Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad review

Logitech goes large with dedicated iPad dock

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Apple iPad 2 and first-gen iPads find a new home in the Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad

With the ongoing success of dedicated iPod and iPhone docks Logitech is one of a number of brands now offering specialised docks for Apple’s largest mobile device, the market dominating range of iPad tablets.

Pitching in as an entry-level device the Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad plays host to few superfluous bells and whistles instead opting to offer decent quality audio in a pleasing and compact design.

Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad features

Compatible with both first and second generation iPads, newer Apple tablets fit the top-loading device direct from the box whilst those using the now dated tablet must first alter the dock’s less than intricate sizing system.

Little more than a pair of rubber bands the Logitech dock sports removable buffers, one for each iPad-gripping arm, which when on securely support the iPad 2 but once detached allow enough wiggle room for the chunkier first generation tablet to be fitted.

A lack of remote control is a slight irritation, albeit an expected one at such a low price point, whilst an integrated 3.5mm AUX port, positioned out of sight on the device’s rear, allows users to connect and play music from a variety of audio outputs and personal media players.

Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad design

Minimalist in design the dedicated iPad dock uses plenty of plastic to offer a functional but less than inspiring aesthetic with the universal Apple Dock Connector allowing users to charge and play music from their full range of portable Apple devices.

Three physical buttons continue the minimalist theme with the power button backed up by the compulsory volume up and volume down offerings.

Rotating through 90 degrees the Logitech Speaker Stand allows users to make use of their docked devices in both landscape and portrait modes enhancing video playback and with a sturdy titling arm allowing for optimal viewing angles and reduced screen glare.

Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad performance

Thanks to dual 1.5-inch stereo drivers basic audio output is comfortably handled with decent quality ticking boxes in terms of crisp sounds, deep well-proportioned bass and clear peaks. Increase the volume, however, and the Logitech device is unable to maintain such audio standards.

Whilst output can become tinny and distorted at the higher end of the volume spectrum, standard levels are comfortably handled with users also able to charge their iPads whilst the dock’s speaker system is switched off.

Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad verdict

Whilst the Logitech iPad dock meets its expected requirements, that is where all sign of inspiration stops. Offering the bare basics in terms of features, functionality and build quality the iPad compatible speaker is easily as good as its minimalist £49.99 price tag would indicate but fails to compete in terms of performance with higher end devices.