ZTE pays Microsoft £15-£20 per handset for Windows Phone 7

ZTE executive lets slip on license fee for WP7

If you were wondering why ZTE's first 'budget' Windows Phone 7 handset still costs £249 well now you know, it's all down to Microsofts premium-priced OS

A ZTE executive revealed yesterday evening that the reason ZTE were unable to bring the price down on their first Windows Phone handset the ZTE Tania is because Microsoft charge between £15-20 for the license to use Windows Phone 7.

Talking at the launch of their latest handset Santiago Sierra, Portfolio Manager for ZTE UK revealed that because the cost of licensing was so high they were unable to bring the handsets price down to the price points that many were expecting.

At £249 the ZTE Tania is still very reasonably priced, especially considering the strict rules that Microsoft have in place for each handset that has their software onboard.

Because of these rules and requirements the Tania has a fairly impressive array of specs for a budget smartphone, including Wi-Fi hotspot, a functionality that even the Nokia Lumia 800 can't boast.

With Android costing nothing to license, can Windows realistically be asking for that much in licensing? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

Source: TrustedReviews