3 upgrades we want from the next Xbox

What's next after Series X?

Xbox Series X
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There's no hiding it, it's safe to say that the PS5 has won this generation's console war. There have even been rumours of Microsoft starting the next generation early.

Despite that, the Xbox Series X remains an excellent console. It has helped introduce console gamers to 4K titles at smooth framerates and (while perhaps not enough) has had some excellent exclusives. That's without mentioning the biggest selling point for Xbox, Game Pass. With Microsoft buying some of the biggest studios in gaming last year, expect plenty of top upcoming titles to hit the service. 

So whether we see a PS5 Pro style upgrade (Xbox Series X 2?) or a completely new console, here are 3 upgrades we want to see on the next Xbox. 

3 upgrades we want with the Xbox Series X 2

1. Controller upgrades

Halo Infinite cover

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The Xbox Series X controller is a perfectly serviceable bit of kit, and we really like the Elite version, but compared to the DualSense pad of the PS5 it's a bit ordinary. 

Sony's controller features a host of immersion boosting features like adaptive trigger resistance and haptic feedback that sound like gimmicks but have actually become a big part of the console's experience. I'd love to see Xbox adopt similar technology. Imagine shooting a Spartan Laser on the next Halo game and really feeling it!

2. A nicer shape 

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Call me shallow but the Xbox Series X isn't exactly a looker. It's aesthetic can be described in one word, box. In fact, it resembles a traditional PC tower. Admittedly the PS5 is a big bulk but at the new PS5 Slim does at least give it some element of form factor. 

Of course with a console, performance is always going to be more important than prettiness but I would like to not have to hide it under a desk out of shame. 

3. No holding back 

Xbox Series S Game Pass bundle

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In terms of performance, I want to see Microsoft go the whole hog this time around. With the company being tied this generation to ensuring games work on both the Series X and the lower-powered Series S, some developers have felt they can't go all out with their titles. It does at least make toast

I'd like to see Microsoft offer a choice of just one console, or maybe one with and without a disc drive and instead go after pure power. With consoles meant to last for years, I'd love to see 8K support as it becomes more common in the best TVs

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