey Eye monogrammed bottle

Designer gym water bottle for those who sweat elegantly

Reasons to buy
+Super sleek and monogrammed+Vacuum sealed to keep drinks cool
Reasons to avoid
-A bit poncy

• Buy at John Lewis for £42

If you want to look good when swigging from your water bottle, as you strut the floors of your designer gym, consider an upgrade to the S’well Smokey Eye bottle, which is actually monogrammed, if you please (you choose your one-letter monogram when ordering). The 500ml bottle has a sultry, smokey appearance and a vacuum seal to keep drinks cold (or hot, if you favour Bovril at the gym). The bottle’s mouth is is wide enough to fit ice cubes and is designed for drip-free sipping, plus its exterior is designed to be condensation-free so it won’t get your gym bag wet. Made from stainless steel and glass, it’s a thing of beauty and quality. Not one for the free weights area, though.

The best water bottles: Bellabeat Spring

4. Bellabeat Spring smart water bottle

The bottle that actually tracks your hydration

Reasons to buy
+Connects to your phone+Measures how much you drink
Reasons to avoid
-Slightly mad

• Buy at Urban Outfitters for £80

The Bellabeat Spring start water bottle is brilliant if you keep a bullet journal or wear a Fitbit and enjoy tracking your daily habits.  It calculates how much water you need based on your day-to-day lifestyle and measures how much you drink, sending notifications to your smart phone when you need to drink more. The 500ml bottle itself is made of glass with a stylish silicone design to add to durability, and conceals a CR2 battery that should last for around 6 months of use. 

You need only shake the bottle to sync your drinking data with the Bellabeat app, which shows you trends and progress. The bottle might help you stay on the straight and narrow when it comes to sipping frequently, but the technology comes at a price… specifically, 80 quid.

Best water bottles: Wilko's basic

5. Wilko water bottle

Cheap and cheerful option

Reasons to buy
+Basic bottle that’s cheaper than a coffee+Choice of colours
Reasons to avoid
-Basic AF

• Buy direct from Wilko for £3

If you take the view that whatever gym water bottle you buy is going to get left behind eventually, an ultra-cheap option might seem sensible. Cheap and reasonably cheerful retailer Wilko has some great options under £5. This 800ml water bottle has a pleasing curved shape and comes in a choice of colours. The 'interesting' screw-top might start to get on your nerves after a while, but it's better than having to buy a bottle of water for £3 from the gym's vending machines, or fishing someone else's used one out of the bin and refilling it from the gym's skanky water tap. Not that we have done that. The bottle is made of impact-resistant Tritan and is dishwasher safe, but not freezer safe.