Which is the best Dyson vacuum cleaner for you?

How to choose the best Dyson for your budget

Which is the best Dyson?

“Pah, curse these damn cat hairs!” They may or not have been the words Sir James Dyson uttered almost 30 years ago, prompting him to make a Dyson vacuum cleaner that blows away the competition.

To this day, Dyson is a name synonymous with top-of-the-range vacuum cleaners. They tend to be the most expensive models on the market but Dyson vacuum cleaners tend to be the best as well. Dyson strives to improve on its technology and incorporates what it finds straight into its new vacuum cleaners.

How to buy the best Dyson vacuum for you

However, this constant drive for improvement means there are a lot of older Dyson models on the market and that means there is a lot of variance too. Some models are quiet, others sound like a plane taking off. Some are heavy, some are lighter than a feather. Some have an enormous dust capacity, others will only suck up a handful of dirt.

Then there’s the upright vs cylinders question (uprights being the bigger, bulkier model) while there are cordless options too.

In short – there’s a lot to consider. Which is why we’re here with a list of the best Dyson vacuum cleaners available…

Our pick of the best Dysons to choose from 

1. Dyson DC58 Animal

The handheld answer to animal hairs down the back of your sofa

Reasons to buy
+Very powerful for its size+Surprisingly quiet  
Reasons to avoid
-Battery only lasts 20 minutes-Expensive

This looks like a prop from Ghostbusters, the sort of thing that would send your hair whooshing backwards as lasers fire out the nozzle. It isn’t quite that cool, unfortunately, but what the DC58 lacks in ghostbusting abilities it makes up for with hair-zapping strength. This handheld vacuum cleaner packs a powerful punch for something so small, sucking up your carpets with such strength, you almost find yourself shouting to convince the DC58 to let go. The charge only lasts 20 minutes but given how powerful it is for a handheld vacuum cleaner, that feels like a fair compromise.  

2. Dyson 360 Eye

The robot vacuum cleaner that cleans the entire house for you

Reasons to buy
+Powerful suction+Works with smartphone app
Reasons to avoid
-Robot navigation is temperamental-Dust capacity is quite low

This is Dyson’s vacuum cleaner that navigates its own way around the house sucking up dust and loose dirt. You can schedule its cleaning time using the Dyson Link App and eventually it will find its way back to its dock. In theory, you don’t have to worry about your floors being dusty and dirty once you get this up and running. In practice, the Dyson 360 Eye isn’t quite there yet. It can struggle to find its way around rooms if the lighting is too dim or, strangely, too bright. It also trips up on changes in surface, such as going from wooden floors to carpet. Dyson itself continues to work on the tech, which can be updated through a USB port on the 360 Eye itself, so there’s hope that this aspect will at least improve.

3. Dyson V8 Absolute

Vacuum clean the house without worrying about cords

Reasons to buy
+Power of Dyson Vacuum but without cords+Light and easy to use
Reasons to avoid
-Battery life quite short-Takes roughly five hours for full charge

Can you get the power of a Dyson vacuum cleaner without needing a cord? The answer is obviously yes, otherwise we wouldn’t be featuring this cordless Dyson in our round-up. Light, quick, and quiet, this is a well-designed vacuum cleaner before you even consider the fact it doesn’t use any cables. It’s also powerful enough to deal with annoying things like pet hairs. The only downside is that the battery life is quite short. You can vacuum clean several rooms on a full charge, which means you can whizz through a house without having to recharge if you’re quick. It takes roughly five hours to charge back up, so you might want to split the vacuum cleaning into two sessions. It’s worth it though, for the simple ease of use the Dyson V8 affords you.

4. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal

Dyson flexes its muscles with this powerful, versatile vacuum cleaner

Reasons to buy
+No problem dealing with pet hairs+Plenty of muscle
Reasons to avoid
-Louder than other cleaners-Also quite heavy

Pet owners will be after a different sort of vacuum cleaner to everyone else. Those who don’t have canine companions or feline friends will look for something light, quiet and cheap. Meanwhile, pet owners are just after something that gets rid of all hairs in the home, short of a flamethrower. This Big Ball Animal Cylinder vacuum cleaner from Dyson has a pet mode designed to tackle hairs, while its large dust capacity and hulking muscles ensures it has the power to suck everything up. The ‘big ball’ joint also means it’s easy to change angle while cleaning. That power comes at a price though, with significant noise and weight in comparison to other vacuum cleaners.

5. Dyson Small Ball

Almost all the muscle of Dyson’s upright at a much smaller size

Reasons to buy
+Very powerful for its size+Surprisingly quiet
Reasons to avoid
-Not as powerful as Dyson’s other upright models-Dust receptacle could be bigger

Dyson advertises this vacuum cleaner on its website with a picture of someone carrying it up the stairs. That tells you the thinking and the purpose behind this vacuum cleaner. Not that the point of it is that you carry it around, of course. Rather, it’s a powerful upright vacuum cleaner that you can move around the house without needing bulging biceps to do so. As with most Dyson cleaners, it’s surprising how powerful this is under the hood. In the Dyson Small Ball’s case, given its size and how quiet it is, it’s really surprising. Perfect for chaotic households where it won’t add to the cacophony and allows you to get the cleaning done quickly and easily.