T3 Awards 2019: our mattress winner is Emma Original

Eve, Casper, Simba and Clive are all great mattresses but Emma is the BEST mattress (sponsored by AEG)

T3 Awards 2019: Best mattress: Emma Original

Mattresses are not just something you sleep on; nowadays they's a massive industry, that's been 'disrupted' and blown up by the new breed of 'bed in a box' foam mattresses. But, to be fair, they are mainly just something you sleep on. This year, we consider the best mattress for a great night's sleep to be Emma Original, which scoops best mattress, sponsored by AEG. 

The Emma Original has much in common with other contemporary mattresses. It has a human's name, it comes with a 100-night 'love it or return it', no-quibble return promise, 10-year warranty and it's made of many layers of foam, like a comfy trifle. However, Emma has managed to rise above the excellent competition in this area to be crowned Best mattress.

Make no mistake, this is an exceptional mattress. It’s comfortable, supportive in all the right places, and one of the highest-scoring mattresses Which? has ever tested. 

There are three layers of foam. Up top, a slab of Airgocell foam relieves pressure and aids ventilation. Then there's a slice of memory foam that moulds to your body and gives a feeling of floating, almost. The whole thing sits on a supportive, 195mm foundation of firmer foam.

The cover is machine-washable and Emma has handles for rotating – a feature that is often missing from this kind of mattress. 

With deals frequently coming up on both Emma's own site and Amazon – there's 30% off the original RRP right now, and it's not even Amazon Prime Day yet – Emma has out-manoeuvred the competition to become the best value mattress you can buy.

Emma is designed to be suitable for all types of sleeper and with this kind of quality at such affordable prices, we think you can sleep easy if you choose to go with Emma. 

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