Are Allswell mattresses any good? Get the low-down on Walmart's bargain mattress brand

They're certainly cheap, but are Allswell mattresses good value? We take a closer look

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If you’ve never heard of Allswell, then don’t feel bad. The American mattress, bedding and home furnishings brand was only launched in 2018. And although it’s owned by Walmart, you won’t have seen its mattresses in stores, as they’re currently only available online. So what’s different about Allswell mattresses that might tempt you away from more established and well-known brands in our best mattress guide? In a word, value. 

Walmart is known for offering good quality products at low prices, and Allswell is no exception. Which means, for example, you can get a luxurious, hybrid Queen mattress for just $375. That's very competitively priced indeed, putting the full price Allswell in line with some of the best cheap mattress deals. And all Allswell mattresses are manufactured in the USA, too.

Allswell mattresses are all ‘bed in the box’ mattresses, which take between 24 and 48 hours to fully inflate after unboxing. While many brands suffer from a confusing and complicated range of models, Allswell makes things easy by offering just three. These are basically  ‘good, better, best’ in terms of quality, with prices to match. They are designed to be compatible with a variety of sleeping set-ups, including box springs, flat platforms, adjustable frames and slanted fames

Although you can’t try out Allswell mattresses before buying them, you do get a 100-night trial, after which you can return them if you’re not satisfied. You also get a 10-year warranty, which isn't the longest, but nicely falls in line with the general consensus on how often you should change your mattress

Standard shipping is free to all states except Alaska and Hawaii. You also have the options of ‘white glove’ delivery and faster shipping at an extra cost. But do note that Allswell mattresses are not shipped outside of the USA.

 What kind of mattresses does Allswell make?

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For many years, there were two basic choices when it came to mattresses: pocket sprung vs memory foam. The latter moulds itself to your form and provides a more consistent level of support across your body. This can be good for back sufferers, as well as stopping couples from rolling together at night. They’re also less likely to activate allergies. However, many people find them difficult to relax on, saying they feel ‘stuck’ in them, or that they’re ‘sinking’. 

The more traditional pocket spring style of mattress is more bouncy, so you won't get that sinking feeling. However, sprung mattresses tend to apply more pressure on the hardest parts of your body, such as the hips and head, which can be uncomfortable and cause pain in the joints and back over time. 

For this reason, the industry as a whole has been constantly innovating in recent years around hybrid mattresses, in an attempt to combine the best of both approaches, while avoiding the drawbacks of each. And Allswell is no exception, with its three main mattresses all being hybrid models. These are:

  • The Allswell. Allswell's cheapest mattress is 10 inches thick and a medium-firm. At its base is a 7-inch deep support core of pocketed coils. This is topped off with a 2-inch layer of memory foam with charcoal and copper gel infusions, then a 0.5 inch of firmer memory foam, and finally a quilted cover. 
  • The Allswell Luxe. Allswell's second cheapest mattress is 12 inches thick, and closer to a medium. In this model, the support core of pocketed coils is 8 inches deep. Next there's a 1-inch transition layer of high-density polyfoam, followed by a 2-inch comfort layer of copper-infused memory foam. Finally comes a quilted cover padded with 1 inch of gel-infused memory foam. 
  • The Allswell Supreme. As the name suggests, this is Allswell’s highest-end and most expensive mattress. At 14 inches thick, it’s a little softer than the Allswell and a little firmer than the Luxe. This model is made up of four layers, starting with a support core of pocketed coils with reinforced borders. Next comes a transition layer of polyfoam, then graphite and copper-gel infused memory foam; a built-in European-style pillow top; and finally a quilted top.

Allswell also offers two dual-sided crib mattresses. The Essential Crib Mattress features two different high-density, fire retardant foams to create a firm side for your toddler and a super-firm side for your infant. Meanwhile the more expensive premium model, The Natural Crib Mattress, is made from 100 percent natural materials, with water-resistant coconut fiber on the infant side, and natural latex on the toddler side.

What’s the best Allswell mattress?

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Our pick of the range is the standard Allswell mattress. Despite the low price (from just $265 for a twin), this mattress provides a high quality sleep experience thanks to individually-wrapped coils that minimise motion transfer, the pressure relief that comes from two layers of memory foam, the temperature control offered by cooling graphite and copper gel, and edge support on two sides. 

Overall, the combination of firm polyfoam and pocketed coils provides a good level of support and comfort, and avoids many of the problems associated with either spring-only or foam-only mattresses, such as sinking or rolling together. 

That said, 10 inches isn’t super-deep for a mattress, so if you’re a side sleeper and/or on the heavier side, you’ll probably be better off with one of Allswell’s thicker models. In general, though, if you’re looking for low-cost hybrid mattress, you won’t simply find better value at this present time. 

Are Allswell mattresses good quality?

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Despite their low prices, Allswell mattresses are generally considered high quality by both expert reviewers and customers. When it comes to considerations such as edge support, motion transfer, springiness, temperature control and general comfort, these mattresses tend to get positive reviews across the board. 

One issue some have reviewers have raised is that the quilted cover is non-removable, so may be more challenging to clean. And of course, it’s difficult to know how durable over time Allswell mattresses will be, given that they have only been around for a couple of years (though there seem no indications that there are problems here). But overall both customers and reviewers are near-unanimous: Allswell mattresses offer exceptional value, and if you’re looking for a hybrid mattress-in-a-box, they’re very hard to beat on price.

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