Best Apple Watch accessories: bling up your Watch with these quality add ons

From stands to chargers and cases, these are essential accessories for your Apple Watch

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One thing that makes the Apple Watch better than many of its competitors is the sheer amount of compatible accessories made for the device. It's a perfect way to make the Watch a bit more personal with some carefully selected, stylish accessories. In this guide we have charging stands, portable batteries, rugged cases, and... more charging stands. Everything an Apple Watch wearer needs to fully kit out their wearable.

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Proporta Bamboo Charging Stand

Built to charge both your iPhone and Apple Watch, this dock is an attractive natural addition to your bedside or desk. It's simple and effective, featuring a small channel at the back for hiding cables and removing clutter.

Buy the Proporta Bamboo Charging Stand for £19.95 from Proporta

Belkin Valet Charge Dock

We really like this elegant dock from Belkin. It looks great, solid, and the charger comes integrated into the dock, so the one that comes with your Apple Watch can become your 'travel charger'.

We're currently using the integrated iPhone and Apple Watch valet charger - which is perfect for charging both devices at once.

Twelve South Apple Watch TimePorter

Perfectly timed for the Summer Holiday season this Apple Watch travel case is perfect if you're jetting off this season. Taking inspiration from a sunglasses case, the leather TimePorter holds your cables, spare straps, and of course, the watch. When you arrive at your destination the case converts into a charging stand.

Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless

Did you know you can save music on your Apple Watch and listen to it on Bluetooth headphones without your iPhone present? Well you can! And what better Bluetooth headphones to use than ones that match the colour of your Apple Watch Sport strap.

Of course, Apple has now released Powerbeats3, but they don't match with Apple Watch straps, so...

Sena Leather Travel Case

This leather case from Sena is perfect if you're a regular traveller. It can sit and charge on your bedside as a dock, or packed away with space for your watch and charger when you're travelling. It does use your charger though, so that isn't ideal.

Nomad Pod

Matching the aesthetic of the Apple Watch, the Nomad Pod packs a 1,800 mAh battery which should be good for four charges of the wearable - very useful if you often find yourself out and about without a charger. The battery is in the middle, and you wrap your MagSafe charger around the sides with the magnetic connector poking out at the top, attach the Watch and you're good to go.

Twelve South HiRise

We've highlighted a number of Twelve South's accessories before, including the HiRise for iPhone 6, but, as you'd expect from a company that prides itself on creating Apple exclusive additions, it's wheeling out an Apple Watch specific version.

The aluminium stand, which also boasts silicone accents for protecting your newest investment, doesn't do all that much, but does create a nice spot to set down the wearable at night. You'll need to provide your own charger, it just weaves in around the back, so it'll probably we worth picking up an extra unless you want this to be your only charging solution.

It'll work worth with all styles of Apple Watch, from the £299 Sport to the £13,000 Edition.

Griffin Survivor Case

This clip-on case from Griffin is perfect if you need to temporarilyadd a little protection to your Apple Watch.The Survivor Case protects your watch's casing, as well as the screen without impacting on Force Touch, which is super useful in a number of situations.It clips over the top of your watch, so it's easy to pop on and off.

Native Union Marble DOCK

If the selection of charging docks we've already covered just wasn't quite enough - here's another, from those crafty folks that made a marble iPhone 6 case.

It has a thoroughly modern look, with sharp lines on the base and a circular arm that both holds and charges your shiny new Apple Watch. It's built from aluminium, just like the Apple Watch Sport, and marble, just like the Roman Empire. The arm swivels so you can alter the viewing point, and it works perfectly with Nightstand Mode.

Griffin Watch Stand

We're getting the impression that stands might be the most common accessory type for the Apple Watch. Griffin's attempt isn't quite as sleek and Apple-like as the HiRise, but it does have a lip at the front that makes an area for your iPhone to join the party.

Again, you'll need to provide your own charger, but it uses the magnetic connector to proudly display your Watch at a good height for surveying those incoming notifications.

Spigen Tough Armour Case

Add some military grade protection to your Apple Watch, literally, with the Spigen Tough Armour Case.With this, you could take your stylish wearable into a war zone, and needn't worry about denting the precious device.It's also useful if you think the Apple Watch isn't stylish enough and want it a little more G-Shock-y.

MiTagg NuDock Power Station Lamp

A complete charging solution for all your (Apple branded) tech. The Power Station does away with as many visible wires as possible. Along with a stand for your Apple Watch to proudly sit and charge, there's a spot for your iPhone and another for one of MiTagg's portable battery.

Around the back you'll find a USB port for juicing up your tablet, and everything is bathed in the glow of light an LED lamp, controlled by a touch sensitive button.

There's even a night mode that'll automatically switch the lamp off after a period of time.

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