New iRobot cleans your abode with jets of water and scrubs it clean

And it doesn't even need a base station, either

The latest automated home cleaning unit from iRobot, the Braava Jet, has just been revealed, and this affordable little fella offers jet-washing cleaning on-the-go - all without the need to communicate with a nearby base station.

Other models on the iRobot roster - including the larger Braava this mini version is basedon - all need to be paired with a Northstar Navigation Cube, which works as a sort of relay hub to keep the cleaning bot on the right track. For the Braava Jet, iRobot has instead intergrated the functionality of the base station into the device itself, meaning less parts to manufacture and less zeros on the end of the price tag.

It comes with a set of dry and wet pads so you swap them out depending on the style of floor in your house and is also pretty quiet for an automated cleaning bot so it's perfect for getting your home spick and span without creating too much of a disturbance.

Available from iRobots own website now for US$199 (that's about £139), and from regular electronics retails from 1 April, the Braava Jet might not be as sophisticated as some of the other pricier automated cleaners on the market, but it does offer something many other robo cleaners don't - the ability to mob and clean uncarpeted floors while getting into those small nook and crannys often found in bathrooms and kitchens.

Via: iRobot

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Dom Reseigh-Lincoln

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