5 mistakes everyone makes with the Dyson AirWrap

The Dyson AirWrap curls, waves and straightens hair, it's unlike any styling tool out there and can take some getting used to – make sure you're not making these common mistakes

Dyson AirWrap
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The Dyson AirWrap Styler is one of the world's most sought-after beauty products and if you read our Dyson AirWrap review you'll see why. 

Building on the success of the excellent Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, it's the perfect tool for anyone who loves experimenting with different hairstyles and wants to recreate a salon-finish at home. 

The AirWrap Styler can create everything from different sizes of beachy waves and curls to a smooth blow-dry finish fit for any red carpet. Cleverly, it does all this without using extreme heat that will damage your hair’s natural shine and cause frizz.

But I've found it can take some getting used to. I've been lucky to spend a lot of time with Dyson AirWrap and there are some simple tricks I've learnt over that time that I really wish I'd known when I first started using it. 

I'm guessing these simple tricks will be useful for other people too, so, without further ado, here are the mistakes you can easily avoid when using the Dyson AirWrap.

1. Not letting the AirWrap do the work for you

This is probably the biggest and easiest mistake made when first using the Dyson AirWrap – trying to manually twist your hair around the device and holding it at the wrong angle. 

You've got to let the AirWrap do the work for you. Simply hold the AirWrap vertically, dangle about two inches of hair near it then let the Dyson do its thing. If you want curls higher up on your head, then you may want to do a few manual twists at the end – but that's it.

2. Thinking the Dyson AirWrap is instant

The Dyson AirWrap is a fast styling tool, much faster than traditional curling irons, but it's not instant like many people think. Getting those perfect wavy curls can take time. 

As a general rule, you should leave each section of your hair on the heat for around 12-15 seconds, then give it a cold blast for 5-10 seconds. That cold blast is particularly important, as it 'sets' the curl and helps them last longer.

Dyson AirWrap

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3. Not turning off the Dyson AirWrap before removing your hair

This one can be quite a comical mistake – removing the Dyson AirWrap before you've turned it off. This results in your hair getting blown all over the place, getting sucked back around the tool and generally causing a mess – ruining your freshly styled curls. 

This fix to this one is obvious – turn the Dyson AirWrap off before removing your hair, keeping your curls intact.

4. Not cleaning the Dyson AirWrap filter

This is just a little general maintenance advice – it's a good idea to keep the filter of your AirWrap clean as this will improve the airflow and speed up styling times.

The Dyson AirWrap actually comes with a little brush to remove dust and hair from the filter. To use it, simply unplug the AirWrap and remove any attachments, then slide the filter cleaning brush over the filter cage. Rotate the filter cleaning brush over the filter to dislodge any hair. You can then remove the filter cage and run it under water to clean any dust or stubborn dirt.

5. Using sections of hair that are too large

If you find your hair is falling off the end of the barrel then you need to use a smaller section of hair. This will also improve the styling results, as it means more hair is in contact with the barrel.

If you're still experiencing this issue then you can purchase the 'long' barrels, as these are designed for use with longer hair.

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